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Andre Norton

Breed to Come

Andre Norton

Men fled their polluted war ravaged planet, leaving behind a virus from their insidious experimentations. Yet, the animals of the planet thrived, each generation stronger and more intelligent than the last. In the ruins of a university, a huge group of cats, more brilliant than common, sought to master the works of man. They found that the Demons (Mankind) were real. And there was real danger (from Humans) if they ever returned to earth. Then one day a spaceship came.

Brother to Shadows

Andre Norton

A senior member of an order of spies, assassins, and bodyguards forces Jofre out into an unfamiliar world, where he encounters an obsessed alien archaeologist and a beautiful, deadly rival. By the award-winning author of the "Witch World" series.

Dark Piper

Andre Norton

Returning to his home planet after ten years, Griss Lugard found Beltane relatively untouched by the annihilating war of the Four Sectors, her inhabitants still immersed in their experiments in mutation. Lugard's warnings of imminent danger from off-world meant nothing to them. Only Vere Collis and his friends believed in Lugard and, drawn by his magnetism to explore unknown desert caves, they were safe underground when a series of explosions rocked Beltane, killing Lugard and sealing them in. After a fearful battle they won their way to the surface, there to receive a shattering blow: All other human inhabitants on Beltane had perished - and only strange and ppssibly hostile mutant creatures awaited them.

Daybreak - 2250 A.D. (Star Man's Son, 2250 A.D.)

Andre Norton

Two centuries after an atomic war on earth, a silver-haired mutant sets out on a dangerous search for a lost city of the ruined civilization.

Dread Companion

Andre Norton

A girl changeling leads her brother and an older girl, Kilda, into an evil and enchanted land. Evoking a feeling of terror and horror, the author tells a fantastic tale with the implied theme of evil fighting against good and the power of a strong will to survive. It's all cloaked in mystery and magic with the hint of Rip van Winkle conclusion updated to the year 2483.

Garan the Eternal

Andre Norton

In our world he was Garin, jet pilot and explorer. In the lost land of Tav, he was Garan, who would supply the link with their most ancient past. And in a world far distant in space and time, he was Garan of Yu-Lac, who would stand alone between a planet's doom and the ones he loved.

Garan the Eternal is a web of wonders woven by a master writer. It is the story of three lives tied by a recurrent destiny--that of Kepta the Ambitious, of Thrala the Divine, and of Garan himself, man of three worlds.

Here Abide Monsters

Andre Norton

Have you ever wondered how much of ancient folklore is grounded in fact? Are ther really unicorns, elves, magic cities?

Here Abide Monsters is a fresh approach to myth. Most people have heard of the "Bermuda Triangle," but Andre Norton uses a similar situation to show the possiblity of a two-way door that opens both on this world and on another quite unlike our own. Nick Shaw and Linda Durant pass through the door into a world where their nightmares are real and deadly. They band together with an English group, some of who have been on the planet since before the turn of the century...

High Sorcery

Andre Norton

Warlocks of other worlds--or scientists of times unknown?

Craike, a man hunted in two worlds... Miss Rutheven, whose needles pointed to secret kingdoms... Dagmar, with the fatal fascination of Helen of Troy... Ully, whose music touched the powers before mankind... Tamisan, the sorceress who found herself the victim of her toy...

These and others like them inhabit Andre Norton's world of High Sorcery, where the primeval desires and fears of man--his loving and loathing--are merged with his dreams of future knowledge and technological power. Those who have enjoyed the alchemy of Norton's other mind-bending tales should enjoy these!

Table of Contents:

  • Wizard's World - (1967) - novella
  • Through the Needle's Eye - shortstory
  • By a Hair - (1958) - shortstory
  • Ully the Piper - (1970) - shortstory
  • Toys of Tamisan - (1969) - novella

House of Shadows

Phyllis Miller
Andre Norton

Mike and Susan feel a mounting sense of urgency and terror as they try to protect their younger brother who seems threatened by an invisible and powerful force in a house that has long been in their family, on which there is supposedly a curse.

Huon of the Horn

Andre Norton

Huon, Duke of Bordeaux, never suspected that the evil Earl Amaury was busily plotting his downfall. So the young duke fell easily into Amaury's trap - tricked into slaying the Emperor Charlemagne's only son. The earl fed Charlemagne's wrath with lies, and the bewildered Huon found himself exiled from France. His only chance for redemption lay in the completion of four impossible tasks in the land of the deadly Saracens - a quest doomed to failure.

Huon now faced danger that would still the heart of the stoutest knight. First he had to win the aid of Oberon, King of the Elves. Only then could he hope to survive the dark peril of Babylon to take the greatest prize of all - beautiful Claramonde, daughter to the Emir!

But Amaury's deceit was still at work in Charlemagne's heart. Even if Huon could overcome all the hosts of Babylon, his greatest battle would still await...

Ice Crown

Andre Norton

Keli and Roane search for a legendary treasure that could destroy the powers-that-be on the planet Clio and free Clio's people, who have been implanted with false memories and conditioned to obey.

Iron Cage

Andre Norton

A young boy who has been in the care of a simple tribe of intelligent animals he calls "The People" has to decide between his loyalty to them and his need to be among his own kind.

Knave of Dreams

Andre Norton

Ramsay Kimble finds himself living in an alien world, the focus of a complex and dangerous political struggle, and only his ability to dream can help him triumph over his adversaries.

Merlin's Mirror

Andre Norton

Andre Norton brings to new life the legendary King Arthur and the wizard Merlin in the light of modern knowledge of a lost period of history and today's understanding of science and interplanetary communication. Yet, as in all Norton's wonder novels, this is a fabulous adventure in fantasy.

Here is Merlin, half star-born, gifted with the advice of an alien intelligence, given the task of renewing civilization and starting humanity again up the ladder to the stars. Here is Arthur, unaware of his stellar heritage, and here, too, is the Lady of the Lake, akin to Merlin in that she is also a listener to the music of the spheres and obedient to a celestial command post.

Moon Called

Andre Norton

Thora is the Chosen One. Pressed against her breast is the sacred jewel, possessing all the powers of the Moon. Makil is the Man of Pure Light, from the valley of enchantment and the swaying, sensual dance. In the golden scabbard at his side is the magical Sword of Lur.

Together they descend into an underground world of soulless machines and eternal night. High Priestess and Warrior, Jewel and Sword, they must join in blood and battle against the Dark Lord. To fail would mean the Holy Force would fail, and Thora and Makil would forever be entombed in the flesh of evil.

Moon Mirror

Andre Norton

Effortlessly spinning tales of adventure through the distant worlds of outer space and the inner worlds of dream and psychic experience, Andre Norton sends you on a breathtaking journey of the imagination in this collection of her finest works. Follow the path to Moon Mirror, and enter the shimmering lands that lay beyond.

Table of Contents:

  • How Many Miles to Babylon? - novelette
  • The Toymaker's Snuffbox - shortstory
  • Teddi - (1973) - novelette
  • Desirable Lakeside Residence - (1973) - novelette
  • The Long Night of Waiting - (1974) - shortstory
  • Through the Needle's Eye - (1970) - shortstory
  • One Spell Wizard - (1972) - shortstory
  • Outside - (1974) - novella
  • Moon Mirror - (1982) - shortstory

No Night Without Stars

Andre Norton

In a world nearly destroyed by a cataclysmic natural disaster, a young metalsmith leaves his own people to seek out some of the ancient skills and knowledge.

