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The Last of the Renshai

Renshai Chronicles: Book 1

Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Renshai are the most feared of all warrior races. When their enemies band together in an attack on their homeland, one Renshai escapes the genocide. Determined to keep the memory of his people alive and to claim vengeance, he may be doomed to become the Champion of the Great War.

The Western Wizard

Renshai Chronicles: Book 2

Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Wizards - down through the centuries four masters of magic have struggled to maintain a balance of power in the troubled Northlands. But now the mortal world teeters on the brink of the foretold Great War, and even the Wizards' sorceries may not be enough to stave of the battle.

Child of Thunder

Renshai Chronicles: Book 3

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Colbey, last of the Renshai, must undertake the Seven Tasks of Wizardry. But he is about to discover an unseen, deadly eighth task. Even if he survives that, gods, wizards and mortals alike are willing to unite against him - and their actions could catalyse destruction on a huge scale.

Beyond Ragnarok

Renshai Chronicles: Book 4

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Succeeding in a pivotal battle for his Ranshai warrior race, demigod Colbey Calistinsson, the son of Thor, finds a new challenge when an unidentified enemy strikes down every eligible heir to the throne of human neutrality.

Prince of Demons

Renshai Chronicles: Book 5

Mickey Zucker Reichert

t is a crucial moment in the world of men, as the elves who have survived Ragnarok are determined to destroy humankind. Now with an imposter placed upon the Bearnian throne, the critical balance between Law and Chaos may finally be overthrown. Only a small band of adventurers can free the rightful heir from the elves' clutches...if they don't run out of time first.

The Children of Wrath

Renshai Chronicles: Book 6

Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Pica Stone, which could prove the salvation of the elves and humans alike has been shattered, and eight of its shards are missing, scattered on worlds throughout the planes of existence. And it is up to Kevral, Darris, Ra-khir, Tae, and their fellow adventurers to journey to these different realms in hopes of recovering the shards. Yet even as they undertake their quest, Colbey and Odin have begun a final struggle, a new war of the gods which will determine the fate of the mortal world.

Flight of the Renshai

Renshai Chronicles: Book 7

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Twelve years after her last Renshai novel, Mickey Zucker returns to her beloved fantasy universe. Banished from the kingdom of Bearn, the Renshai are shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen-and three young Renshai brothers must find their own destinies in a world with no safe havens. And without the Renshai warriors, Bearn may soon fall to the army approaching its shores.

Fields of Wrath

Renshai Chronicles: Book 8

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Nearly two decades ago, Mickey Zucker Reichert introduced fantasy readers to her greatest creation - the Renshai, a race of warriors who lived for battle and swordcraft, and who began training in the art of war from the moment their fingers could grasp a weapon. Set in a world enriched by Norse mythology, Mickey's first two trilogies about the Renshai - The Last of the Renshai and The Renshai Chronicles - captivated readers as they followed the adventures of these legendary warriors who fought their way back from almost total extinction to claim a new homeland and find allies in a world where far too many still feared and despised them.

Flight of the Renshai and Fields of Wrath continue the Renshai saga begun in the previous two trilogies. Opening eighteen years after The Children of Wrath ended, Flight of the Renshai focuses on the main characters from the second trilogy, as well as their now-grown children. At the center of the story are the three sons of Kevral Tainharsdatter. While Flight brings readers into the heart of the long-dreaded Great War, Fields of Wrath picks up the story in the aftermath of that war.

With the Great War over, the Renshai have won back the Fields of Wrath. However, Tae Kahn - Subikahn's father - becomes ever more certain that a far larger and fiercer wave of enemy soldiers is headed toward them.

One Kjempemagiska and an army of their man-sized servants nearly defeated the entirety of the continent. This time, Tae is certain, the ranks will include hundreds of these strong, magical, Island-dwelling giants. The only hope for the peoples of the continent is to regather their war-weary troops and find a way to convince the few magical beings of their own world to assist them.

Unfortunately for Tae, no allies are available to assist.

It becomes a race against time as Tae and his friends struggle to convince the various Continental generals of the danger, attempt to turn reluctant, antagonistic mages and elves into allies, spy on the giant Kjempemagiska sorcerers, and seek some means to defeat an enemy powerful beyond contemplation.