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Chris Boucher

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Chris Boucher

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Full Name: Chris Boucher
Born: January 1, 1943
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: British


Chris Boucher (born 1943) is a British television writer, best known for his frequent contributions to two genres, science fiction and crime dramas.

In science fiction, he wrote three Doctor Who serials in the late 1970s: The Face of Evil, The Robots of Death and Image of the Fendahl. Perhaps his most durable contribution to Doctor Who mythology was the creation of Leela, the savage companion played by Louise Jameson. Boucher was commissioned for the programme by Robert Holmes, who would suggest that Boucher be appointed as script editor of new science fiction series Blake's 7. He served in this role for the entirety of its four season run from 1978 to 1981, also writing several episodes himself, including the well-remembered final episode. In 1987 he created his own series Star Cops, which combined the science fiction and crime genres. Although the series encountered several production problems and was not a ratings success, lasting only nine episodes, it has attracted a cult following and has been acclaimed for the strength of its writing and characterisation.

More recent work has included several Doctor Who novels for BBC Books, all featuring the character of Leela, and a series of straight-to-CD full-cast audio dramas entitled Kaldor City, which combine elements from his Doctor Who serial The Robots of Death with his Blake's 7 work.

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