Operation Time Search

Andre Norton

Snooping around a top-secret government installation, photographer Ray Osborne stumbled across an experimental time field. Suddenly the familiar Ohio landscape disappeared and Ray found himself transported to a prehistoric world where the dread priest of Atlantis waged a war against the Sun-born of Mu. So while the scientist of the Twentieth Century worked desperately to draw him back to the present, Ray Osborne was recruited by the people of Mu to win a war that could change the course of history, and trap him in the past forever!

Perilous Dreams

Andre Norton


  • Toys of Tamisan
  • Ship of Mist
  • Get Out of My Dream
  • Nightmare

Renaissance Faire

Andre Norton
Jean Rabe

Fifteen original stories of Renaissance faire magic and mayhem by fantasy's finest.

From a master jeweler who unexpectedly gains a treasure beyond prince.

A musician suddenly able to work magic with his strings.

A Thief who picks the wrong mark-or perhaps the right one.

A policeman's encounter with Merlin and murder. Here are imaginative tales of enchantment certain to captivate both Faire-goers and fantasy fans alike.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Faire Game - essay by Jean Rabe and Andre Norton
  • Jewels Beyond Price - novelette by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • Diminished Chord - shortstory by Joe Haldeman
  • Splinter - novelette by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
  • Girolamo and Mistress Willendorf - shortstory by John Maddox Roberts
  • A Time for Steel - shortstory by Robert E. Vardeman
  • One Hot Day - shortstory by Stephen Gabriel
  • Wimpin' Wady - novelette by Jayge Carr
  • Brewed Fortune - novelette by Michael A. Stackpole
  • Marriage a la Modred - novelette by Esther M. Friesner
  • A Dance of Seven Vales - novelette by Rose Wolf
  • Moses' Miracles - novelette by Roberta Gellis
  • Grok - shortstory by Donald J. Bingle
  • Renaissance Fear - novelette by Stephen D. Sullivan
  • The Land of the Awful Shadow - novelette by Brian A. Hopkins
  • Faire Likeness - novelette by Andre Norton

Sea Siege

Andre Norton

The deadly war was over, but the seas of the world were infested with a terror that had only just begun.

Secret of the Lost Race

Andre Norton

Originally appeared in Ace Double D-381 (1959).

The Constellation of the Wolf was an area of the galaxy few spacemen wanted to visit, for its sparse worlds were home only to the outcasts of the civilized worlds. But now it had been learned that there was one among its runaway refugees who was more than just a misfit--one who was a definite danger to all humanity.

Seven Spells to Sunday

Andre Norton
Phyllis Miller

Two children receive messages in an old mailbox in a vacant lot and are plunged into the strangest week of their lives.

Star Gate

Andre Norton

Note: This has nothing to do with the Stargate Movie or any of it's spin-offs. This was published long before those stories were created.

When the Star Lords leave Gorth, Kincar's half-blood heritage makes him an outcast and he is forced to flee with them. Using a star gate, they travel not to another world, but a parallel version of their own - one with a darker history...

The Jekyll Legacy

Andre Norton
Robert Bloch

After arriving in England to claim her inheritance, Hester Jekyll, niece of Dr. Henry Jekyll, discovers she gets nothing, and suddenly her friends are untrustworthy and aloof. Hester becomes entangled in her uncle's mysterious past, and a series of brutal deaths cause her to wonder if London's seen the last of Dr. Jekyll--or Mr. Hyde.

The Many Worlds of Andre Norton (The Book of Andre Norton)

Andre Norton

How many millions of books have been sold and read with pleasure by science fiction readers is beyond anyone's guess. For quite without fanfare Andre Norton has become the favorite author in the pantheon of science fantasy writers. Norton's novels of time travel, of interstellar trade, of other dimensions, and of the fabulous Witch World, are constantly in print and always in demand - and so it with pride that this new book brings to the sf public Norton's rarest gems: novelettes and short stories unavailable elsewhere that comprise between themselves the whole strata of Norton's marvel cosmos. "The Book of Andre Norton" Contains, among others, "The Toads of Grimmerdale", "Long Live Lord Kor!", and five more classics, as well as special articles about and and a complete bibliography.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - (1974) - essay by Donald A. Wollheim
  • The Toads of Grimmerdale - (1973) - novella
  • London Bridge - (1973) - shortstory
  • On Writing Fantasy - (1971) - essay
  • Mousetrap - (1954) - shortstory
  • All Cats Are Gray - (1953) - shortstory
  • The Long Night of Waiting - (1974) - shortstory
  • The Gifts of Asti - (1948) - shortstory
  • Long Live Lord Kor! - (1970) - novella
  • Andre Norton: Loss of Faith - (1971) - essay by Rick Brooks
  • Norton Bibliography - (1974) - essay by Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt

The Monster's Legacy

Andre Norton

After an army approaches to take over the castle, Sarita, the child of the Countess, and one of the Earl's huntsmen flee to the forest for safety, hoping that the legend of Loden, a fearful monster, will keep the attackers away from them.

The People of the Crater

Andre Norton

A flight to a lost world of Antarctica. Garin Featherstone has been sent to explore a mysterious blue haze that was spotted in the polar region. There he discovers a lost civilization and a strange environment of vivid green lands, crimson tree trunks, and golden rivers. He must save Thrala of the light against the lizard men.

This is Andre Norton's first professional published story from 1947. Even the Grand Dame of science fiction had to have her first sale. And she shows her strengths in her first fantastic adventure story.

The White Jade Fox

Andre Norton

Saranna had heard rumors about Tiensin, the strange old mansion with its oriental treasures. She had heard it was haunted. Now with her own eyes she had seen it was true. The Macabre circle of small foxes ringing the dancer in the secret garden, the mysterious robed woman with a fox's face. Had Saranna realy seen them? Or had she dreamed it?

Saranna had gone to Tiensin under protest. Her spoiled young niece, Honora, had forced her to become a governess to her stepdaughter, Damaris. Never had Saranna encountered anyone as thoroughly evil as Honora. She was beautiful, and she could pull the wool over any man's eyes. But she could not deceive Saranna. Or Damaris, whom she was planning to cheat out of a huge inheritance. Even the handsome and trustworthy Gerrad Fowkes seemed to be taken with the deceitful young stepmother. Saranna knew now that the future held great danger for her and Damaris. She needed desperately to talk to someone. But there was no one. Except Gerrad Fowkes. Or was he too enamored of Honora to believe Saranna?

Three Hands for Scorpio

Andre Norton

Andre Norton, the celebrated author of Witch World and many other fantasy adventures, offers a new novel unique among her works, set in a realm not dissimilar to northern England in the sixteenth century: also, the Dismals of Northern Alabama are the model for part of the exotic setting.

Drucilla, Sabina, and Tamara, identical sisters born to Desmond, Earl of Skorpys, understand the price of being princesses in a realm bordered by fractious neighbors. For generations their land has been plagued by incursions, raiding parties, and more serious conflicts with Gurlyon, the land to their North. But when these three plucky young ladies are kidnapped as part of a plot to undermine their father's domain, they are taken to a mysterious realm where they experience terrors unlike anything they could imagine.

Their captors, fearing pursuit, thrust the princesses into a deep recess in a bizarre underworld called the Dismals. Once there, they must fend off hideous creatures, and a young man who claims to be lord of this dark, forbidding realm. Not sure whether he is friend or foe, they must depend on their wits, on each other, and on the mind-link that binds them together. Only thus can they escape the bizarre nether-realm they must roam in search of a way home.

