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Savage Empire: Prophecies

The Savage Empire

Jean Lorrah
Winston A. Howlett

Zanos the Gladiator and Astra, a master reader, are loyal citizens of the Aventine Empire. Nevertheless, one holds a deadly secret and the other is drawn into a high-level conspiracy that brings them together and propels them into a desperate flight to the Savage Empire. A prophecy of peace and hope might provide a new life for them there--if their pursuing enemies don't kill them first. One of Zanos and Astra's new friends in the Savage Empire is the blind reader Torio, who has unexpectedly gained the rare talent of prophecy. The cryptic messages of his new gift send Zanos, Astra, Torio, and his beloved Melissa on a danger-filled journey north to Zanos's homeland. There, each one finds a personal destiny, and all must pay a price for confronting the lethal Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles.

Table of Contents:

  • 9 - Flight to the Savage Empire - [The Savage Empire - 4] - (1986) - novel by Jean Lorrah and Winston A. Howlett
  • 179 - Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles - [The Savage Empire - 5] - (1986) - novel by Jean Lorrah

Savage Empire: Dark Moon Rising

The Savage Empire

Jean Lorrah

The Aventine Empire is crumbling under the attacks of savages armed with strange and dangerous powers. Exiled from the empire, a powerful telepath named Leonardo is captured by the savages, and finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Prepared for their brutality and mindless aggression, Leonardo learns their world differs from what he has been taught, and he is forced to question all of his previously held assumptions.

Table of Contents:

  • 11 - Savage Empire - [The Savage Empire - 1] - (1981) - novel by Jean Lorrah
  • 187 - Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire - [The Savage Empire - 2] - (1982) - novel by Jean Lorrah
  • 367 - Captives of the Savage Empire - [The Savage Empire - 3] - (1984) - novel by Jean Lorrah

Savage Empire

The Savage Empire: Book 1

Jean Lorrah

Lenardo, one of the most powerful Readers in the Aventine Empire, can read thoughts and sense details about objects and people miles away. His abilities are crucial, since the Empire is being attacked by savages with immense psychic powers. When he discovers that one of his former students, Galen, has turned traitor, he's sent on a mission to retrieve the turncoat. Instead, he encounters Lady Aradia, who dreams of ending the conflict. But most of the savage Adepts are allied with Lord Drakonius, whose only interest lies in conquest. Can Lenardo and Aradia find some means together to end the war?

Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire

The Savage Empire: Book 2

Jean Lorrah

Lenardo, a master Reader with strong telepathic powers, meets Aradia, a Lady Adept who can use her powers both to heal and destroy. Together they defeat an evil Lord Adept. When the war's over, though, what then? Can they actually build an empire together? Each then decides to sacrifice their own powers to weaken the other's. Is this treachery--or something else entirely? And then a new menace appears on the horizon. There's a fine line between love and hate.

Captives of the Savage Empire

The Savage Empire: Book 3

Jean Lorrah

Torio, a renegade Reader, has broken his oath and taken his powers of telepathy to the Savage Lands. The Savage Adepts have driven back the walls of the Empire, using their mysterious gifts of sorcery. Now, with the Readers in their midst, their powers--to tumble walls, to sink ships, to cause the earth to swallow entire cities--can reach into the very heart of the Empire. Melissa, Reader and Healer, must learn to leave her body for a treacherous journey into the Savage Lands, to save her true love and her world. Without her help, the Savage Empire may be doomed!

Flight to the Savage Empire

The Savage Empire: Book 4

Jean Lorrah
Winston A. Howlett

In the Aventine Empire, gladiator games still slake the multitudes' undying thirst for blood. Magister Astra hated the games - with her telepathic powers, she felt the warriors' agonies as her own. But the Master had once again sent her there to tend the wounded: it was a punishment - but for what? Even her strongest Reading couldn't tell her. Not until an unexpected death and an exotic, mind-bending drug brought her into the pat of the ex-slave warrior Zanos did Astra begin to understand the web of deceit, greed, and vengeance that would send them both in a desperate Flight To The Savage Empire.

Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles

The Savage Empire: Book 5

Jean Lorrah

Maldek's Evil Empire... Medura-a realm of ice and gloom, Zano's homeland and the dominion of the evil sorcerer, Maldek. It is a place of barbaric savagery and extraordinary Adept powers. Few men journey to Medura. Fewer yet leave her shores alive. Now the Blind Reader Torio impulsively demands to join Zanos on his journey home, a journey that will bring him to the heart of that forsaken land-and face to face with the evil powers of the black Lord Maldek...

Wulfston's Odyssey

The Savage Empire: Book 6

Jean Lorrah
Winston A. Howlett

The Strangers from Africa arrived on the shores of the Savage Empire seeking aid in battle to the death against Z'Nelia the Witch-Queen. The powerful adept was forced to refuse them, for his true duity was to protect the people of his own kingdom from harm. But when the Africans kidnapped his brother by marrage, Wulfston was forced to cross the seas in pursuit of his traitorous guests. And what began as a simple rescue mission became a deadly contest of wills.

Empress Unborn

The Savage Empire: Book 7

Jean Lorrah

As always Power ruled the Savage Empire. Not the crude force of sword and staff but the infinitely subtle strains of an Adept's musings. Aradia, the most powerful Adept of the Empire, is a woman thrust into greatness in order to rule a land beset by strife and ancient evil. But suddenly her strength falters. An unseen force seems to strike against her to sap Aradia's Power. Terrified she wonders about the unborn child growing inside her. Could its power be growing as well, overwhelming her own?