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Tros of Samothrace: Book 1

Talbot Mundy

When his ship is taken and his crew slaughtered Tros of Samothrace is captured by Imperial Rome. Whilst his father is held hostage, Tros is coerced by Julius Caesar into helping find the best route for his assault on Britain. Tros must play a double game -- he must try to save his father and encourage the British chieftains' resistance to thwart Rome and its legions -- who are ready in Gaul to make the crossing to occupy their lands. Treachery, intrigue and assassination plots threaten, before Tros must accompany Caesar in his amphibious landing and its pitched battle in the surf.


Tros of Samothrace: Book 2

Talbot Mundy

Tros, mighty commander of ships and men, continues his struggle against the power of Caesar's Rome:

Olaf Sigurdsen the Northman, Tros' captive, then his ally, would follow him to the end of the world;

Helma, Olaf's sister, finds submission to Tros far pleasanter than defiance;

Skell the intriguer, neither friend nor foe, can be trusted by none;

Taliesan, last of the great Druids, on whose decision rests the fate of all Britain, must influence them -- to defy Caesar or submit to him.


Tros of Samothrace: Book 3

Talbot Mundy

Tros will build a great ship to circle the globe and defy great Caesar on all the oceans of the world:

Orwic, nephew of Caswallon of the Trinobantes, follows where Tros leads, to victory or perdition;

Rhys, jealous and treacherous vassal, plots Tros' downfall for his own ends;

Simn ben Tobias, victim of Caesar's avarice, can -- if he will -- outwit Tros' enemies;

Chloe the dancing girl, schemer and slave, fears no man but Tros, for he is blind to her beauty.


Tros of Samothrace: Book 4

Talbot Mundy

Tros the Adventurer plunges to the heart of an ancient empire to defend the freedom of his Allies:

Zeuxis the pleasure-loving, pampered Greek owes Tros allegiance, but cannot be trusted as far as he can be thrown;

Caesar, shrewd and unscrupulous master of half the world still holds to his plans to conquer Britain.

To outwit them all, Tros must fight a blood-soaked, roaring battle for his life in Circus Maximus

Queen Cleopatra

Tros of Samothrace: Book 5

Talbot Mundy

Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar -- as theirs was one of the great love affairs of all time, one that changed the entire course of history! Cleopatra had audacity, enchanting beauty and the fierce courage to keep Egypt free at any cost-even if it meant challenging the most powerful ruler the world had ever known. Julius Caesar had absolute authority, fame as a great lover, and the unrelent-ing determination to keep Rome the mightiest city of the age - until his infatuation and desire for Cleopatra threatened his otherwise invincible strength.

Purple Pirate

Tros of Samothrace: Book 6

Talbot Mundy

The epic saga of the ancient world -- Tros of Samothrace -- draws to a conclusion in this sixth and final volume. Julius Caesar has been assassinated, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt finds herself in a perilous position and desperate for allies to secure her power. Mark Antony comes into her life and once again the plotting begins and once again Tros is drawn into danger. Great perils will have to be overcome before Tros can safely feel the deck of his purple-sailed, serpent-prowed ship beneath his feet and a fair wind at his back.