Their travails test them in ways they cannot foresee, both physically and magically. Powerful forces work against them, but together they may yet escape, and help right the wrong that brought them to the strange realm in the first place.

Tiger Burning Bright

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Andre Norton
Mercedes Lackey

The House of the Tiger has skillfully ruled Merina in times of peace. But now the indomitable armies of the Emperor Balthasar stand poised to crush the vulnerable city/state. And in the enemy's midst is the gray mage Apolon - foul necromancer who serves the Dreadful Dark . . . and whose mission it is to satisfy his Master's terrible hungers with living souls, the Heart of a Goddess, and the blood of a Princess.

For Adele, aging Dowager Queen, for ruling Queen Lydana, and for Princess Shelyra, lithe, impetuous, ingenious Designated Daughter, the battle seems hopeless - for they possess no defense, save for their wiles and weapons of the spirit. But the Tiger is a cunning beast, not to be underestimated. And when cornered, she bares her teeth . . . and strikes.

Wheel of Stars

Andre Norton

She can see, but she cannot forestall... Gwennan Daggert, caught in an underworld of eternity, of hellish nightmares and beautiful dreams, of time and no time, must now fulfill the destiny she can no longer deny.

Tor Lyle, a mysterious man of an ancient family, is a force of evil in an unbreakable cycle of doom. They descend from the here and now into a struggle between good and evil older than Earth. Against an apocalyptic dream of disaster and a battle to save those who will inherit the Earth, these two forces must solve the mysteries of the stars and of eternal fate. Deep within them, they hold the keys that unlock the future, but they must first break the chain of terror and destruction.

Wizard's World

Andre Norton

Hugo Award nominated novelette. It originally appeared in If, June 1967. The story can also be found in the anthologies Witches (1984) edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh and A Magic Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (1998) edited by Margaret Weis. It is included in the collections High Sorcery (1970) and Wizards' Worlds (1989).

Wizards' Worlds

Andre Norton

This collection of thirteen captivating short stories and novellas samples the wide range of Nebula Grand Master Norton's work. The first six stories, set in the Witch World universe, depict mostly female protagonists coping with the aftermath of wars made even more devastating by the deployment of magic. "Toads of Grimmerdale" and "Changeling" recount the travails of Hertha, a noblewoman who is cast out into "drifts of ice-crusted snow" by her brother after she refuses to abort the fetus of a rapist. "Spider Silk" is what blind, former slave Dairine is taught to weave by male-hating giant arachnids. In the title novella, an Esper fleeing a lynch mob is carried into another world, where his kind rules--but even there he is different and must fight for survival. A dreamer who creates worlds for others finds her work, herself, and her client in grave danger in "Toys of Tamisan." "Mousetrap," the earliest story here, envisions a not-too-distant future in which mankind explores Mars but human nature remains the same.

Table of Contents:

  • Falcon Blood - (1979) - shortstory
  • The Toads of Grimmerdale - (1973) - novella
  • Changeling - (1980) - novelette
  • Spider Silk - (1976) - novelette
  • Sword of Unbelief - [Witch World Universe] - (1977) - novelette
  • Sand Sister - (1979) - novella
  • Toys of Tamisan - (1969) - novella
  • Wizards' Worlds - (1967) - novella
  • Mousetrap - (1954) - shortstory
  • Were-Wrath - (1984) - novelette
  • By a Hair - (1958) - shortstory
  • All Cats Are Gray - (1953) - shortstory
  • Swamp Dweller - (1985) - novelette

Yurth Burden

Andre Norton

The world of Zacar was wracked with storms and life there was hard. Yet tow races shared it with no love between them. The Raski were the first people, the Yurth the late comers.

This is the story of Elossa, the Yurth girl who followed the Call that every Yurth sensitive must follow when the time came. And this is the story of Stans, the Raski, who had to achieve manhood by blood rite against the hated Yurth.

This is a novel of a world where ancient injustice had been done and never righted, where brooding evil and age-old vengeance awaited peace-makers-- and of two who brought this terror down upon their own heads.

Beyond Earth's Gates / Daybreak--2250 A.D

Ace Double D-Series: Book 69

Andre Norton
Lewis Padgett
C. L. Moore

Beyond Earth's Gates


Under Eddie Burton's management the ambitious starlet Lorna Maxwell seemed headed for the top of Broadway's glamorous world of make-believe. And then she vanished - through a wall where there was no door. Eddie found himself plunging after her into a city beyond reality.

In that weird twin city to New York, Eddie became a hunted fugitive while his girl friend turned up as an ever-present face and all-pervading voice that awed and mystified the inhabitants. And Eddie learned that between him and return to his natural home stood her new manager, a mysterious figure who ruled by a tyrannical combination of super-scientific miracle and brute force.

Daybreak--2250 A.D

Two centuries after an atomic war on earth, a silver-haired mutant sets out on a dangerous search for a lost city of the ruined civilization.

The Last Planet / A Man Obsessed

Ace Double D-Series: Book 96

Andre Norton
Alan E. Nourse

The Last Planet is the first paperback edition of the novel originally (and subsequently) published as Star Rangers. A starship from a decaying Galactic empire, with a mixed human-alien crew, is exploring the outer fringes of the Milky Way. A crash-landing on an apparently empty planet marks the end of the voyage. With no hope of repairing the vessel, the surviving crewmen must plan their future, allot their resources, and explore all avenues for a new life on this world.

A Man Obsessed is the story of a vengeance hunt in a nightmarish future when all medical practice is firmly in the control of the Government. It's both a psychological tale of a man deteriorating from the effects of dedicating his life to a (perhaps) foolish pursuit of one man, and a not-so-pretty look at the ultimate results of a socialized medicine policy.

The Stars Are Ours! / Three Faces of Time

Ace Double D-Series: Book 121

Andre Norton
Sam Merwin, Jr.

The Stars Are Ours!

Dard Nordis grew up in a world that had been devastated by atomic catastrophe. The remnants of humanity had set up an iron dictatorship to hunt out and destroy the last free bands of scientists, hiding in mountains and caves. And the day came when Dard's secret laboratory home was raided - and he escaped by the skin of his teeth.

Where else could men go to keep the torch of liberty and knowlkedge burning? Dard's martyred brother had given him a key to that unknown haven, but how could dard learn to use it? Where were the engineers and their spaceships hidden?

Three Faces of Time

Elspeth Marriner, once an ace journalist, is now a Time Watcher working from the mysterious House of Many Worlds. On some parallel time-tracks, Earth's cultures lag thousands of years behind our own. On others, science is far in advance of ours. As a Watcher, Elspeth's job is to keep advanced Earths that had discovered the existence of their parallel sisters from invading and exploiting those that were less advanced. Now the Watchers have discovered that the power-hungry dictator of one far-advanced civilization, having devastated his own Earth, has already infiltrated a parallel Earth still in the age of the Roman Empire, and is seeking to conquer it! Though chariots roll through the streets, and men with swords guard the cities, flying tanks and atomic artillery are gathering in secret behind the walls!

The Crossroads of Time / Mankind on the Run

Ace Double D-Series: Book 164

Gordon R. Dickson
Andre Norton

The Crossroads of Time

Anothe instalment of Blake Walker's adventures on alternate Earths. Blake, a 1950s citizen of our own Earth is accidentally caught up in the chase for a telepathic psychopath who is looking for an alternate Earth to rule.

