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David Guenther

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David Guenther

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Full Name: David Guenther
Occupation: Air-Force, Writer
Nationality: American


David Guenther, a Dragon Awards Finalist author, is a proud retired air force senior non-commissioned officer of over twenty one years. He draws from the experience of being deployed or stationed in over two dozen countries when stealing or creating characters for his novels. When writing science fiction he often injects veterans and retirees into his stories, especially the series Gray Panthers that is dedicated to both. His last series Infected World Trilogy, follows active duty members as they fight zombies and alien invaders. When not writing or providing technical support, he can be found in the Arizona desert target shooting a variety of classic military firearms.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Infected World

 1. (2018)
 2. (2019)
 3. (2019)