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Brak the Barbarian

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Brak the Barbarian

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Author: John Jakes
Publisher: Pocket Books, 1977
Tandem, 1970
Avon, 1968
Series: Brak: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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"My road lies southward, southward to golden Khurdisan; it is the working of the fates that my road lies that way."

In the endless wastes of the northern steppes, beyond the craggy lands of the Ice-marches, strange legends were told of fabled Khurdisan. In those savage lands Brak the Barbarian lived and fought, until he mocked his people's warlike gods once too often, and the shamans cast him out.

But his banishment was not entirely grim. He had a destination -- the great crescent-shaped land of Khurdisan that stretched nearly from the Pillars of Ebon in the west to the Mountains of Smoke where the world ended in the east. He would fight his way there, if need be, through the splendour and sorcery of the realms that lay between.

And now, his quest scarely begun, he faces the ageless, undying enmity of Yob-Haggoth, the Dark One, and of his Amyr of Evil, Septegundus of the lidless eyes and the crawling flesh.


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