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Quantum Leap: A to Z

Quantum Leap

Julie Barrett

Quantum Leap: From A to Z. From Al to Ziggy. The Everything you-ever-wanted-to-know guide to Quantum Leap.

Now, fans who follow the time-traveling adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett and his holographic companion, Admiral Al Calavicci, can learn rare details about the world of Quantum Leap, including the life stories of Sam, Al, and Ziggy, a complete episode guide, definitions of Quantum Leap terms, the laws of Quantum Leaping, plus little-known legends and lore.

The Complete Quantum Leap Book

Quantum Leap

Louis Chunovic

One of television's most popular shows, Quantum Leap has built a cult-like following. This official publication of the series includes interviews with the stars of the series Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, plus the series creator Donald P. Bellisario. Also featured are synopses of every Quantum Leap episode--including the pilot--and hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos.

The Making of Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Hal Schuster

This insider's guide to television's most popular time travel series is a must for the show's intense cult following, as well as fans of the highly successful, ongoing series of novels. In its five years on prime time. Quantum Leap won two Golden Globe Awards and set a standard for excellence in science fiction. This intriguing book takes the reader behind the scenes of the program, and includes answers to the 25 most common questions about the series and its stars.

Quantum Leap: The Novel

Quantum Leap: Book 1

Ashley McConnell

Convinced that a human can time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett steps into his Quantum Leap accelerator and is transported into someone else's life.

Too Close for Comfort

Quantum Leap: Book 2

Ashley McConnell

When Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the middle of a men's encounter group, circa 1990, and meets a younger Al, he risks destroying the Quantum Leap Project for all time.

The Wall

Quantum Leap: Book 3

Ashley McConnell

After leaping into the life of Missy, a six-year-old living in 1961 Berlin, Dr. Sam Beckett must watch helplessly as the Berlin Wall is erected but becomes empowered when he leaps into the body of the adult Missy.


Quantum Leap: Book 4

Ashley McConnell

In 1993, at a New Mexico research laboratory, Dr. Sam Beckett and Admiral Al Calavicci embark on an experiment in time travel called Project Quantum Leap and find themselves battling a determined foe out to stop the project.

Knights of the Morningstar

Quantum Leap: Book 5

Melanie Rawn

Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a man taking part in the recreation of a medieval tournament and discovers that he must face a sinister new foe, another time traveler who is out to destroy the Project and Sam.

Search and Rescue

Quantum Leap: Book 6

Melissa Crandall

Leaping into the body of a doctor who is searching for a downed airplane in the wilds of British Columbia, Sam Beckett is unaware that a lightning bolt has caused Al to leap into one of the plane's crash victims.

Random Measures

Quantum Leap: Book 7

Ashley McConnell

Sam embarks on a new time-hopping adventure that transforms him into a part-Native American bartender even as Al, back home, copes with the reappearance of one of his wives.


Quantum Leap: Book 8

L. Elizabeth Storm

Leaping into the body of a Navy psychiatrist, Sam is surprised when his first client is Lieutenant Al Calavicci, who has been accused of treason by fellow POWs and who is wanted for questioning by the Pentagon.

Double or Nothing

Quantum Leap: Book 9

Laura Anne Gilman
C. J. Henderson

Leaping into two different bodies at once, Sam finds himself in the lives of a financially troubled trucker and a successful university professor, an assignment that is complicated when Ziggy calls out sick.


Quantum Leap: Book 10

Barbara E. Walton

In 1983, Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the life of twelve-year-old Sean O'Connor, a brilliant but troubled boy taking part in a gifted students' program called the Olympics of the Mind.


Quantum Leap: Book 11

John Peel

Leaping into the body of one of his own ancestors, Sam Beckett finds himself at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, where his actions depend upon whether the Beckett from the past was a Tory, patriot, or double spy.

Angels Unaware

Quantum Leap: Book 12

L. Elizabeth Storm

Years after Al appears to a young girl and leads her to believe he is her guardian angel, the girl, now grown, loses her faith and goes to a monastery to die, and Sam, having leaped into the body of a priest, must prevent her death.


Quantum Leap: Book 13

Carol Davis

Leaping into the body of a winter caretaker at a summer resort, Sam is targeted by a woman claiming to be his wife, who is threatening the Quantum Leap project by trying to sell his story to the tabloids.

Lock Ness Leap

Quantum Leap: Book 14

Sandy Schofield

Sam Beckett leaps into the body of Dr. Donald Harding, a theoretical physicist, who has come to Loch Ness where his son is trying to prove the existence of the fabled Nessie and where Sam encounters a strangely familiar young woman who holds the key to Sam's own future.

Heat Wave

Quantum Leap: Book 15

Melanie Kent

Summer, 1955: During one of the most brutal heat waves in recent memory, Sam leaps into a sheriff in small-town Oklahoma. A young white woman has been viciously murdered, and the only suspect is black--an honest man who stands to lose everything if convicted. Sam must move fast to prove the man's innocence--while keeping the peace in a town about to be torn apart by racial violence. Meanwhile, the real killer is watching Sam's every move.


Quantum Leap: Book 16

Christopher DeFilippis

A Lethal Leap

It's 1976, and Sam Leaps out of a women named Ann-Marie Renerie. But Ann-Marie is not pleased with her changed life. She's left with a plea-bargained jail sentence she doesn't remember agreeing to, and a hazy memory of the name of the man she thinks is responsible for her imprisionment.

1988: Ann-Marie's sentence is over and now she is dedicated to the single obsessive purpose that got her through twelve years in prison. Death to Dr. Sam Beckett!

Meanwhile, Sam, on his messiest mission yet-as a female mud westler-must work on his own. He can't be told that Al and the rest of the Project are frantically struggling to stop a madwoman before she stops Sam Beckett-forever!

Song and Dance

Quantum Leap: Book 17

Mindy Peterman

Sam leaps into the year 1978 to help a dancer fulfill her dreams of stardom. All's well, as long as her partner shows up for the talent show...But this dance partner turns out to be a familiar face. And changing his life for the better could change the Quantum Leap Project for the worse...

Mirror's Edge

Quantum Leap: Book 18

Carol Davis
Esther D. Reese

It's 1999, five years after the Leap that started it all. The holes in Sam's memory are starting to fill, the man in the Waiting Room is disturbingly calm, and Ziggy is dispensing information that can hardly be believed. Something is about to happen. Something that will change Sam's life and the lives of those who love him--forever...

The Beginning

Quantum Leap: Book 19

Julie Robitaille

In the Beginning...

A novelization that takes us into the backstory of The Quantum Leap Project. It's slightly different than the American take by McConnell.

How funny, a show about changing things which went once went wrong and the book series has multiple facets for a starting point.

The Ghost and the Gumshoe

Quantum Leap: Book 20

Julie Robitaille

It's the mid-1990s. Dr. Sam Beckett is a brilliant scientist, and the creator of the Quantum Leap Project - moving back and forth through the years of your own lifetime.

After being transported back to 1956 by mistake, Sam's efforts to return keep him trapped away from his own time. Not only that, but he is forced to take the place of people he has never known or even heard of. Slipping constantly into one life after another, and having to right the wrongs in that life and hopefully change things for the better, Sam is a man out of time - all the Time!

Contains the novelization of the TV episodes "Play It Again, Seymour" and "A Protrait of Troian".