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Dan Abnett

Fell Cargo


Dan Abnett

Luka Silvaro, a pirate captain long thought dead, returns from the wilderness to reclaim his ship. Back aboard his beloved ship, Luka embarks on a deadly new mission. But things have changed since he was last a buccaneer: it seems that the only way to become a pirate these days is to die first. Faced with a ship full of bloodthirsty zombies, can Luka defeat the evil and save the day? The Warhammer world takes to the high seas in this action-packed tale of adventure and dark sorcery.

Hammers of Ulric


Nik Vincent
James Wallis
Dan Abnett

Aric rode forward across the corpse-strewn ground and helped Gruber to his feet. The older warrior was speckled with blood, but alive. "See to von Glick and watch the standard. Give me your horse," Gruber said to Aric. Arick dismounted and returned to the banner of Vess as Gruber galloped back into the brutal fray. Von Glick lay next to the standard, which was still stuck upright in the bloody earth. The lifeless bodies of almost a dozen beastmen lay around him. "L-let me see..." von Glick breathed. Aric knelt beside him and raised his head. "So, Anspach's bold plan worked..." breathed the beteran warrior. "He's pleased... I'll wager." Aric started to laugh, then stopped. The old man was dead. In the savage world of Warhammer, dark powers gather around the ancient mountain-top city of Middenheim, the City of the White Wolf. Only the noble Templar Knights of Ulric and a few unlikely allies stand to defend her against the insidious servants of Death.

Riders of the Dead


Dan Abnett

Far to the north of the Empire lies the dreaded Chaos Wastes, home of the Dark Powers and their mutated servants. As they head into this sinister region, two brothers-in-arms find their destinies thrown into turmoil as their fight against the hordes of Chaos rips them asunder Such is the destructive power of this fallen land, that the strongest of friends can soon turn into the most bitter of enemies, hurtling inexorably towards a final cataclysmic showdown.

Gilead's Blood

Warhammer: Gilead Lothain: Book 1

Dan Abnett
Nik Vincent

Gilead Lothain, shadowfast warrior and last of the line of Tor Anrok, travels the land slaking his thirst for vengeance on the dark creatures that stalk the forests and mountains of the Old World. With his faithful retainer Fithvael at his side, the doom-laden Gilead battles corrupt humans, beastmen, warriors of the Dark Gods and more in this collection of action-packed tales.

Gilead's Curse

Warhammer: Gilead Lothain: Book 2

Dan Abnett
Nik Vincent

New fantasy title, continuing the story of High Elf Gilead Lothain

Gilead Lothain returns! From the warrens of the skaven to the streets of Nuln, the shadowfast warrior and his faithful retainer Fithvael find themselves surrounded by evil. Beneath the earth, the dangerous and insane Rat King, its powers amplified by evil magic, plots Gilead's downfall, while a bloodthirsty vampire count becomes an unlikely ally... and Gilead's deadliest foe.

The Daemon's Curse

Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Book 1

Dan Abnett
Mike Lee

WARRIOR. BETRAYER. MONSTER. Even among the treacherous dark elves, Malus Darkblade stands out as a study in utter ruthlessness. When he steals a map that leads to a secret power hidden deep within the Chaos Wastes, Malus collects his cut-throat warriors and sets off to seek his fortune. Their journey takes them into the madness of Chaos and horrors that cause even a dark elf to quake in fear.

Mike Lee has worked together with the Black Library's bestselling author and Darkblade creator Dan Abnett to pen the first in a series of all-conquering novels that take the savage world of Warhammer to a spectacular new level.


Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Book 2

Dan Abnett
Mike Lee

Send a monster to kill a monster... Murderer, betrayer, warrior beyond compare... Yet by the cruel standards of the dark elves, Malus Darkblade still has a lot to prove. Possessed by the foul daemon Tz'arkan, Malus only has a year to find five magic artefacts or his soul will be forfeit. To retrieve the Idol of Kolkuth, Malus will have to call on all his cunning and wits to survive a magic labyrinth and defeat its fearsome guardian.

The second instalment in the "Darkblade" series, Bloodstorm delves further into the twisted psyche of the cruel and malicious Malus Darkblade. The ultimate antihero returns in the second episode of the "Darkblade" saga.

Reaper of Souls

Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Book 3

Dan Abnett
Mike Lee

Dan Abnett and Mike Lee unleash the cruel monster Malus Darkblade! Of all the heroes in fantasy literature, few can truly compare to Dan Abnett's creation, Malus Darkblade. A member of the dark elf race, Darkblade's reputation as a warrior is beyond compare and his cruelty is legendary - even by the standards of the dark elves. Having been possessed by the foul daemon Tz'arkan, Malus undertakes a perilous quest to regain five magical artefacts that will free his soul or damn him forever!

Together with comicbook legend, Dan Abnett, Mike Lee brings a fresh perspective to the Warhammer world and unleashes the monster that is Malus Darkblade!


Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Book 4

Dan Abnett
Mike Lee

In the world of Warhammer, no race is as cruel and treacherous as the dark elves, and no member of this race is more infamous than Malus Darkblade. His soul taken forfeit by a daemon, Darkblade must now seek the legendary Warpsword of Khaine or be forever damned.

Lord of Ruin

Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Book 5

Dan Abnett
Mike Lee

In the world of Warhammer, no race is as cruel and treacherous as the dark elves, and no member of this race is more infamous than Malus Darkblade. Now that he has retrieved the five missing artefacts, Darkblade must return them to the daemon before the year is up. But can Tz'arkan be trusted to honour his part of the bargain or will he try to trick Darkblade one last time?

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