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Zombie Lieutenant

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Zombie Lieutenant

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Author: David Guenther
Publisher: Self-Published, 2019
Series: Infected World: Book 2

1. Zombie Airman
2. Zombie Lieutenant
3. Zombie Deserter

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Zombies
Post-Apocalyptic Horror
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When the infection hit the world, it was originally airborne, impervious to any filters or barriers. Initially eighty to ninety percent of the world's population, those with RH positive blood, was infected. The disease was then further spread by the infected through transmission of bodily fluids, usually through bites and scratches.

Major population centers quickly fell to the infected; only those areas with sparse populations were able to mount a defense against the infected. The remaining survivors began to band together in pockets in small towns and the countryside.

The largest contingent of survivors were those evacuated to the desolate state of Wyoming. Military units and civilians answered the call from Air Force Major General Peters, senior surviving general of the entire military. From the small town of Douglas in the center of Wyoming the military has begun to clear out the infected as the first step to recover the country. The next vital step is to link up and organize with survivors throughout the country to setup outposts while there are still survivors. Freshly minted Lt Caleb White will lead the first mission to establish contact with a band of survivors in Arizona. Unfortunately, the infected are only one of the many dangers in the apocalypse.


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