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Marooned on Mars

Winston Science Fiction: Book 5

Lester del Rey

Determined to be on the first rocket flight form the moon to Mars, stowaway Chuck Svensen endangers the experiment by hiding on board the Eros. His worst fears are realized when he discovers that his presence means less food and fuel for the rest of the crew. And when the Eros crash-lands on the strange Red Planet, Chuck takes it upon himself to bring the ship safely back to the moon. From his first encounter with the menacing rodent-like Marian creatures, to the startling climax in the weird catacombs of a ruined civilization, here is science-fiction at its bizarre best.

Attack from Atlantis

Winston Science Fiction: Book 11

Lester del Rey

Teen-aged Don Miller felt lucky to be one of the few aboard the atomic-powered submarine, the TRITON, on its first official depth test run. Even when the ship began to falter and the diving planes jammed, neither he nor the rest of the crew realized they were fighting a losing battle against an unknown enemy. Quick repairs and a frantic attempt to surface brought renewed hope to the crew until they spotted strange-looking "bubble men" lashing through the water on creatures supposed to have been extinct millions of years before. All efforts to fight off the sea men failed, and the crew of the crippled TRITON had no alternative but to let their captives drag them toward the giant "bubble city" resting on the ocean floor.

Lester del Rey has written here an intriguing tale of an outcast race that had migrated into the sea with a secret power that shut out the sea waters. As prisoners of a superstitious and frightened people, Don and the others frantically plotted their escape from "a city of no return." How Don finally turns the Atlanteans' weakness into a weapon and nearly wrecks the city with fear fills this story with breathless suspense.

Moon of Mutiny

Winston Science Fiction: Book 36

Lester del Rey

Set in the early days of the moon's colonization, this is the exciting story of Fred Halpern's efforts to prove himself worthy of the title Spaceman. Fred, a first-rate but impetuous pilot, was washed out of the Goddard Space Academy for disobeying orders. But he is lucky enough to get one more chance at a career in space when he is asked to join the third expedition to the moon. With the group of explorers, Fred makes his way across the dangerous and desolate lunar terrain, territory which has never been charted before. The men, determined to find some form of life on the moon, are hampered at every turn by breakdowns and bad luck.

Oddly enough, the accidents only seem to happen when Fred is around, and finally the resentful members of the expedition sign a petition requesting he be dismissed. The story reaches a harrowing climax when a spaceship mysteriously crashes, and Fred is driven to mutiny in an effort to save the crew.