Mankind on the Run

Kil and Ellen Bruner were Class-A citizens, labelled as privileged and stable by the Key that every man, woman and child wore in the well-ordered world created after the Lucky War. Then Ellen vanished, and suddenly all Kil's privilege isn't enough to bring her back to him. The layers of intrigue he is able to unwrap show him only the beginning of a great plot against established society--a plot that somehow involves Ellen.

For the first time he feels doors closing around him, hears the official silence of the World Police, feels the great weight of authority's disapproval, and learns what it means to be a man alone. His desperate search for his wife will cost him everything he thought he believed in as he digs ever deeper into the ugly reality behind the façade of his world's peace and security, and finds himself at last.

Planet of No Return / Star Guard

Ace Double D-Series: Book 199

Andre Norton
Poul Anderson

Planet of No Return

For many years the starships of earth searched the heavens for places where men could live. Many planets were found, but always something was wrong: too hot; too cold; atmospheric contaminants; poisonous biochemistry; intelligent natives - something. At last a deep-space survey vessel has reported a planet that seems perfect, an uninhabited paradise where people can roam free. But the first Troas Expedition never returns. And now the crew of the De Gama must find out why or mankind will lose the stars forever.

Star Guard

Worlds and cons away are the adventures of Kana Karr, Swordsman Third Class, who goes to the planet Fronn with Yorke Horde in the 5th millenium A.D.-Terran figuring. Earth, or Terra, under a despotic and all powerful Central Control has developed a system of professional fighting men, which it sends out for needed patrol duty in other solar systems. For his first assignment Kana, who is one of these soldiers, is sent out as part of a patrol to quell an uprising between two humanoid factions on forbidding Fronn. The adventures that follow are protracted and typical of Andre Norton's well developed sets of fantastic circumstances and they result in Kang's initiation to the coterie of Terrans who are breaking away from Central Control and seeking freedom to pioneer on their own on other planets.

Star Born / A Planet for Texans

Ace Double D-Series: Book 299

Andre Norton
H. Beam Piper
John J. McGuire

Star Born

When Raf Kurbi's Terran spaceship burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra and was immediately made welcome by the natives of a once-mighty metropolis, Kurbal was unaware of three vital things:

One was that Astra already harbored an Earth colony--descended from refugees from the worl of the previous century.

Two was that these men and women were facing the greatest danger of their existence from a new outburst of inhuman fiends who had once tyrannized Astra.

Three was that the natives who were buying Kurbi's science know-how were those very fiends--and their intentions were implacably deadly for all humans, whether Earth born or STAR BORN.

A Planet for Texans

When the whole ornery state of Texas took off for a new planet more to their liking, New Texas was the result: a rough-and-tumble world where everyone packs a gun and it's legal to shoot politicians (if they deserve it)! But now these rugged and independent space pioneers are the targets of an expansive race of aliens. Is the Solar League's new ambassador tough enough to steer them back to Earth's embrace

One Against Herculum / Secret of the Lost Race

Ace Double D-Series: Book 381

Andre Norton
Jerry Sohl

One Against Herculum


Corruption was the rule of order on the domed planetary colony of Herculum. Earthman Alan Demuth, for instance, couldn't get the job he had rightfully qualified for without paying a kickback to the man he hated, Jack Bohannen. Alan thought he could simply report Jack's graft, until he learned none would listen.

There was one desperate recourse. Under provision of the law, Alan could ask for a crime license. His crime would be homicide, and the victim Jack Bohannen. The law gave him twenty-four hours to make good his murder.

Failure would mean Alan's death. Success would mean the clean-up of graft and dishonesty. But Alan never realized that in a graft-ridden society, even a license to kill is liable to prove a backfiring fraud!

Secret of the Lost Race

The Constellation of the Wolf was an area of the galaxy few spacemen wanted to visit, for its sparse worlds were home only to the outcasts of the civilized worlds. But now it had been learned that there was one among its runaway refugees who was more than just a misfit--one who was a definite danger to all humanity.

The Sioux Spaceman / And Then the Town Took Off

Ace Double D-Series: Book 437

Richard Wilson
Andre Norton

The Sioux Spaceman

Redskin raiders on the galactic rim.

Kade Whitehawk had two strikes against him in the Space Service. First, he had bungled his assignment on the planet Lodi. Second, he believed all creatures had a right to freedom and dignity - and having such opinions was strictly against the rules.

But when he ws assigned to Khot, he found the Ikkinni there - tortured yet defiant slaves of a vicious tyrant race.

Right then Kade swung the last pitch. For rules or no rules, THE SIOUX SPACEMAN knew that he had to help these strange creatures gain freedom... and that he alone, because of his Indian blood, had the key to win it for them.

And Then the Town Took Off

The town of Superior, Ohio was certainly living up to its name! In what was undoubtedly the most spectacular feat of the century, it simply picked itself up one night and rose two full miles above Earth!

Radio messages simply stated that Superior had seceded from Earth. But Don Cort, stranded on that rising town, was beginning to suspect that nothing was simple about Superior except its citizens. Calmly they accepted their rise in the world as being due to one of their local townspeople, a crackpot professor.

But after a couple of weeks of floating around, it began to be obvious that the professor had no idea how to get them down. So then it was up to Cort: either find a way to anchor Superior, or spend the rest of his days on the smallest - and nuttiest - planet in the galaxy!

Star Hunter / The Beast Master

Ace Double D-Series: Book 509

Andre Norton

Star Hunter

Somewhere on the jungle world of Jumala hid a man whose mind had been reconditioned with another's brain pattern. There was a fabulous reward out for him - and so began an other-worldly game of hide-and-seek, between a man who did not know his own powers and an interstellar safari that sought something no man had a right to find.

The Beast Master

Left homeless by the war that reduced Terra to a radioactive cinder, Hosteen Storm - Navaho commando and master of beasts - is drawn to the planet Arzor, to kill a man he has never met. On that dangerous frontier world, aliens and human colonists share the land in an uneasy truce. But something is upsetting the balance, and Storm is caught in the middle. He had thought the war was over - but was it?

Eye of the Monster / Sea Siege

Ace Double F-Series: Book 147

Andre Norton

Eye of the Monster

Rees Naper had never trusted the reptilian Ishkurians, in spite of the fact that many of the Terran colonists thought they had been wronged. His worst fears were realized when the Terran authorities decided to grant the Ishkurians self-government and withdrew their protective forces from the planet. It turned out that he was right - as soon as the last troops left the "crocs" went on a killing rampage.

Cut off from the remaining fortified outposts by miles of jungle and armies of crocs, Rees knew that his only chance for survival was to outwit the cunning reptiles. He had to learn to think like a croc, feel like a croc... and see through the eye of the monster!

Sea Siege

The worst had happened... or so the survivors of the nuclear holocaust thought. But on an island in the West Indies a small group of American Seabees, scientists and natives knew otherwise, knew that a horror more terrifying than any man had ever known had been unleashed in the seas -- and that no one could stop it...

Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet

Ace Double G-Series: Book 723

Andre Norton

Star Hunter

Somewhere on the jungle world of Jumala hid a man whose mind had been reconditioned with another's brain pattern. There was a fabulous reward out for him - and so began an other-worldly game of hide-and-seek, between a man who did not know his own powers and an interstellar safari that sought something no man had a right to find.

Voodoo Planet

Dane Thorson of the space-trader Solar Queen found himself embroiled in a desperate battle of minds between the rational science of the spaceways and the hypnotic witchcraft of the mental wizard that ruled the Voodoo Planet.

