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Phule's Company

Phule's Company: Book 1

Robert Lynn Asprin

Meet the soldiers of Phule's company; the few, the proud, the stupid and the inept. These soldiers do more damage before nine in the morning than most people are capable of doing in an entire year. And since fate has a perverse sense of humour they are also mankind's last hope.

Phule's Paradise

Phule's Company: Book 2

Robert Lynn Asprin

Captain Willard Phule must lead his group of unlikely interstellar armed forces on a mission to protect The Fat Chance, an intergalactic casino, from a criminal takeover.

A Phule and His Money

Phule's Company: Book 3

Robert Lynn Asprin
Peter J. Heck

Captain Willard Phule and his company of misfits return in an all new, all-nutty adventure. To help develop a fledgling planet, the enterprising captain is rallying the troops and venturing into a business where no Phule has gone before: amusement parks--the final frontier.

Phule Me Twice

Phule's Company: Book 4

Robert Lynn Asprin
Peter J. Heck

When the planet Zenobia is invaded, Captain Willard Phule is made their military advisor. But, unknown to the Zenobians, they're getting two Phules for the price of one. A robot double of Captain Phule appears out of nowhere. And only the real Phule knows who the real Phule is.

No Phule Like an Old Phule

Phule's Company: Book 5

Robert Lynn Asprin
Peter J. Heck

Phule gets on the wrong side of celebrity canine Barky the Environmental Dog by hosting a group of big game hunters who think they can bag a dinosaur on Zenobia. Needless to say, dinosaurs are not a native species. But cold, hard facts never stopped a Phule. And neither will Barky's cold, wet nose.

Phule's Errand

Phule's Company: Book 6

Robert Lynn Asprin
Peter J. Heck

When his loyal butler runs off with the Omega Company's gorgeous new medic--or so it seems--Phule sets off after him, while General Blitzkrieg decides to make a surprise visit to Zenobia.