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L. Sprague de Camp

Tor Double #17: Divide and Rule / The Sword of Rhiannon

Tor Double: Book 17

L. Sprague de Camp
Leigh Brackett

Divide and Rule:

On a future Earth, where invading aliens have forced humanity to revert to a feudal society and conducting scientific research is punishable by death, it's good to be the heir to a duchy. Unless your brother has been burnt as punishment for heresy. And unless you intended to do something about it...

The Sword of Rhiannon:

Greed pulls the archaeologist Matt Carse into the forgotten tomb of the Martian god Rhiannon and plunges the unlikely hero into the Red Planet's fantastic past, when vast oceans covered the land and the legendary Sea-Kings ruled from terraced palaces of decadence and delight.

Tor Double #20: The Pugnacious Peacemaker / The Wheels of If

Tor Double: Book 20

Harry Turtledove
L. Sprague de Camp

The Pugnacious Peacemaker:

In this sequal to The Wheels of If, Park/Scoglund serves as a diplomat attempting to defuse a war between Tawantiinsuuju, his adopted world's still-existent Inca Empire and the Muslims who have colonized Brazil, known as the Emirate of the dar al-Harb in this timeline.

The Wheels of If:

New York lawyer Allister Park is inexplicably torn from his normal existence and thrust into a series of parallel universes. Each morning he discovers he has become someone else, in a world changed from his own, initially finding himself in worlds where the American Revolution failed and France won the Napoleonic Wars. Ultimately he finds himself a bishop in the alternate New York of New Belfast, in Vinland, a North America colonized by descendants of the Vikings and now divided between Norse-derived and native polities. He determines that this new world's differences from his own stem from two divergences in the course of history, relative to his own world.

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