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The Gallow's Curse

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The Gallow's Curse

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Author: Karen Maitland
Publisher: Penguin Books, 2011

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
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The Thirteenth century has just begun and King John has fallen out with the Pope, leaving babies to lie unbaptised in their cradles and corpses in unconsecrated ground. Across a fear-ravaged England, people are dying in sin.

And into the Norfolk village of Gastmere comes a new Lord of the Manor--the cruel and bloodthirsty Osborn, not long returned from crusading. Spying treachery at every turn, he is prepared on the slightest pretext to damn anyone to hell and the scaffold.

So when Elena, a servant girl, is falsely accused of murdering her child, she is convinced she will be next. But there are others who will defy Osborn's brutal regime to save a girl who once took part in the secrets and strange rituals of the manor...


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The Gallow's Curse - Karen Maitland

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