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The Plague Force

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The Plague Force

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Author: Jason M. Hough
Publisher: Del Rey, 2013
Titan Books, 2013
Series: The Dire Earth Cycle: Book 3
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: First Contact
Military SF
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The hunt is on for the mysterious keys left by the alien Builders. While Skyler’s team of immune scavengers scatters around the disease-ravaged globe in search of the artifacts, Skyler himself finds much more than he expected in the African desert, where he stumbles upon surprising Builder relics-and thousands of bloodthirsty subhumans. From the slums and fortresses of Darwin to the jungles of Brazil and beyond, Skyler and company are in for a wild ride, jam-packed with daunting challenges, run-and-gun adventure, and unexpected betrayals-all in a race against time to finally answer the great questions that have plagued humanity for decades: Who are the Builders, and what do they want with Earth?


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The Plague Force

- Badseedgirl


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