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The Doomed Planet

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The Doomed Planet

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Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher: New Era, 1988
Bridge Publications, 1987
Series: Mission Earth: Book 10
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The tank, containing Lombar Hisst, was thrown backwards fifty yards in a breath!

Men and huts and buildings were flying through the air as though propelled by the most monstrous hurricane that ever hit a planet's face.

A hundred thousand rebel troops under Prince Mortiiy fell upon the hated Apparatus survivors. There was no quarter given.

Lombar Hisst lay in the cabin of the tank. The vehicle was upside down. Apparently they had missed, somehow, the fact that he was there.

Lombar Hisst began to plan. Palace City in a hundred and twenty-five thousand years had never been breached.

Lombar flipped the tank upright and held the throttles still. In a crazy surge of glee, he flipped on the tank's loud-hailer system and bellowed: "You idiots. I'll laugh in the faces of your corpses when you try to crack the gates of Palace City. COME AND GET ME!"

Will Hisst escape into Palace City and successfully defy Jettero Heller and Prince Mortiiy's invasion forces? Will the Army and Fleet remain aloof from the fight between Hisst and Heller and, thus, endanger the invasion and overthrow Hisst?

And what about J. Walter Madison? Will his "PR" efforts finally doom Earth to invasion despite all Jettero Heller's efforts to protect his friends back on Earth?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more, in this exciting, fiery concluding volume of L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling epic MISSION EARTH.


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