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Gav Thorpe

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Gav Thorpe

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Full Name: Gav Thorpe


Gav Thorpe lives in the Nottingham area with his mechanical hamster named Dennis. He has become a fan favourite since his days working at Games Workshop with his books on The Last Chancers, Angels or Darkness and the Time of Legends series on the Sundering. His background as a games designer gives Gav a unique perspective to write about the Eldar in a way others authors have not been able to.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Crown / Empire of the Blood

 1. (2010)
 2. (2011)
 3. (2012)

 The Horus Heresy Primarchs

 5. (2017)

 The Horus Heresy

 18. (2012)
 38. (2016)
 40. (2017)

 The Realmgate Wars

 7. (2016)


 0. (2005)
 0. (2005)

 Warhammer: Slaves to Darkness

 1. (2002)
 2. (2003)
 3. (2004)

 Warhammer: Time of Legend

 0. (2014)

 Warhammer: Time of Legend: The End Times

 3. (2015)

 Warhammer: Time of Legend: The Sundering

 0. (2012)
 1. (2009)
 2. (2009)
 3. (2011)


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