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The Demi-Monde: Winter

The Demi-Monde: Book 1

Rod Rees

'We want you to go to hell, Miss Thomas.' And for five million bucks Ella is prepared to give even hell – or in this case, the Demi-Monde – a shot. And all she has to do to earn it is find the President's daughter and lead her to safety. But as Ella discovers, getting into the Demi-Monde is the easy part; surviving to collect her money is quite another.

With thirty million digital-Duplicates at war in the cyber-killing field that is the US Military's virtual-training ground, the Demi-Monde is a challenging place – especially as the Dupes are programmed with a craving for blood and are led by some of history's most vicious tyrants.

And the many bizarre conceits in the Demi-Monde have a sinister reason behind them. In the Demi-Monde Ella can trust nothing and nobody… not even herself.

The Demi-Monde: Spring

The Demi-Monde: Book 2

Rod Rees

The Demi-Monde is a computer-simulated training ground for soldiers. Populated by history's most notorious leaders, it is truly a Cyber-Hell.

Ella Thomas was sent there to rescue Norma Williams, the daughter of the President of the United States, but it has all gone horribly wrong, and now Norma herself must lead the Resistance. But first she must come to terms with the knowledge that those she thought her friends are now her enemies. To triumph, she must be more than she ever believed she could be... or perish – in both worlds.

The Demi-Monde: Summer

The Demi-Monde: Book 3

Rod Rees

The Demi-Monde is a virtual cyber-world, created to train soldiers in urban warfare, but its purpose is much, much darker.

Norma Williams has discovered the terrible secret that lies behind its creation. If she is to save the Real World, she must not only escape the Forbidding City and the clutches of Empress Wu and the NoN, Mao ZeDong, but also destroy a terrible weapon that threatens the survival of the Demi-Monde – and all those living in it.

But her enemies are arrayed against her, Lilith and Reinhard Heydrich are vying for ultimate power, and the only way their evil can be defeated is if the louche, dissolute fraudster Vanka Maykov can discover who he really is – and find the strength to destroy the woman he loves.

The Demi-Monde: Fall

The Demi-Monde: Book 4

Rod Rees

For thousands of years the Grigori have lain hidden, dreaming of the day when they will emerge from the darkness. Now that day draws close.

Norma, Trixie and Ella fight doggedly to frustrate these plans, but they need help. Percy Shelley must lead Norma to the Portal in NoirVille so she can return to the Real World. Trixie's father must convince her that, if she is to destroy the Great Pyramid standing in Terror Incognita, she must be prepared to die. And Vanka Maykov – though not the man she knew and loved – must guide Ella to the secret enclave of the Grigori, where she will face the most chilling of enemies.

In this explosive finale to the Demi-Monde series, our heroes will come to understand that resisting evil will require courage, resolve... and sacrifice.