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The Man Who Never Missed

Matador: Book 1

Steve Perry

Once a ruthless soldier, Emile Khadaji has disappeared from the Confederation-with a secret plan to destroy it all in the name of freedom.


Matador: Book 2

Steve Perry

She's one of the best martial artists in the universe. One of the finest bodyguards alive. And she's back.

The Machiavelli Interface

Matador: Book 3

Steve Perry

Master Khadaji and the Matadors are determined to bring down Marcus Wall and the Galactic Confederation. But Wall has plans of his own and will do whatever it takes to remain in power.

The Omega Cage

Matador: Book 4

Steve Perry
Michael Reaves

When Smuggler Dain Maro runs afoul of the criminal organization Black Sun, he is framed and convicted for murder, then shipped to the galaxy's worst prison. It's a one-way ticket to a hellhole planet -- nobody comes out alive, and nobody has ever escaped from The Omega Cage.

Until now...

The 97th Step

Matador: Book 5

Steve Perry

Before Emile Khadaji became The Man Who Never Missed, he trained with Pen, of the Siblings of the Shroud. This is Pen's story.

The Albino Knife

Matador: Book 6

Steve Perry

She is the daughter of the legendary Emile Khadaji, The Man Who Never Missed. Trained in the deadly arts, and christened the Albino Knife, she must find her father...

Black Steel

Matador: Book 7

Steve Perry

She is a sensei and he is a Matador, worthy of her four-hundred-year-old blade. Their only hope for survival and vengeance against their hidden, well-protected enemy lies in the strength of black steel...

Brother Death

Matador: Book 8

Steve Perry

The ruling elite summons Bork, strongman of the Matadors, to save them from a secret brotherhood armed with the powers of an alien civilization.

The Musashi Flex

Matador: Book 9

Steve Perry

Under the Galactic Confederation, there are very few ways to rise above your caste. One is to become a player in the extreme martial arts game known as the Musashi Flex. In the early 23rd century, three people will enter its violent culture: a battle-scarred veteran, an infiltrator, and a cunning upstart. Their fates will entwine--and be decided--in the bloody arena of the Flex. And if they survive, their story will become legend.