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The House That Stood Still

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The House That Stood Still

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Author: A. E. Van Vogt
Publisher: Carroll & Graf, 1993
Pocket Books, 1980
Paperback Library, 1965
Greenberg, 1950
Series: Masters of Science Fiction: Book 31
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Immortality
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A thrilling tale of a struggle to save Earth from Armageddon, written by one of the crucial authors of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Disaster is quickly approaching and the only ones who know of it are Allison Stephens and a group of ancient sinister aliens. Now the aliens plan to abandon Earth and seek a new home.

Also published as "The Mating Cry" and "The Undercover Aliens"


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The House That Stood Still

- tbritz13


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