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Braking Day

Adam Oyebanji

On a generation ship bound for a distant star, one engineer-in-training must discover the secrets at the heart of the voyage in this new sci-fi novel.

It's been over a century since three generation ships escaped an Earth dominated by artificial intelligence in pursuit of a life on a distant planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Now, it's nearly Braking Day, when the ships will begin their long-awaited descent to their new home.

Born on the lower decks of the Archimedes, Ravi Macleod is an engineer-in-training, set to be the first of his family to become an officer in the stratified hierarchy aboard the ship. While on a routine inspection, Ravi sees the impossible: a young woman floating, helmetless, out in space. And he's the only one who can see her.

As his visions of the girl grow more frequent, Ravi is faced with a choice: secure his family's place among the elite members of Archimedes' crew or risk it all by pursuing the mystery of the floating girl. With the help of his cousin, Boz, and her illegally constructed AI, Ravi must investigate the source of these strange visions and uncovers the truth of the Archimedes' departure from Earth before Braking Day arrives and changes everything about life as they know it.

Brak the Barbarian

Brak: Book 1

John Jakes

"My road lies southward, southward to golden Khurdisan; it is the working of the fates that my road lies that way."

In the endless wastes of the northern steppes, beyond the craggy lands of the Ice-marches, strange legends were told of fabled Khurdisan. In those savage lands Brak the Barbarian lived and fought, until he mocked his people's warlike gods once too often, and the shamans cast him out.

But his banishment was not entirely grim. He had a destination -- the great crescent-shaped land of Khurdisan that stretched nearly from the Pillars of Ebon in the west to the Mountains of Smoke where the world ended in the east. He would fight his way there, if need be, through the splendour and sorcery of the realms that lay between.

And now, his quest scarely begun, he faces the ageless, undying enmity of Yob-Haggoth, the Dark One, and of his Amyr of Evil, Septegundus of the lidless eyes and the crawling flesh.

Brak the Barbarian Versus the Sorceress

Brak: Book 2

John Jakes

"The road is long to Khurdisan, Barbarian. Beware of Septegundus. I will be there!"

Brak the Barbarian, outcast from the wild northern steppes of his own people, journeyed southward to golden Khurdisan.

He rode alone through a world of savagery and sorcery, relying on his swordsmanship and his barbaric strength for protection. But far greater than the threat of man or beast was the menace of Septegundus, Amyr on Earth of the great evil, Yob-Haggoth the Dark One.

Already Brak has escaped once from a hideous death before the stone idol. But the arm of Septegundus was long, his powers of sorcery unmeasured. Would Brak ever reach his goal among the fabled cities of Khurdisan?

Brak the Barbarian Versus the Mark of the Demons

Brak: Book 3

John Jakes

"We go to the dark. We ride to the awful dark. A stranger leads us, a savage man. His presence brings the evil down!"

The soothsayer's grim words chilled the hearts of the travellers. Even the iron nerves of Brak the Barbarian twanged with foreboding. For in the traders' caravan as it crossed the wasteland of Logol he was the savage, the stranger. Though his strength and swordsmanship might protect the caravan from attacks by brigands or wild beasts, even from the ruby-eyed warriors of Quran, he was as helpless as any against the menace of supernatural powers.

And as first one, then another of the travellers fell prey to the horror that stalked them, Brak knew that he must find a weapon more powerful than his sword if he too was not to be discovered drained of blood and bones, a dry husk bearing the three black marks, the triangular Mark of the Demons.

When the Idols Walked

Brak: Book 4

John Jakes

In When the Idols Walked, Brak arrives at the edge of the roaring sea, seeking a ship to carry him to Khurdisan. But before he can find passage, his caravan is set upon by slavers who chain the great warrior to an oar. With each stroke he plots his revenge. Brak's tormentors will be destroyed, but he will find that the sea holds greater horrors than a slavedriver's whip.

The Fortunes of Brak

Brak: Book 5

John Jakes

Table of Contents:

  • Devils in the Walls - (1963) - shortstory
  • Ghoul's Garden - (1973) - novelette
  • The Girl in the Gem - (1965) - shortstory
  • Brak in Chains - (1977) - novella
  • The Mirror of Wizardry - (1968) - novelette

The Price of Paradise

Doctor Who New Series: Book 12

Colin Brake

Laylora, the Paradise Planet. A world of breath-taking beauty, where peace-loving aboriginals live in harmony with their environment. Or do they? The Doctor and Rose arrive to find that the once-perfect eco-system is showing signs of failing. The paradise planet has become a death trap as terrifying creatures from ancient legends appear and stalk the land Is there a connection between the human explorers who have crash-landed and the savage monsters?

What secret lies at the heart of the natives ancient ceremonies? And what price might one human have to pay to save the only home he has ever known? When a planet itself becomes sick, can there be a cure? The Doctor and Rose find themselves in a race against time to find out.

Judgement Of The Judoon

Doctor Who New Series: Book 31

Colin Brake

Elvis the King Spaceport has grown into the sprawling city-state of New Memphis - an urban jungle, where organised crime is rife. But the launch of the new Terminal 13 hasn't been as smooth as expected. And things are about to get worse...

When the Doctor arrives, he finds the whole terminal locked down. The notorious Invisible Assassin is at work again, and the Judoon troopers sent to catch him will stop at nothing to complete their mission.

With the assassin loose on the mean streets of New Memphis, the Doctor is forced into a strange alliance. Together with teenage private eye Nikki and a ruthless Judoon Commander, the Doctor soon discovers that things are even more complicated - and dangerous - than he first thought...

