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Peter Morwood

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Peter Morwood

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Full Name: Peter Morwood
Born: October 20, 1956
Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK
Occupation: Writer, Screenwriter
Nationality: Irish


Peter Morwood (born Robert Peter Smyth) is an Irish science fiction and fantasy novelist and screenwriter. He studied English literature and acquired an honours bachelor's degree with an emphasis on middle-English poets such as Chaucer from Queen's University in Belfast in 1979.

During this period, Morwood also took pilot training as a cadet pilot with the Queen's University Student Air Squadron of the Royal Air Force; though budgetary considerations (on the Air Force's side) forced Morwood to make a choice between his degree studies and his further studies as a pilot. He chose to continue his work in English literature, and subsequently resigned his commission.

After graduation, Morwood took a position in the UK's civil service as a clerk working for the Customs and Excise, and began work on his first novel, which he submitted and sold in 1982. He adopted the pen name "Peter Morwood" in honour of his mother, whose maiden name was Morwood. (He legally changed his surname to match the pen name in the mid-1980s.)

At a science fiction convention in Glasgow, Scotland in 1985, Morwood was introduced by author Anne McCaffrey to his future wife, the fantasist and science fiction writer Diane Duane. After several more meetings and a brief courtship, Morwood asked Duane to marry him, and they celebrated their engagement at the World Science Fiction Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Morwood then returned to Northern Ireland to complete his term of employment in the Civil Service, and resigned his post in December 1986. Shortly thereafter he relocated to Los Angeles, California, where Duane was working for the animation studio DiC. They were married at the New England regional science fiction convention, Boskone, on 15 February 1987. Later in 1987, Morwood and Duane relocated briefly to Scotland, and then, after a short period spent roving the United Kingdom, to County Wicklow in Ireland, where the two of them currently reside.

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