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Mosutha's Magic

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Mosutha's Magic

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Author: David C. Smith
Publisher: Zebra Books, 1982
Series: Oron: Book 3
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Sword and Sorcery
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Intrigued, the magus commanded the voice of the smoke "Tell me further, Spirit of Hell, who is this enemy?"

"He is the Blood of the Sword. He is a hero, born of the line of the First Hero. He is a wolf in the skin of a man; he is a god wrapped in human flesh."

"Tell me his name."

The smoke demon began to dissolve, then the barbaric sorcerer hurled more blood on the grate. "He is the son of the Aksakin, and he is called Oron!"

"It cannot be!" Mosutha went cold to his bowels. "Where is he now? How will I know of him?"

"You will know him when you face his sword, sorcerer. He hunts you, magician. But he can die. He will die!"

"Then I shall slay him. I shall use mysorcery and I shall slay this Wolf. I shall slay ORON."


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