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The Mennyms

The Mennyms: Book 1

Sylvia Waugh

From the outside, 5 Brocklehurst Grove looks like an ordinary house - the windows are always clean, and the garden well tended. And from the inside, to hear the voices of the inhabitants, the Mennym family, you would think they were a perfectly ordinary family, too. But you'd be wrong, for the Mennyms are far from ordinary. The whole family shares an astonishing secret behind which it's hidden for forty years; a secret to which nobody has ever come close - until perhaps, now.

When a letter arrives from Australia, the whole family is plunged into fear that now, for the first time, their secret is about to be exposed...

Mennyms in the Wilderness

The Mennyms: Book 2

Sylvia Waugh

The Mennyms are faced with a crisis when plans to build a motorway straight through their home are announced. They've successfully survived living on Brocklehurst Road for forty years, carefully keeping the secret of their rag doll identity under wraps. But news of the motorway forces them to confront a cruel ultimatum: they can be destroyed with the house, or they can move out into the countryside. Either way the consequences will be devastating...

Mennyms Under Siege

The Mennyms: Book 3

Sylvia Waugh

Pilbeam, the Mennyms' eternal teenager, is in a rebellious mood. Staying inside all the time is driving her crazy and she's fed up with leading the sheltered life vital for the survival of the Mennyms. One fateful night, Pilbeam throws caution to the wind and goes out to the theatre - and in doing so threatens her own safety and the very existence of her whole, rag doll family...

Mennyms Alone

The Mennyms: Book 4

Sylvia Waugh

The Mennyms family faces its most awesome struggle yet when the family patriarch, Sir Magnus, predicts the unthinkable - their world is about to end. Suddenly it's all change and the simple, hermit-like life of the rag-doll family is galvanised into action as they prepare for their fate. Is Sir Magnus's astonishing prediction of doom just the pessimism of old age - or is this really the end of the line for the Mennyms?

Mennyms Alive

The Mennyms: Book 5

Sylvia Waugh

The Mennyms have always lived in danger, ever since their maker, Kate Henshaw, has instilled in them an indomitable life force, a life force that has carried them through many perils. But now with shocking suddeness, that life force has abandoned them all except for Soobie - the sole survivor. As the blue Mennym he's always been a bit special and it's amazing he's come this far when others have perished... but are his problems just beginning?