Quest Crosstime

Blake Walker / Crosstime: Book 1

Andre Norton

On an Earth exactly similar to ours geographically, but in which events of history and society took strangely different turns, Blake Walker found himself involved in a QUEST CROSSTIME.

Born in the Earth we know, Blake had become a citizen of that alternate world and thought himself trusted until the mysterious disappearance of his patron's daughters, the rebellion of the time-travel engineers, and the outburst of a plot to use the secret of time to loot a hundred unsuspecting worlds.

Blake's search through alternate Earths, his daring adventures with alien empires and hostile beings, all combine to make this one of Andre Norton's most unusual and exciting novels.

The Crossroads of Time

Blake Walker / Crosstime: Book 2

Andre Norton

Originally appeared in Ace Double D-164 in 1956.

Anothe instalment of Blake Walker's adventures on alternate Earths. Blake, a 1950s citizen of our own Earth is accidentally caught up in the chase for a telepathic psychopath who is looking for an alternate Earth to rule.

The Shadow of Albion

Carolus Rex: Book 1

Andre Norton
Rosemary Edghill

Thrust into a volatile world where King Henry IX rules over the English Empire, America never revolted, and Napoleon Bonaparte marches unchecked across Europe, is young Sarah Cunningham, ripped from our history by magic and the machinations of the dying Duchess of Roxbury.Magically coerced into believing she is Roxbury, Sarah finds herself caught up with the Duke of Wessex, the King's most trusted spy. A perilous adventure takes them into the black heart of Imperial France to rescue a missing princess before the last chance for peace dissolves and the world is left at the mercy of Napoleon.

Leopard in Exile

Carolus Rex: Book 2

Andre Norton
Rosemary Edghill

Under King Charles II, England's New World colonies are flourishing, as is France's colony Louisianne. Napolean is the dreaded Master of the European continent . . . And Sarah Cunningham, a woman from our own world, knows all too well what a difference this makes, for not long ago she was ripped from her life as a United States citizen in our history.

Sarah, now the Duchess of Wessex, journeys to North America with her new husband, the Duke--but this is no pleasure trip. The fate of the world--New and Old--rests on her saving her friend Meriel, rescuing Louis, rightful King of France, from the clutches of the Marquis de Sade, and finding the Holy Grail. But she and her beloved Duke are beset by perils that will test their strength and spirit to the utmost.

Catfantastic: Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales

Catfantastic: Book 1

Martin H. Greenberg
Andre Norton

Two of the biggest names in the fantasy field have put together a unique collection of fantastical cat tales for friends of furry felines. Cats work a special magic in these stories from the future, from the past, and from dimensions people never dream of.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Speaking of Cats - A Very Weighty Subject - essay by Andre Norton
  • The Gate of the Kittens - novelette by Wilanne Schneider Belden
  • The Damcat - novelette by Clare Bell
  • Borrowing Trouble - novelette by Elizabeth H. Boyer
  • Day of Discovery - shortstory by Blake Cahoon
  • Wart - shortstory by Jayge Carr
  • Yellow Eyes - novelette by Marylois Dunn
  • It Must Be Some Place - novelette by Donna Farley
  • The Dreaming Kind - novelette by C. S. Friedman
  • Trouble - novelette by P. M. Griffin
  • SKitty - shortstory by Mercedes Lackey
  • The Game of Cat and Rabbit - shortstory by Patricia Shaw Mathews
  • From the Diary of Hermione - shortstory by Ardath Mayhar
  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane, Its... Supercat! - shortstory by Ann Miller and Karen Elizabeth Rigley
  • Noble Warrior - novelette by Andre Norton
  • Bastet's Blessing - shortstory by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Catfantastic II

Catfantastic: Book 2

Andre Norton
Martin H. Greenberg

Pad along this paw print covered pathway to such fur-raising adventures as those of a noble Siamese out to defend its young mistress from evil, a bioengineered tabby who proves a diplomat beyond all human expectations, a wizard's hazardous encounter with his own familiar's kittens, and other imaginative escapades certain to capture the hearts of fantasy and cat lovers alike.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Andre Norton and Martin H. Greenberg
  • Bomber and the Bismarck - (1991) - novelette by Clare Bell
  • A Puma and a Panther - (1991) - shortstory by Wilanne Schneider Belden
  • The Last Gift - (1991) - novelette by Elizabeth H. Boyer
  • Papercut Luck - (1991) - shortstory by Patricia B. Cirone
  • Shado - (1991) - shortstory by Marylois Dunn
  • In Bastet's Service - (1991) - shortfiction by P. M. Griffin
  • Shadows - (1991) - shortfiction by Caralyn Inks
  • The Execution - (1991) - shortstory by A. R. Major
  • Hermione at Moon House - (1991) - shortstory by Ardath Mayhar
  • Quest of Souls - (1991) - shortfiction by Karen Elizabeth Rigley and Ann Miller
  • Ede's Earrings - (1991) - shortfiction by Sasha Miller
  • Clara's Cat - (1991) - shortfiction by Elizabeth Moon
  • Hob's Pot - (1991) - shortfiction by Andre Norton
  • The Queen's Cat's Tale - (1991) - shortfiction by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • The Keep-Shape Spell - (1991) - shortfiction by Mary H. Schaub
  • Of Age and Wisdom - (1991) - shortstory by Roger C. Schlobin
  • Critical Cats - novelette by Susan Shwartz
  • In Carnation - shortstory by Nancy Springer

Catfantastic III

Catfantastic: Book 3

Andre Norton
Martin H. Greenberg

Here are all-new tales about those magical, mysterious dominators of humankind: the cats! Return to the cats' hunting ground with this third collection of stories. Twenty fur-flying fantasies are sure to capture the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (1994) - essay by Andre Norton
  • A Woman of Her Word - (1994) - shortstory by Lee Barwood
  • A Tangled Tahitian Tail - (1994) - novelette by Clare Bell
  • Saxophone Joe and the Woman in Black - (1994) - shortstory by Charles de Lint
  • Teddy Cat - (1994) - shortstory by Marylois Dunn
  • Cat o' Nine Tales - (1994) - shortstory by Charles L. Fontenay
  • Partners - (1994) - shortstory by P. M. Griffin
  • ...But a Glove - (1994) - shortstory by John E. Johnston, III
  • Fear In Her Pocket - (1994) - shortstory by Caralyn Inks
  • A Tail of Two Skittys - (1994) - shortstory by Mercedes Lackey
  • Hermione as Spy - shortstory by Ardath Mayhar
  • Moon Scent - (1994) - shortstory by Lyn McConchie
  • Cat's World - (1994) - shortstory by Cynthia McQuillin
  • Snake Eyes - (1994) - shortstory by Ann Miller and Karen Elizabeth Rigley
  • One Too Many Cats - (1994) - shortstory by Sasha Miller
  • Noble Warrior Meets With a Ghost - (1994) - shortstory by Andre Norton
  • Connecticat - (1994) - shortstory by Elisabeth Waters and Raul S. Reyes
  • The Cat-Quest of Mu Mao the Magnificent - (1994) - shortstory by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • The Cat, the Wizards, and the Bedpost - (1994) - novelette by Mary H. Schaub
  • To Skein a Cat - (1994) - shortstory by Lawrence Schimel
  • Asking Mr. Bigelow - (1994) - shortstory by Susan Shwartz

