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Five-Twelfths of Heaven

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Five-Twelfths of Heaven

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Author: Melissa Scott
Publisher: Baen, 1985
Series: Silence Leigh: Book 1

1. Five-Twelfths of Heaven
2. Silence in Solitude
3. The Empress of Earth

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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THE MAGI HAD MASTERED THE NEW PHYSICS and harnessed the newly discovered power of the elemental harmonies--Alchemy. In doing so, they changed the facr of technology for all time. But it was pilots like Silence Leigh who conquered the starlanes. Silence herself dreamed of a ship--a ship of her own and a destiny removed from the Hegemony's oppression. But not untill she joined the crew of the Sun Treader did the dream take on reality...and a destiny never imagined became Silence's own as well.


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