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Greg Bear

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Greg Bear

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Full Name: Gregory Dale Bear
Born: February 20, 1951
San Diego, California, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Born in San Diego, Greg Bear attended San Diego University, where he received a BA. He was married twice, has two children and currently lives in Seattle, WA.

He published his first story at age 16 for Lowndes' Famous Science Fiction. Numerous short fiction followed, garnering him two Nebulas and a Hugo for short story in 1984. That same year he wrote the episode Corona for the Star Trek series. Though considered a hard SF writer due to his adherence to scientific detail (Fermi's paradox in Forge of God, AI in the Eon series, Biology in the Darwin series), he has explored other genres as evidenced in his recently published terrorism thriller Quantico (2005-06,UK).

Bear is acknowledged as the first writer to introduce nanotechnology into the science fiction genre with Blood Music(1985). His work addresses the sometimes conflicting situations created by science and nature with culture. Moral and ethical issues often surface as a consequence.

A prolific author, Greg Bear has written twenty-five books, which have been translated into seventeen languages. He has been awarded two Hugos and four Nebulas for his fiction.

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