Catfantastic IV

Catfantastic: Book 4

Andre Norton
Martin H. Greenberg

This latest volume of 17 new cat stories offers both familiar characters returning for further adventures as well as new furry friends to capture your heart. Meet wizards' four-footed helpers, who are often brighter than their so-called masters, a real cool cat who's the ultimate jazz connoisseur, and other terrific tabbies sure to make you purr with delight.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Andre Norton
  • The Last Answer - (1996) - shortfiction by Wilanne Schneider Belden
  • The Quincunx Solution - (1996) - shortfiction by Anne Braude
  • Circus - (1996) - shortfiction by Jayge Carr
  • Tybalt's Tale - (1996) - shortstory by India Edghill
  • The Tale of the Virtual Cat - (1996) - shortfiction by Heather Gladney and Don Clayton and Alan Rice Osborn
  • Arrows - (1996) - shortfiction by Jane Hamilton
  • Miss Hettie and Harlan - (1996) - shortfiction by Charles L. Fontenay
  • The Neighbor - (1996) - shortfiction by P. M. Griffin
  • Tinkerbell - (1996) - shortfiction by Sharman Horwood
  • SCat - (1996) - shortstory by Mercedes Lackey
  • Professor Purr's Guaranteed Allergy Cure - (1996) - shortfiction by Brad Linaweaver and Dana Fredsti
  • Noh Cat Afternoon - (1996) - shortfiction by Jane Lindskold
  • Totem Cat - (1996) - shortfiction by A. R. Major
  • Deathsong - (1996) - shortfiction by Lyn McConchie
  • Noble Warrior, Teller of Fortunes - (1996) - shortfiction by Andre Norton
  • Born Again - (1996) - shortfiction by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • The Cat, the Sorcerer, and the Magic Mirror - (1996) - shortfiction by Mary H. Schaub
  • One With Jazz - (1996) - shortfiction by Janet Pack

Catfantastic V

Catfantastic: Book 5

Andre Norton
Martin H. Greenberg

In these all-original stories, you'll meet the cats of the past, cats of the stars-wide future, cats who take power into their own paws, and cats who can face down Death itself. These are 24 tales certain to capture the hearts and imaginations of feline-lovers everywhere.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by Andre Norton
  • The Golden Cats - shortstory by Robin Wayne Bailey
  • Grow Old Along with Me - shortstory by Lee Barwood
  • Puss - novelette by Jayge Carr
  • Goliath - shortstory by Russell Davis
  • Dragon, The Book - shortstory by David Drake
  • The Courtesan Who Loved Cats - shortstory by India Edghill
  • The Maltese Feline - shortstory by Rosemary Edghill
  • A Cat's Tale - shortstory by Paul Goode
  • Tenth-Life Cat - shortstory by P. M. Griffin
  • Kindred Hearts - shortstory by Caralyn Inks
  • A Better Mousetrap - shortstory by Mercedes Lackey
  • The Big Ice - shortstory by Sharon Lee
  • Preliminary Report - shortstory by Barry B. Longyear
  • Lullaby - shortstory by Lyn McConchie
  • The Very Early Hermione - shortstory by Ardath Mayhar
  • Miss Lotte - shortstory by Sandra Miesel
  • Kitten Claws - shortstory by Sasha Miller
  • Noble Warrior and the "Gentleman" - shortstory by Andre Norton
  • The Cat, The Sorceress, The Buttons, and Why - shortstory by Mary H. Schaub
  • Hobson's Choice - shortstory by Susan Shwartz
  • Rosemary for Remembrance - shortstory by Estelle Traylor
  • Patches' Pride - shortstory by Laura J. Underwood
  • Trixie - shortstory by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • Pick, Cry, and Grin (Ag'in) - shortstory by Rose Wolf

Star Rangers

Central Control: Book 1

Andre Norton

Andre Norton's first science-fiction book, Star Man's Son, was hailed by experts as the best to date by an experienced author new to this medium. With her new book, Star Ranger, she proves again her mastery of the field.

Central Control, for years in supreme commange of the First GalacticEmpire, had fallen on corrupt and bitter days by 8054 A.D. And so when the crew of the Patrol ship Starfire found themselves wrecked on an unknown planet without hope of rescue, it was up to the Rangers -- those scouts whose business it was to explore and map new territory -- to establish a way of life for the survivors.

Led by Kartyr, they left the wreckage of their spaceship and struck out across the desert for the green country beyond. There they found a deserted city in such a state of preservation that all its complex mechanized devices could be operated once again.

How they battled almost to the death -- using not only blasters but mind control -- with a Vice-Sector Lord who wished to rule as dictator in this forgotten planet makes a top-flight novel os suspense.

Star Guard

Central Control: Book 2

Andre Norton

Worlds and cons away are the adventures of Kana Karr, Swordsman Third Class, who goes to the planet Fronn with Yorke Horde in the 5th millenium A.D.-Terran figuring. Earth, or Terra, under a despotic and all powerful Central Control has developed a system of professional fighting men, which it sends out for needed patrol duty in other solar systems. For his first assignment Kana, who is one of these soldiers, is sent out as part of a patrol to quell an uprising between two humanoid factions on forbidding Fronn. The adventures that follow are protracted and typical of Andre Norton's well developed sets of fantastic circumstances and they result in Kang's initiation to the coterie of Terrans who are breaking away from Central Control and seeking freedom to pioneer on their own on other planets.

The Game of Stars and Comets

Council / Confederation

Andre Norton

Danger in the Stars!

The birth of a hero is never easy. Clumsy as an elephant in high heels, he is nothing like his legendary scout father.

But inside that bull-moose-of-a-body lies the heart of a hero whose moment has arrived! Next, a boy survives alien invasion - but must learn to think and act like his reptilian enemy to exact retribution for slaughter! These and two other tales of coming-of-age-through-peril from the writer who invented the genre. Includes The X Factor, Voorloper, The Eye of the Monster, and The Sioux Spaceman--all set in Norton's "Council/Confederation" universe!

Table of Contents:

  • The Sioux Spaceman - (1960) - novel
  • Eye of the Monster - (1962) - novel
  • The X Factor - (1965) - novel
  • Voorloper - (1980) - novel

The Sioux Spaceman

Council / Confederation: Book 1

Andre Norton

Originally appeared in Ace Double D-437 (1960).

Redskin raiders on the galactic rim.

Kade Whitehawk had two strikes against him in the Space Service. First, he had bungled his assignment on the planet Lodi. Second, he believed all creatures had a right to freedom and dignity - and having such opinions was strictly against the rules.

But when he ws assigned to Khot, he found the Ikkinni there - tortured yet defiant slaves of a vicious tyrant race.

Right then Kade swung the last pitch. For rules or no rules, THE SIOUX SPACEMAN knew that he had to help these strange creatures gain freedom... and that he alone, because of his Indian blood, had the key to win it for them.

Eye of the Monster

Council / Confederation: Book 2

Andre Norton

Originally appeared in Ace Double F-147 (1962), later editions may be expanded.

Rees Naper had never trusted the reptilian Ishkurians, in spite of the fact that many of the Terran colonists thought they had been wronged. His worst fears were realized when the Terran authorities decided to grant the Ishkurians self-government and withdrew their protective forces from the planet. It turned out that he was right - as soon as the last troops left the "crocs" went on a killing rampage.

