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Tin Men

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Tin Men

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Author: Christopher Golden
Publisher: Ballantine Books, 2015
Headline Publishing Group, 2015

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Military SF
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Economies are collapsing, environmental disasters are widespread and war the backdrop to life.

And so the military has developed a force of elite soldiers to keep the peace. A force like nothing seen before... codenamed Tin Man, soldiers are virtually transported to inhabit robot frames in war-torn countries.

When PFC Danny Kelso starts his day shift in Syria, an eerie silence welcomes him and a patrol confirms the area is totally deserted. But when a rogue electromagnetic pulse throws everything into darkness, Danny's conscious mind is trapped within his robot body.

The attack turns out to have been global - the world is facing a return to the dark ages with no electricity, no technology... no safe zones. And the Tin Men face a race against time to save not only themselves but society as we know it.


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Tin Men

- Aspanna


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