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Russell Kirkpatrick

Path of Revenge

The Broken Man: Book 1

Russell Kirkpatrick

A once-powerful magician, defeated decades ago by the Undying Man, lies in the dungeon of Andratan, planning his revenge. There are three things he needs: the stone, the blood and a hand of hate. The three people he has manipulated from afar to bring these things to him are on their way. They have no way of knowing what lies in store.

The Faltha War might have ended, but for three great continents - and their gods - the war for immortality has only just begun.

Dark Heart

The Broken Man: Book 2

Russell Kirkpatrick

Noetos and his reluctant companion are on the run. Hiding a powerful artifact from merciless pursuers, they know that time is against them. As the storm approaches, Noetos uses this to his advantage - but realizes that something terrible is about to be unleashed. A continent away, Lenares now leads the Cosmographers following the death of her mistress. Trained to detect the presence of the Gods, she can find no evidence of the Father. Is it possible that a god can be dead? Could the resulting imbalance be the source of the worsening cataclysms?

Noetos and Lenares only have pieces of the puzzle -- and the reality is far more terrifying than they could ever imagine.

Beyond the Wall of Time

The Broken Man: Book 3

Russell Kirkpatrick

The wall of time has fallen and the Gods are free to ravage the world. The few that know of their escape into mortal lands are under the control of the malevolent Husk. Stella, a queen in hiding, makes a deal with the Undying Man even though she knows his agenda comes first. Noetos seeks revenge for the deaths of his loved ones, not yet realizing the enemy is closer than even he can imagine. And the unconventional cosmographer, Lenares, is the only one with the power to prevent the Gods from destroying the world - if only the others would believe her.

The queen, the fisherman, and the cosmographer must travel to Andratan to confront Husk. But whether they can break free of his hold on them, and defeat the Gods, is another matter entirely.

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