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Diana L. Paxson

Lady of Light

Westria: Book 1

Diana L. Paxson

A science fiction story written by the author of "White Mare, Red Stallion", "The White Raven" and "The Paradise Tree". This is the first book of the chronicles of Westria, a fantasy of a young King's quest for love and magic.

Lady of Darkness

Westria: Book 2

Diana L. Paxson

A Queen to be Mistress of the Jewels of Westria, and wield their magical thrall over the elements. A Queen to conquer the mysteries of the Kingdom, as she had conquered the King's heart.

But the young and gentle Queen little suspected treachery in the magical spheres of the Westrian court, where jealousy festered and a sorcerer bridled at her powers.

Now her beloved King lay gravely ill, and the hands of sorcer sought to seize the sacred Jewels themselves. Now the Queen alone must battle the Kingdom's darkest threat since the Cataclysm, as whirlwinds of destruction descend upon fair Westria.

Silverhair the Wanderer

Westria: Book 3

Diana L. Paxson

He was master of magic, music, and the sword.

Silverhair the Wanderer

His path led him through a world of sorcery and strike; through a life of minstrely and magic. His quest was to master the mysteries of ancient craft and lore; his goal was to find and rescue those torn from him by war.

Once he was Farin of Hawkcrest Hold; and then Farin Harper, Knight of Westria.

Now he was simply -- Silverhair the Wanderer.

Protected only by his sword, his harp, and his songs, pursued by a powerful evil wizard, Silverhair's road led to goddesses and ghosts, man-monsters and madness, scholars and shapeshifters, the palaces of royalty and the tents of ragged nomads. But for all the perils he braved, for all the dangers he conquered, Silverhair's goal remained unseen, elusive, a mystery beyond solution...

Because his beloved sister and her son, heir to the throne of Westria, had vanished -- utterly vanished -- from the face of the earth.

The Earthstone

Westria: Book 4

Diana L. Paxson

Caolin, the royal traitor who once nearly destroyed Westria, has risen again on the Red Mountain. Infinitely more powerful than before, now he is the Wolfmaster, the Lord who wields the fear at the heart of the Universe. And the weapons to stop him -- the Jewels of Power -- are lost to the world, while Westria, leaderless for a generation, drifts toward doom.

Westria has one hope. Julian -- the lost son of King Jehan and Queen Faris -- is alive.

But Julian is untrained, untested, unblooded, and unknown, his claim to the Crown disputed. To prove his birthright, Julian, Silverhair the Wanderer, and the Regent's children, Frederic and Rana, must journey to gain the support of Westria's unearthly guardians -- the Lord of the Trees, the Lady of Earth, the Guardian of Men, the Gnome-King... and Julian must find, then wield, the awesome first Jewel of Power, the Earthstone...

Before the Blood Lord's sorcery and assassins locate and destroy them all.

The Sea Star

Westria: Book 5

Diana L. Paxson

Julian, the long-lost son of Queen Faris and King Jehan, has returned to hear the kingdom of Westria. But he cannot prove his heritage and gain the throne except by searching out and mastering one by one the four great Jewels of Power lost in the magical cataclysm that destroyed his parents years ago.

And Caolin, the jealous Blood Lord, the Sorcerer who was the author of the great destruction, still lives. The Jewels alone stand between him and utter dark power, from which Westria will never recover. Caolin's lust for Julian's death knows no bounds.

And the Sea Star lies hidden, waiting to be found, to be mastered, for good or evil.

The Wind Crystal

Westria: Book 6

Diana L. Paxson

The King is Dead, the Land ruled by a Regent. Prince Julian, the lost son of King Jehan, has returned to claim the crown. But he must first prove his right by finding and mastering the four jewels of power lost in the magic war that killed Jehan. Julian has gained two of them, The Earthstone and The Sea Star. Now he must survive the quest for the wind crystal.

The Jewel of Fire

Westria: Book 7

Diana L. Paxson

Prince Julian, claimant and true heir to the throne of Westria, must recover and master the four jewels of Power lost in the cataclysmic magical battle that killed his father. Now three of the four are Julian's. What will be the cost to the kingdom, what price will Julian have to pay to attain the fourth – from the mouth of a volcano.

The Golden Hills of Westria

Westria: Book 8

Diana L. Paxson

A new story and a new generation grows as Diana Paxson returns to Westria, her classic fantasy realm, in the first new novel in that land in more than a decade. Prince Phoenix has always been a bit restless, never quite measuring up to the expectations of his father King Julian. Sombra, Phoenix's childhood friend, believes in him, but she has her own duties as a student of the College of the Wise. Their relationship surpasses friendship, but their responsibilities take precedence over their feelings. Then Phoenix is abducted in a raid and sold to slavers. Eduring pain and humiliation, Phoenix must find a way to survive, even if that means losing his sense of self, and becoming a danger to the people that he loves.

While King Julian searches for his lost son, a growing army of fanatics led by the charismatic Mother Mahalial is conquering land after land, and its final destination is the golden land of Westria. The only person that can sense Phoenix's plight is Sombra, and her attempt to rescue him may decide the fate of the kingdom.

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