Cut off from the remaining fortified outposts by miles of jungle and armies of crocs, Rees knew that his only chance for survival was to outwit the cunning reptiles. He had to learn to think like a croc, feel like a croc... and see through the eye of the monster!

The X Factor

Council / Confederation: Book 3

Andre Norton

Diskan Fentress, mutant son of an interstellar explorer, felt himself out of place on the luxury worlds of civilized space. It was not until he stole a spaceship and a travel key to the unexplored planet Mimir that he first felt his latent powers to be of some worth.

For Mimir was a world of strange relics, of beasts that were more than beasts, and of a ruined city whose shadows bespoke a higher and weirder civilization than any the galaxy had yet discovered. It was to fall to Diskan's lot to meet head-on that ancient world's "X Factor," and to settle the fate of a planet with his reaction.


Council / Confederation: Book 4

Andre Norton

An embittered wanderer, his son, and a young girl with healing gifts explore the wastelands of a new planet, risking their lives to learn its horrible secret.

Masks of the Outcasts


Andre Norton

The planet Korwar was a glittering jewel of a world, inhabited by the galaxy's wealthiest, visited by the upper classes of other worlds in search of diversion. The jewel had a flaw: the Dipple, its name coming from a contraction of ''displaced person,'' where the misfits, the hopeless, the penniless eke out a wretched existence on the dole. Two young men hoped to escape from the Dipple:

Troy Horan was deported from his own planet after it lost an interstellar war. When he had a chance to work in an unusual pet shop, offering exotic creatures from other worlds to the wealthy, he though his luck had changed. But the owner was playing a dangerous game of intrigue, and when he was murdered Troy barely escaped with his own life. Aided only by telepathic animals from old Terra who had befriended him, he had no choice but to hide in ruins left behind by the now-vanished original inhabitants of Korwar; ruins which explorers had entered without returning....

Nik Kolherne had a face so cruelly scared and disfigured that he wore a mask to cover it. When he was recruited with a promise of being given a new face, a face which would make a young heir think he was someone else, he was uneasy, but accepted the offer. Then he found out that he was party to a kidnapping for more sinister purposes than he had been told, and he was the only hope of the young heir's survival--if the two of them could survive on a planet veiled in eternal night, swarming with dangerous predators....


Dipple: Book 1

Andre Norton

The big cat cried "danger!" Troy Horan heard it with his mind just as he had heard the fox's warning and the kinkajou's. He didn't understand how he could communicate with the animals or why they were contacting him. But from the moment he began work at Kyger's pet emporium on Korwar he was enmeshed in a perilous intrigue... an intrigue that would leave more than one man dead, an entire government in jeopardy, and Horan himself both master and captive of the most extraordinary band of warriors his world had ever known.

Night of Masks

Dipple: Book 2

Andre Norton

The story concerns Nik Kolherne, who aids in a kidnapping to win a new face to replace his scarred one. He gets his new face and fights to free the kidnapped boy -- and himself -- from the Thieves Guild. - The action ends with a rousing battle on a planet of outlaws.... It is a rattling good adventure story which should be relished by science-fiction buffs of all ages.

The Hands of Lyr

Five Senses: Book 1

Andre Norton

Alnosha, a young diviner who has studied with the last priestess of the goddess Lyr, must join forces with Kyrn, a High Born fleeing for his life, in an attempt to restore Lyr's greatness.

Mirror of Destiny

Five Senses: Book 2

Andre Norton

The king's lottery has determined that Twilla, a young orphaned apprentice of a renowned wise woman, must marry--for only the wedded can survive the terrible fate awaiting those who penetrate the primeval forest. Altered by a talisman of great power, she escapes her unwanted lot and joins a commander's tragically blinded son on a remarkable journey from peril to peril. For they are the chosen who must rescue the vanquished of an ancient war of magic's... and shape the destiny of a bloody, disputed land.

Scent of Magic

Five Senses: Book 3

Andre Norton

An orphaned child and captive scullery maid, young Willadene possesses an uncanny ability to sense and understand the magical odors that pervade her world. It is this remarkable talent--or curse--that carries her far from the fetid kitchen into an apprenticeship with a revered herbalist and ultimately to the highest circles of the Ducal court. But there is depravity lurking within the castle's walls, inspiring brazen treacheries and usurpations--and foul abduction as unthinkable as it is unexpected. And an innocent girl finds the heightened sense that has been her fortune is now drawing her down into a maelstrom of evil.

Wind in the Stone

Five Senses: Book 4

Andre Norton

A mage, seeking to enslave the Valley and destroy the Forest, has brutally sundered a family. A mother has fled into the woods with her infant girl-child, while the depraved sorcerer holds the babe's twin--a boy--captive in a black tower. The mother dies but the girl survives. Adopted by the strange denizens of the Forest--safe from the mage's malevolent influence--she grows to young womanhood, cultivating a cherished skill that has been denied the others of her kind: the ability to truly hear the sounds of her world. But her future will be fraught with trial and terror, for only she can smash the chains that shackle the Balley and its inhabitants. It is her destiny to confront sorcerer and demon minions, and to oppose the one she must conquer and free: the magician's protégé and her most powerful adversary. Her bane and blood. Her brother.

A Taste of Magic

Five Senses: Book 5

Andre Norton
Jean Rabe

"The Green Ones favored me this day."

Thus begins A Taste of Magic, the latest magical world creation by Andre Norton.

Wisteria is magically attuned to the world around her. Her senses relish the tastes of magic that the wonders of nature offer. But the peacefulness of her backwoods existence is shattered when her village is attacked by the raiding force of the bellicose Lord Purvis, who leaves only this twenty-something magic wielder and an adolescent lass as the inadvertent survivors.

Wisteria has pledged herself to a mission. Now she and her young ward must brave the wilds beyond their home in pursuit of the ravager who destroyed everyone near and dear to their hearts.

The woman with the Taste of Magic now has a taste for vengeance, and the blood oath she has pledged must be satisfied with the life of Lord Purvis.

Storm Over Warlock

Forerunner: Book 1

Andre Norton

The Throg force struck the Terran survey camp a few minutes after dawn, without warning, and with a deadly precision which argued that the aliens had fully reconnoitered and prepared that attack. A single cowering witness, flattened on a ledge in the heights above, knew that nothing human could possibly be left alive. Thus, Shann Lantee, most menial of the Terrans attached to that camp, was left alone and weaponless in the strange hostile world. Human prey for the aliens from space. But they were NOT the greatest menace on Warlock!

Ordeal in Otherwhere

Forerunner: Book 2

Andre Norton

A young girl who has been sold as a slave to a trader wishing to do business with the Wyverns who rule the planet Warlock soon finds herself not only in contact with these strange beings but also involved in a mysterious internecine struggle she does not understand.

Forerunner Foray

Forerunner: Book 3

Andre Norton

When a highly skilled sensitive, or mind reader, Ziantha is totally unprepared for her contact with the strange green stone which takes her out-of-body, and into the ancient Forerunner worlds of hidden treasures and wisdom. Andre Norton is the only woman ever awarded the SF Writers of America Grand Master Award.


Forerunner: Book 4

Andre Norton

Andre Norton was one of the best known writers of science fiction in the genre's history, and the subject of especially fervent loyalty and enthusiasm. One of her greatest triumphs is the Forerunner series, which has earned a place of legend among fans with such books as The Time Traders, Galactic Derelict, Sargasso of Space, and many more. Forerunner is the definitive novel in that series. It also holds a special place in the history of Tor, as it is the first book Tor ever published.