The Spaceship Graveyard

Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Book 1

Colin Brake

Join the Doctor and Martha on their travels through time and space and influence the story with your decisions. Choose a direction and let the adventures begin... "Spaceship Graveyard", one of four exciting new "Decide Your Destiny Doctor Who" books. When the Tardis engines fail, you find yourselves on a planet littered with abandoned spaceships. But where are the crews? And why has the Tardis crashed there, too? Explore the spaceship graveyard to find out...

The Time Crocodile

Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Book 3

Colin Brake

Join the Doctor on his travels and influence his adventures with your decisions. Will you explore the alien planet or get back in the TARDIS and travel to somewhere new? You can choose a direction and let the adventure begin... "The Time Crocodile" is one of the four exciting new "Decide Your Destiny Doctor Who" books. Each page has two options for the reader to decide what happens next and each novel has several possible endings.

The Haunted Wagon Train

Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Book 8

Colin Brake

A BBC Books adventure book based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

Lost Luggage

Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Book 9

Colin Brake

A BBC Books adventure book based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Tenth Doctor.

The Coldest War

Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Book 14

Colin Brake

You're in the TARDIS when it loses power and crash-lands in a deserted, snowy landscape. Something is sucking the energy from everything that passes! Is it the Sycorax? Or something else entirely? Help the Doctor and Amy unravel the mystery, before it's too late! Join the Eleventh Doctor and Amy on their travels through time and space in the TARDIS and influence the story with your decisions. Choose a direction and let the adventures begin! This new series contains interactive stories that continue online. With links to exclusive animated scenes and an exciting online game, there's a new adventure with every read!

The Graves of Mordane

Doctor Who: The Darksmith Legacy: Book 2

Colin Brake

Convinced that the Doctor is Varlos, the Agent demands the return of the Eternity Crystal. But what happened on Mordane to make the Crystal too dangerous to be left on the Moon? The Doctor has to convince the Agent that he is not Varlos and doesn't know what happened on Mordane, then escape with the TARDIS and find out. The Doctor decides that the Eternity Crystal must be destroyed but before he can the Agent and the Crystal vanish. He has to find the Agent, which leaves the Doctor only one option, and he doesn't like it...

Escape Velocity

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Book 42

Colin Brake

Day one of the 21st century and a space race is on between rival Earth entrepreneurs. Both teams are assisted by members of an alien race called the Kulan. But the Kulan are in fact a band of ruthless invaders motivated only by a need to contact and rendezvous with the rest of their invasion fleet.

The Colony of Lies

Past Doctor Adventures: Book 61

Colin Brake

The year is 2539. Arriving on Axista Four the Second Doctor, Zoe and Jamie find the colony in a state of chaos. A breakaway group of colonists -- the 'Realists' -- has abandoned Ransome's Back to Basics ideals and is creating a new high-tech settlement. The 'Loyalists' who remain are dwindling in number and face total extinction. Meanwhile, a spaceship from Earth has arrived with news that 80,000 refugees are about to descend upon the planet; the Realists are staging raids on the wreck of the colony ship, and in a secret underground bunker mysterious aliens who claim to be the planet's first colonists are beginning to awake. Who are the dog-like aliens who call themselves Tyrenians? What is the secret agenda of the sinister Federation Administrator Greene? And what really happened when the colony ship crash-landed on Axista Four 100 years ago?

Tenebrak, the Founding

The Chronicles of Tenebrak: Book 1

Shannah Jay

After Karialla's village is destroyed by raiders, she braves many dangers to reach Tenebrak and complete her training as a healer. But the Healers' Courts have been destroyed and she despairs.

Then others join her one by one, helped by alien beings called deleff. The group must defeat a new group of raiders, then confront Rojan, who as a town elder is more interested in money than justice.


The Chronicles of Tenebrak: Book 2

Shannah Jay

At fourteen, Katia is chosen to serve at the Sisterhood's temple in Tenebrak. But violent Discord engulfs the planet threatening the 20,000-year-old Sisterhood's existence.

In a satellite far above Tenebrak, Davred, brilliant xeno-anthropologist, studies the Sisterhood, and risks everything by deciding to help them.

But neither Davred nor the Sisters know all the secrets of this mysterious planet.

Lands of Nowhere

The Chronicles of Tenebrak: Book 3

Shannah Jay

The Kindred desperately need refuge from Those of the Serpent, whose incense-choked shrines worship pain and suffering, and from Robler, the insane Exec in charge of the Confederate satellite circling above them.

In the legendary Lands of Nowhere, the mysterious deleff have already saved the Kindred twice. But why are the deleff so reluctant to let them leave the closed community of Dsheresh Vale?

Shadow of the Serpent

The Chronicles of Tenebrak: Book 4

Shannah Jay

When the members of the Kindred pass through a portal and are scattered across the twelve claims, they face the dark threat of being discovered by Those of the Serpent. As each group journeys towards the fateful rendezvous, it finds unexpected allies.

The depraved evil of the Serpent threatens to engulf them. Will their Quest against Discord be successful? Will their faith in the Brother save them?

The Price of Wisdom

The Chronicles of Tenebrak: Book 5

Shannah Jay

Across the length and breadth of the Twelve Claims, the armies of the Serpent are massing. Their cult of evil and suffering threatens to spread throughout the Confederation. Discord is everywhere - even on the satellite circling the planet Sunrise.

In the High Alder the Kindred prepare to make their stand. Only Herra's wisdom can defeat the Serpent. But can the Kindred afford the bitter cost?