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Lost in Space

George O. Smith

A lifeboat at sea is hard to find, even when you know approximately where the ship has foundered. An eager novice, just out of navigation school, will pinpoint his estimation of ship's position, when called upon to locate it. A more experienced seaman will draw a circle and say, "We're somewhere around here," But the veteran salt will lay his palm on the map and declare that this indicates the general area. Even with the best of modern instruments, you can't be sure exactly where you are, on the high seas.

And that is only a problem in two dimensions.

Now imagine a search extended in three dimensions, where the only "landmarks" are a pattern of stars which do not change visible. A ship is between star-systems; trouble develops, and passengers and crew have to take to lifeships. the distress signal has been sent out; automatic devices aboard the main ship describe the general position. On the lifeships themselves are signaling devices which let the searchers know that the castaways are still alive....

Earth's Last Fortress / Lost in Space

A. E. Van Vogt
George O. Smith

Earth's Last Fortress

It looked like a perfectly innocent store front, a volunteer enrollment office for young idealists who wanted to help the desperate forces of a young democracy overseas win their civil war. The young girl who sat at the desk inside was attractive, sympathetic, and would see that you got your passage safely.

Lost in Space

Commodore Ted Wilson's intuition told him right! He should never have let his fiancee, Alice Hemingway, take off on Space Liner 79 - the flight that fate had singled out to change the destiny of the galaxy!

Promised Land

Lost in Space: Book 1

Pat Cadigan

Hopelessly lost in the trackless depths of interstellar space, the Jupiter Two, piloted by John and Maureen Robinson, is suddenly beamed aboard a starship the size of a small planet. Inside is a place beyond imagination where secret dreams can seemingly come true. Is this the Eden the Robinsons longed for when they first blasted off from a polluted, dying Earth? Or is it something more sinister? Are they honored guests--or helpless prisoners? The answer soon becomes clear as John and Maureen Robinson, their children, Penny, Will, and Judy, and their crewmates, the murderous stowaway Dr. Zachary Smith and swaggering fighter jock Don West, face their biggest challenge yet.