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A Princess of the Chameln

Rulers of Hylor: Book 1

Cherry Wilder

First, they murdered her parents... Even as the King and Queen lay dying, the armies of the Mel'Nir swarm across the borders. And so Aidris, Princess and heir to the kingdom of Chameln, must flee her land or herself be killed... or worse, made the wedded slave of a barbarian king. Thus begin the adventures of a maiden born to rule who must first learn the arts of survival in a world where every man's hand seems raised against her. Only then can she control the Power that dwells within her and be ready when her people come to claim her as their Queen: ready to rule, ready to fight --- ready to die that her country may live free. For if she cannot or will not save them, then the people of Chameln will be slaves forever.

Yorath the Wolf

Rulers of Hylor: Book 2

Cherry Wilder

Reared in secret because of a birth defect, Yorath, prince and heir to the throne of Mel'Nir, only learns of his heritage after many adventures and encounters and then must decide what course his life will follow. Sequel to "A Princess of the Chameln" and second book of the "Rulers of Hylor" trilogy.

The Summer's King

Rulers of Hylor: Book 3

Cherry Wilder

Handsome, charming, and vain, Sharn goes to the magical kingdom of Eildon to court a beautiful princess; but nothing goes well, and the lives of his associates, as well as his enemies, are changed forever. Sequel to "Yorath, the Wolf."

The Wanderer

Rulers of Hylor: Book 4

Cherry Wilder
Katya Reimann

Cherry Wilder's The Rulers of Hylor series established a detailed and intricate fantasy world. Katya Riemann completed and polished this last Hylor novel, a tale of warring kingdoms, treacherous advisers and generational conflicts, set in a world of rich physical beauty, vibrant life and a realism leavened with occasional and startling magic.

Gael Maddoc, the child of struggling peasants, leaps at the chance when she is offered training as a kedran, a mounted soldier. She wins glory bringing her charges home safe across a huge desert, seeking aid from the Shee. But the Shee--the dwindling Fair Folk--then recruit her for their own purposes. Her nascent magical talents and her resourcefulness show her to be the Wanderer, a legendary figure for whom they've been waiting.