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Seize the Night

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Seize the Night

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Author: Dean Koontz
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 1998
Series: Moonlight Bay: Book 2

1. Fear Nothing
2. Seize the Night

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
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Moonlight Bay, California: a safe, secluded small town that is at its most picturesque in the gentle nighttimes that inspired its name. But now, somewhere in the night, children are disappearing.

When he sets out to find the missing five-year-old son of a former sweetheart, Christopher Snow believes that the lost children are still alive. He is convinced the disappearances have everything to do with the catastrophic effects of secret research conducted deep within Fort Wyvern. To keep those secrets, extremely violent and powerful forces are willing to conceal even the most heinous crimes.

Never before in Dean Koontz's phenomenal writing career has he created a character quite like Christopher Snow: a creation so complex, so fascinating that the author has felt compelled to return to him. Fans of Fear Nothing already know why. Those who meet him for the first time in Seize the Night will soon join millions of others whose imaginations have been touched by this unique character and the extraordinary, eerie world of Moonlight Bay.


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Seize the Night

- pauljames


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