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Dave Duncan

Past Imperative

The Great Game: Book 1

Dave Duncan

The Great Game of Gods is afoot... In a world on the brink of madness... In the summer of 1914, a young man of reputation beyond reproach awakens under police guard-grievously injured and accused of heinous, impossible murder. And in a strange, distant place... The youngest member of a penniless acting troupe has been taken prisoner by the loyal minions of a corrupt, vengeful goddess. For an ancient prophecy has divided the realm's ruling Deities into warring factions-a prophecy that mentions the crippled captive child...and a youth recovering from inexplicable wounds in a British hospital bed. The game weaves through worlds and through dimensions as it has since time immemorial-a deadly contest of skill and manipulations that ruthlessly creates wizards, destroys human pawns... and transforms ordinary men, women and children into something more.

Present Tense

The Great Game: Book 2

Dave Duncan

In the midst of the horror of the First World War, a stranger falls from nowhere into the mud and death of Flanders battlefield--bruised, babbling, and stark naked... with a remarkable story to tell. The Great Game--the timeless diversion of human gods, a ruthless contest of treachery, magic, betrayal, and manipulation, created to relieve the tedium of immortality--goes on.

Future Indefinite

The Great Game: Book 3

Dave Duncan

In a place called Nextdoor-the farthest flung outpost of British imperialism-earthborn mortals possess the power of gods. Young Englishman Edward Exeter has spent five years trying to escape the magnetic and powerfully magical pull of the Great Game, which has designated him as its most important player. But war and bloodthirsty intrigue rage on both sides of magical portals and across worlds, and Exeter can resist his destiny no longer. He accepts the mantle of Liberator that has been thrust upon him, and the decision turns old friends into foes and old enemies into acolytes as he is surrounded by murderous plots and betrayals. But this is not the uninformed Edward Exeter who came naked into this hidden realm years ago. He has lived the Game and learned it well-and he intends to play it boldly to its shocking, worlds-shattering conclusion.

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