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In the Stormy Red Sky

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In the Stormy Red Sky

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Author: David Drake
Publisher: Baen, 2009
Series: RCN Series: Book 7
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Military SF
Space Opera
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(13 reads / 6 ratings)


Daniel Leary is Cinnabar's most successful space captain; his friend, Lady Adele Mundy, is its most efficient spy-but they've got their hands full this time as they face:

A Cinnabar Senator furious at losing an election-and still powerful enough to make her anger deadly.

The boy ruler of a star cluster who thinks he's a god-and who can sign the death warrants of even Cinnabar officials if a mad whimsy tells him to.

A world of slaves and escaped slaves, where the most savage beasts in the jungle used to be human.

An enemy base that could shrug off attack by powerful battlefleets-but which must fall to a single cruiser if Cinnabar is to survive.

From palace to reeking jungle, from gunfights in grimy hangars to the flagship's bridge during a sprawling space battle, Leary and Mundy are in the thick of it again. Watch the galaxy explode - IN THE STORMY RED SKY!


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In the Stormy Red Sky

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