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Dangerous Offspring

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Dangerous Offspring

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Alternate Title: The Modern World
Author: Steph Swainston
Publisher: Eos, 2007
Series: Castle: Book 3
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The third of the castle novels will take the reader ever deeper into a world of beauty and terror. A world led by an immortal emperor and the circle; his 50 immortal helpers. It is a world with an absentee god, a world that has been fighting a war against giant insects. A world like no other. There will be more insights into Jant, the emperors vain winged messenger, and the shift, the surreal other life Jant enters when he overdoses on his drug of choice and where he meets the dead in a land that defies logic. This is a fantasy series like no other - a literary fantasy with the verve and originality to stand alongside the best of Mervyn Peake, M. John Harrison and China Mieville.

Published as The Modern World in the UK.


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Dangerous Offspring - Steph Swainston

- valashain


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