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Rogue Queen

Viagens Interplanetarias

L. Sprague de Camp

Transformed through her contact with members of an Earth Spaceship on an exploratory mission, Iroedh repudiates her role as a worker in the rigid Avtini sex-caste system and creates revolutionary social change in her community.

The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens

Viagens Interplanetarias

L. Sprague de Camp

Beyond 2001! By the twenty-first century the great power struggle on Earth has been resolved in the Only possible way. The United States, Russia and China all have fallen by the wayside and Brazil has assumed her rightful place as world leader. Thus it is naturally Brazil that conducts the first interstellar explorations and creates the great space transport system.

A Planet Called Krishna

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 1

L. Sprague de Camp

Meet Victor Hasselborg, easily the most miserable Private Investigator in the entire galaxy. More comfortable with the dull routine of investigating insurance frauds than interstellar adventure, Hasselborg is bound by duty to chase a runaway heiress across known space to the primitive world called Krishna.

Clad in kilt and sword, his hair dyed green, riding a buggy driven by a six legged monster of a beast, Hasselborg's quest takes him through the volatile world of feudal Krishna politics and into the presence of... the Queen of Zamba.

This novel is also known as The Queen of Zamba and Cosmic Manhunt. It originally appeared in serialized form in Astounding Science Fiction in August and September 1949 as The Queen of Zamba. It was then published as half of Ace Double D-61 as Cosmic Manhunt. It's only publication as a single novel was in 1966 under thet title A Planet Called Krishna. It has since appeared in various collections under the title The Queen of Zamba, usually accompanied by the novella Perpetual Motion (1950). Variations in the text between these editions exist. De Camp preferred the title The Queen of Zamba.

The Search for Zei

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 2

L. Sprague de Camp

Originally published as a serial in Astounding in 1950/1951, also part of Ace-Double F-249.

Dirk Barnevelt, tame writer for Shtain Enterprises, is sent to Krishhna to find and bring home its company's explorer-founder, captive of the pirates of the Sargasso-like Sunqar. Zei, Princess of Qirib, is kidnapped from under Barnevelt's nose, and as this new book opens he is escaping across the floating weed beds on improvised skis, with the girl but without Shtain. The rest of the book is devoted to the process by which our hero finishes his original job.

The Hand of Zei

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 3

L. Sprague de Camp

Originally published as a serial in Astounding in 1950/1951, also part of Ace-Double F-249. Not to be confused with later omnibus editons with the same title.

Barely had Dirk Barnevelt finishing writing a publicity campaign for his boss, then he learned that he would shortly find himself isolated in the middle of the terrible Sunqar, a floating swamp on the planet of Krishna. Without scientific equipment and surrounded by deadly dangers, he must escape from a place he knows is impossible to succeed.

The Hostage of Zir

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 4

L. Sprague de Camp

Outside the walls of the starport Novorecife, Earthmen on the warrior planet Kishna are on their own. So when he is chosen to lead the first ersuma (Earth-tourists) through the sorcerer-kingdoms of this "protected" medieval world, Fergus Reith must first learn to speak Durou; must take the chemical oath against imparting technical information; and must above all else learn to handle a broadsword! All these skills are needed when Reith finds himself and his ersuma trapped as pawns in a deadly war between a sorceress and a sterile kingdom under three moons...

The Virgin of Zesh

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 5

L. Sprague de Camp

Welcome back to the planet Krishna - a wilderness of blue woods under three moons, where square-riggers sail the treacherous inland seas, where fierce humanoid natives with feathery antennae cross swords in endless war, and where a Terran outside the confines of the spaceport is strictly on his own!

This novella originally appeared in Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1953. It can also be found in the collection The Virgin & The Wheels (1976) and Ace Double The Virgin of Zesh & The Tower of Zanid (1983).

The Tower of Zanid

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 6

L. Sprague de Camp

This novel is half of this Ace Double.

Welcome back to the planet Krishna - a wilderness of blue woods under three moons, where square-riggers sail the treacherous inland seas, where fierce humanoid natives with feathery antennae cross swords in endless war, and where a Terran outside the confines of the spaceport is strictly on his own!

The Prisoner of Zhamanak

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 7

L. Sprague de Camp

Percy Mjipa, diplomat-adventurer, and Alicia Dyckman, interplanetary runaway, both aliens on the alien world of Krishna, are swept up in wildly treacherous - and wildly funny - imperial intrigue....

The Bones of Zora

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 8

Catherine Crook de Camp
L. Sprague de Camp

When Fergus Reith agrees to act as tour guide for the famed palaeontologist Dr Aristide Marot, little does he realise that the search for the elusive Ozymandias will uncover spectacular riches, ruthless adversaries - and his former wife, the seductive Dr. Alicia Dyckman! Caught in a bloody civil was, the three adventurers must fight or face death by boiling in the Cauldron of Repentance! The secrets of the planet Krishna continue to unfold in L. Sprague de Camp's latest tale of mystery, treachery and romance.

The Stones of Nomuru

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 9

Catherine Crook de Camp
L. Sprague de Camp

Wrestling Reptiloids is no job for milquetoasts.

Mild-mannered Terran archaeologist Keith Salazar was just minding his own business, digging up the alien past on an out-of-the-way site on the planet Kukulcan, when suddenly he was besieged by intruders on his scholarly peace: hostile natives, an indifferent ex-wife, and a demon developer with rapacious eyes glued on both his site and his true love.

In the course of protecting his dig, regaining his loved one and vanquishing his rival, Salazar will fight a giant reptilian predator bare-handed, leap into snake-filled pits, engineer the planet's first imperial conquest, lead and train a battalion of alien riflemen and hold a séance. Pretty exciting work - but then maybe Keith Salazar wasn't such a milquetoast after all.

The Swords of Zinjaban

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 10

Catherine Crook de Camp
L. Sprague de Camp

The Producer thinks he's God's gift to women - whether they're human or alien.

The Director is delighted to work on a wild and woolly planet, where he can really behave like Attila the Hun. Some of the local natives are trying to steal the film crew blind - while others plan all-out war.

And if that weren't enough, every time Tour Guide Fergus Reith turns around, he stumbles over another of his ex wives or girlfriends!

The Venom Trees of Sunga

Viagens Interplanetarias: Book 11

L. Sprague de Camp

Tortured Intellectual

Kirk Salazar, devout intellectual, had quite been looking forward to his field research on Sunga. He aimed to discover how the stump-tailed, semiarboreal kusis lived without being injured within the venom tree forest. A fascinating topic!

His thesis would have progressed splendidly, save for one thing. A certain lack of financing necessitated that he travel through Sunga with a tour group. Much against his will, he soon became embroiled with a conglomeration of characters even more peculiar than Sunga's natural wonders.

First there were the hard-core tourists, always pushing and complaining, desperate to glimpse the rare, birdlike zutas. Worse the Cantemir - a man lewd, rude and dangerous - who had struck a deal with the native Chief to destroy the whole Sunga forest for lumber! But most formidable was Alexis Ritter. She was the high priestess of a Sunga cult dedicated to chastity. But she sure seemed to have a use in mind for Salazar's body!

Doggedly Salazar pursued his research through ambushes, sex, and even attempted murder. A determined intellectual does not give up easily - even if he has to go to extremes to defend his thesis!