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Aaron Rosenberg

Day of the Daemon

Warhammer: Daemon Gates: Book 1

Aaron Rosenberg

A countdown to destruction and hatred has begun in a brand new dark fantasy series. The first exciting instalment in this brand new series, set in the dark and gothic Warhammer world, is packed with action and adventure not seen since "Indiana Jones". "Day of the Daemon" follows the journey of an archaeologist as he returns to the war-blighted city of Middenheim. The recent war against the dark forces of Chaos has corrupted the souls of many mortal men and there is now no shortage willing to do the bidding of the Dark Gods. As the clock ticks down, the day of the daemon approaches and it falls to those few men who have remained true to the Empire to stop it! Aaron Rosenberg shows that he has a real talent for writing action-packed dark fantasy in his Black Library debut.

Night of the Daemon

Warhammer: Daemon Gates: Book 2

Aaron Rosenberg

After their adventures in "Day of the Daemon", Alaric and Dietz head south to the Border Princes, the wild, lawless land south of the Empire. Narrowly escaping the clutches of a liche lord, their quest leads them to a citadel full of Chaos cultists. Against such impossible odds, how can our heroes and their new ally get in to defeat the daemon this time?

Hour of the Daemon

Warhammer: Daemon Gates: Book 3

Aaron Rosenberg

Alaric and Dietz have one last chance to track down the daemon and destroy it before it materialises and lays waste to the civilised world. This time, their journey takes them into the dark heart of the Grey Mountains, where they must face a savage horde of beastmen and their mutated ruler. Even with the help of their allies, the wood elves, how can our heroes ever hope to triumph against such impossible odds?

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