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Brian W. Aldiss


Masters of Science Fiction: Book 7

Brian W. Aldiss

Curiosity was discouraged in the Greene tribe. Its members lived out their lives in cramped Quarters, hacking away at the encroaching ponics. As to where they were - that was forgotten.

Roy Complain decides to find out. With the renegade priest Marapper, he moves into unmapped territory, where they make a series of discoveries which turn their universe upside-down...

Non-Stop is the classic SF novel of discovery and exploration; a brilliant evocation of a familiar setting seen through the eyes of a primitive.

Last Orders

Masters of Science Fiction: Book 16

Brian W. Aldiss

A careful selection of what the author considered was his most telling short work from the mid-Seventies.

Table of Contents:

  • Author's Note - (1977) - essay by Brian W. Aldiss
  • Last Orders - (1976)
  • Creatures of Apogee - (1977)
  • Within the Black Circle - (1975)
  • Killing Off the Big Animals - (1975)
  • What Are You Doing? Why Are You Doing It? - (1975)
  • Enigma 2: Diagrams For Three Stories - (1974) - essay by Brian W. Aldiss
  • The Girl in the Tau-Dream - (1974)
  • The Immobility Crew - (1974)
  • A Cultural Side-Effect - (1974)
  • Live? Our Computers Will Do That for Us - (1974)
  • The Monsters of Ingratitude IV - (1974)
  • Waiting for the Universe to Begin - (1975)
  • But Without Orifices - (1975)
  • Aimez-Vous Holman Hunt? - (1975)
  • Backwater - (1977)
  • The Eternal Theme of Exile - (1973)
  • All Those Enduring Old Charms - (1973)
  • Nobody Spoke Or Waved Goodbye - (1973)
  • The Expensive Delicate Ship - (1973)
  • Carefully Observed Women - (1975)
  • The Daffodil Returns the Smile - (1975)
  • The Year of the Quiet Computer - (1975)
  • Appearance of Life - (1976)
  • Wired for Sound - (1974)
  • Journey to the Heartland - (1976)

The Dark Light Years

Masters of Science Fiction: Book 20

Brian W. Aldiss

What would intelligent life-forms on another planet look like? Would they walk upright? Would they wear clothes? Or would they be hulking creatures on six legs that wallow in their own excrement?

Upon first contact with the Utod -- intelligent, pacifist beings who feel no pain -- mankind instantly views these aliens as animals because of their unhygienic customs. This leads to the slaughter, capture and dissection of the Utod. But when one explorer recognizes the intelligence behind their habits, he must reevaluate what it actually means to be "intelligent."

With a New Introduction from the Author!

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