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The New Minds

The Sixth Perception: Book 1

Dan Morgan

At the center of consciousness lies a pool of knowledge - infinite - unbelievable in its immensity...

This is the story of that knowledge - of an experiment with men and women to create the sixth perception.

In the beginning it was simple, the reaching out of two child-minds across space. But the power became a threat, a weapon that menaced the very existence of THE NEW MINDS.

The Several Minds

The Sixth Perception: Book 2

Dan Morgan

The growth of their powers had been quiet and steady and untroubled at first. Once the group's keystone was shaky--the brain of their central member contained two minds whose differences did not complement each other, but clashed brutally--perhaps, fatally for them all.

The Mind Trap

The Sixth Perception: Book 3

Dan Morgan

Alien powers of terrible force begin to invade the psychic domain of the psi-group. Someone had found a way to cross great distances to enter and destroy human minds. The immeasurable threat of these powers in the hands of an unknown but ruthless enemy had to be eliminated, and so deadly combat was begun for the highest of all stakes - control of the planet. But the hazardous search for the source of this lethal power led unmistakably to a sweet natured innocent yogi and an intelligent, confused young girl.

The Country of the Mind

The Sixth Perception: Book 4

Dan Morgan

The special gift was given to only a few - the gift of seeing into another mind, of fusing with another consciousness, of healing. As a doctor, Victor Coleman used the gift to help others - to cure the mental agonies suffered in the cities, where hate and prejudice were distorting the sanity of man. He had never intended to kill - never believed his power could turn into such an elemental, destructive force. But then he had never seen someone he loved murdered before - murdered by the tidal wave of hate which he had been fighting for so long. And the power, once released, was to become a violent, unpredictable factor in THE COUNTRY OF THE MIND...