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Windmaster's Bane

David Sullivan: Book 1

Tom Deitz

David Sullivan, a Georgia teenager, enjoys reading Irish myth. When he develops Second Sight, however, the reality of the Faerie world proves as dangerous as it is fantastic.

Fireshaper's Doom

David Sullivan: Book 2

Tom Deitz

The magic, the mystery, and the spellbinding quest continue in this stunning sequel to Tom Deitz's first novel, Windmaster's Bane. Fireshaper's Doom finds David and his friends once again snared in the treachery of the immortal Sidhe.

Darkthunder's Way

David Sullivan: Book 3

Tom Deitz

In this, the third volume in the David Sullivan series, our hero is once again recalled to the faerie realm where a new enemy threatens to radically alter the course of a battle already in progress.

Sunshaker's War

David Sullivan: Book 4

Tom Deitz

In this, the fourth book in the David Sullivan series, a rift in the faerie realm threatens to spill into the "real" world, causing untold chaos to both universes.

Stoneskin's Revenge

David Sullivan: Book 5

Tom Deitz

The fifth book in the David Sullivan series finds an otherworldly monster loose in the "real" world, forcing David and his friends to fight a faerie war in contemporary Georgia.

Ghostcountry's Wrath

David Sullivan: Book 6

Tom Deitz

Haunted by the ghost of his father, Calvin McIntosh ventures into the Darkening Lands on the border of the Cherokee Ghost Country, where he is forced to confront an evil Cherokee witch and is helped by a panther-woman.

Dreamseeker's Road

David Sullivan: Book 7

Tom Deitz

When the barriers between the human world and the Faerie world of myth crumble on All Hallows Eve, north Georgia college students David, Alec, Aiken, and Liz stumble into the middle of the treacherous Wild Hunt.

Landslayer's Law

David Sullivan: Book 8

Tom Deitz

The World Walls separating the "real world" from the alternate world of Faerie are becoming so thin that Faerie can now be seen in satellite photographs. As craven mortal land developers threatens to exploit the magic lands, David Sullivan finds that it is up to him and his friends to prevent the High King Lugh from implementing his "final solution" to a most vexing problem--humankind.

Warstalker's Track

David Sullivan: Book 9

Tom Deitz

The High King of Tir-Nan-Og has been deposed and imprisoned, and the throne of Faerie is under siege. Those who would seize its power will risk everything to defend their weakening borders from the unwitting invasion of mortal land developers -- even if it means drowning the entire state of Georgia. David Sullivan, human liaison between mortal and Faerie, must summon his friends to aid both races. But as the fate of thousands hangs in the balance, a very personal tragedy raises the stakes for David alone.