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Author: Alison Sinclair
Publisher: HarperPrism, 1996
Orion Books, 1995

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Sixty six years, or five generations, before the start of the story, three starships left Burdania in the midst of a political crisis surrounding continuing space exploration. All attempts at colonization had failed, and space exploration was deemed futile and wasteful. The political dispute turned violent, and, in fleeing the starships’ crews activated an experimental stardrive, which devastated the planet caught in its backwash. The explorers settled on distant Taridwyn, made contact with the native kinder’el’ein, and awaited slow extinction.

Despite themselves, they survived and prospered. Five generations on, their colony’s future is no longer in doubt, and what is at issue is their past. Can they or can they not find in themselves the courage to return to Burdania? What will they find when they get there?

Among Burdanians, Lian D’Halldt is unique. He has been fostered by the long-lived, empathic kinder’el’ein, and he has been left mildly handicapped by brain injuries received as a child, when he fell through the ceiling of the debating hall into yet another debate on return to Burdania. The Burdanians discount his particular insights, but the kinder’el’ein do not. It is with their support, through their wish to find peace for their unquiet guests, that Lian becomes instrumental to the decision to return. Legacies is the story of that decision and its consequences, for Lian and his people.


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