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Special Delivery / Star Gladiator

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Special Delivery / Star Gladiator

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Author: Kris Neville
Dave Van Arnam
Publisher: Belmont Books, 1967
Series: Belmont Doubles: Book 4
Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Special Delivery


No Earthman was aware of the attack. No man or woman realized alen races walked among them... or knew that the strange packages everyone received through the mail contained the weapons which would destroy their planet. Earth had been silently invaded, but can you fight something you can't see?

Star Gladiator

SURVIVAL to Jonath Gri was merely a word droning incessantly in the ancient rits from mother Earch.

SURVIVAL become a bloody reality in the dreaded arena of the Star Games.

Parents slaughtered by the Star Guards, his fiance abducted tall Jonnath was captured and thrown into the blood-soaked arean to fight for the amusement of the citizens of the Ten Star Complex. Weaponless and naked, he had to fight against the most treacherous animals to be found on 50 planets--the most advanced weaponry developed on untold worlds.

Weaponless? There is one weapon of unlimited power.. Revenge.


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