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The Misenchanted Sword
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The Misenchanted Sword

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Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans
Publisher: Wildside Press, 2013
Del Rey / Ballantine, 1985
Series: Legends of Ethshar: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Ethshar and the Northern Empire have been at war for hundreds of years. Hardly anyone alive remembers why, or over what. The tempest, turmoil, and war are endless, and the killing more endless still. The war has become not just a way of life, but an institution; no one dares to dream that it could end. Not even Valder of Kardoret, Ethsharitic Scout, trapped behind enemy lines.

But now everything has changed: at a moment of great need, a hermit wizard crafted Valder a magic sword called Wirikidor -- a blade at once cursed and enchanted, a misenchanted blade that makes him unbeatable.

Soon the tides of battle will turn, and once they've turned they'll turn forever.


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The Misenchanted Sword

- Thomcat


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