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Brian W. Aldiss

Life in the West

Squire Quartet: Book 1

Brian W. Aldiss

Thomas C. Squire, creator of the hit documentary series Frankenstein Among the Arts, one-time secret agent and founder of the Society for Popular aesthetics, is attending an international media symposium in Sicily. It is here that he becomes involved with lovely, but calculating Selina Ajdina. Alongside the drama of the conference is the story of Squire's private life - the tale of his infidelity, the horrifying circumstances surrounding his father's death and the threatened future of his ancestral home in England.

Forgotten Life

Squire Quartet: Book 2

Brian W. Aldiss

Analyst Clement Winters is trying to write a biography of his recently deceased older brother, Joseph. Through the writings Joseph left behind--letters, diaries, notes, and confessions--Clement realizes how little he actually knows his brother and how vastly his perception of him differs from reality. As Clement tries to make sense of the life of his deceased sibling, he uncovers "little dark corners" of his family history and even his own life.

Remembrance Day

Squire Quartet: Book 3

Brian W. Aldiss

Russian-born Dominic and his British-born wife are having marital problems. Ray was involved in a bankruptcy in the mid-80s, and ekes out a poor living working in a garden centre. The lifelines of these and others converge towards the finality of an IRA bomb episode in Great Yarmouth.

Somewhere East of Life

Squire Quartet: Book 4

Brian W. Aldiss

Architectural historian Roy Burnell has been tasked with traveling the globe and listing architectural gems in danger of being destroyed. But when Burnell is in Budapest, ten years of his memory, mostly his architectural knowledge and sexual experiences, is stolen. In this near-future, thieves using EMV ("e-mnemonicvision") sell memories on the black market. In the wake of this event, Burnell tries to resume his life, while also searching for the "bullet" that will restore his memory.

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