"Kuxortal has always been," Forerunner begins. This ancient port was established in the time of antiquity and has built and rebuilt itself on the ruins of former civilizations. Kuxortal is inhabited by a lowly race of Burrowers, who tunnel and excavate beneath the city's towers and sometimes discover artifacts from the past. Simsa is a Burrower who has spent her entire life in the service of an older, crippled mentor, Ferwar, who had reputedly rescued Simsa from a trash heap when she was an infant. Simsa, with her blue-black skin and platinum hair, clearly comes from different stock than the other Burrowers, but Ferwar never revealed her origin.

When scavengers attempt to loot the treasures that Ferwar had left behind, it becomes clear that Simsa must flee. Especially when they discover that the scavengers consider Simsa one of the treasures that they have come to steal....

Forerunner: The Second Venture

Forerunner: Book 5

Andre Norton

Sisma, the beggar whose mind held the ancient legacy of the Forerunners, had escaped her claw-and-fang life in the Burrows, with the off-planet Rangers. But the Rangers wanted her in captivity for study by historians.

So Sisma and Zass, her winged hunting zorsal, escaped again, taking a stolen lifeboat to an unknown world. A desert where shapeshifting creatures lurked beneath the sand, where Zass and Sisma's hunting skills, psychic powers, and strange link to the Elder One in Sisma's mind were their only survival weapons.

The Elvenbane

Halfblood Chronicles: Book 1

Andre Norton
Mercedes Lackey

Two masters of epic fantasy have combined in this brilliant collaboration to create a rousing tale of the sort that becomes an instant favorite. This is the story of Shana, a halfbreed born of the forbidden union of an Elvenlord father and a human mother. Her exiled mother dead, she was rescued and raised by dragons, a proud, ancient race who existed unbeknownst to elven or humankind. From birth, Shana was the embodiment of the Prophecy that the all-powerful Elvenlords feared. Her destiny is the enthralling adventure of a lifetime.


Halfblood Chronicles: Book 2

Andre Norton
Mercedes Lackey

The powerful magic of ruthless Elvenlord masters has for centuries rules the world. Even Shana, the legendary Elvenbane prophesied to deliver the oppressed into freedom, is helpless before such power. She and her ragtag band of outcasts, half-blood wizards, escaped human slaves, and free-thinking dragons have gained only a token victory against the mighty lords.

Only the long-forgotten Iron People, a band of human nomads, have escaped the tyranny of the reigning wizards. How have they survived through the centuries?

As the winds of change sweep the world, and as tensions seething beneath the surface of Elven society threaten to break into open revolt. Shana meets the ancient tribe. Could an age-old secret free Shana and her people...or will its discovery call down their doom.


Halfblood Chronicles: Book 3

Andre Norton
Mercedes Lackey

In this long-awaited new novel in The Halfblood Chronicles, fantasy greats Norton and Lackey tell the enthralling story of the reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian, who emerges as a hero in a world torn by politics and war. When his cousin, Aelmarkin, tries to prove that Kyrtian is unfit to run his estate, the plan backfires, and soon Kyrtian, who doesn't share the venal, greedy nature of his cousin, finds himself with more power than he ever wanted.

Like his father before him, Kyrtian has always treated the humans on his estate like servants, instead of enslaving them as other elvenlords do. His father's legacy also leads Kyrtian to learn ancient military skills long since lost to elvenkind through the carelessness of the elvenlords. Kyrtian's rediscovered knowledge piques the interest of the current elvenlords, and soon Kyrtian finds himself appointed the new commander of the army, to the relief of his ruling peers.

For the sons of the most powerful elvenlords, the Young Lords, have rebelled against their fathers and are waging war. But by taking advantage of both the privileges of his new command and the help of some unexpected new friends, Kyrtian finally gains the resources to embark on his own, personal quest--resuming his father's search for the Great Portal, the magical doorway through which the original elvenlords entered this world.

As war rages between some sons and fathers, Kyrtian searches desperately for his own lost father, hoping to uncover not only the mystery of his disappearance, but also the secret behind the origin of elvenkind.

Horn Crown

High Hallack: Book 1

Andre Norton

Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton's books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

When the Elder People deserted the Witch World, the cosmic Gate opened and human households migrated in. Though they found the land abandoned, the roads empty, and the shrines unattended, they soon became aware that the Old Gods still retained their dread powers.

Elron the Clanless and Gathea the Wise Woman were drawn unwillingly side by side into unexplored realms. Each had a separate quest, but their fates were linked by the unknown. Each sought an unholy alliance; each was in conflict with the other. Andre Norton has at last written the seminal Witch World novel--the book that tells of the first coming of mankind and sets the basis for the entire series. Horn Crown is truly the keystone arch of the Witch World legend.

Year of the Unicorn

High Hallack: Book 2

Andre Norton

The Were Riders wore the shape of men but they were not human.The price of their aid was thirteen beautiful maidens to be taken a brides. This is the story of one of them.

Spell of the Witch World

High Hallack: Book 3

Andre Norton

Their fates were bound by their mother's white magic - though darkness and battle strove to drive them apart...

It was in the year of the Fire Troll that the sea-raiders struck at High-Hallack and, promise-bound, its sons rose to the defense of their Dale. But where stood amongst their number a youth whom the Dalesmen had merely fostered: Elyn, born of Estcarp, whose birthright was the wisdom of the Wise. But Elyn of Estcarp was still young and, though a warrior impatient for battle, his unscarred sword had learnt little of the dark treacheries of war. In his most desperate hour of danger Elyn's stoutest weapon would prove his brave witch-sister Elys. Together witch and warrior would face perils beyond the laws of our everyday stars!

The Jargoon Pard

High Hallack: Book 4

Andre Norton

Companion volume to Crystal Gryphon. Kethan is given a belt with strange powers, whose clasp is a leopard head made from jargoon stone. Unable to take it off, Kethan becomes part man, part beast; a terrible confrontation between the powers of good and evil ensues.

Zarsthor's Bane

High Hallack: Book 5

Andre Norton

Zarsthor's Bane--it bound them all in a mystic web of ancient peril: the man whose madness drove him to seek it; the boy who followed him; the girl and her cat who crossed their path in the wild and lonely reaches of High Hallack; and the host of spirits waiting in lost An-Yak for the final confrontation of magic with magic, power with power...


High Hallack: Book 6

Andre Norton
A. C. Crispin

Eydrth is a Master Songsmith...who has no magic. She will do anything to save her father from the evil that has stolen his mind. But the paths to the magic of the Witch World are many--and to save the ones you love, the truest magic must come from the heart...

Andre Norton has been called "one of the most popular writers of our time" (Publishers Weekly) and has for over twenty-five years enchanted readers with the most famous and popular of her works: the enthralling Witch World. With bestseller A.C. Crispin, Norton has woven an eternal love story, filled with magic and wonder. Songsmith is the novel that Witch World fans have been waiting for--a shining jewel in the Witch World cosmos.

The Beast Master

Hosteen Storm / Beast Master: Book 1

Andre Norton

Left homeless by the war that reduced Terra to a radioactive cinder, Hosteen Storm - Navaho commando and master of beasts - is drawn to the planet Arzor, to kill a man he has never met. On that dangerous frontier world, aliens and human colonists share the land in an uneasy truce. But something is upsetting the balance, and Storm is caught in the middle. He had thought the war was over - but was it?

Lord of Thunder

Hosteen Storm / Beast Master: Book 2

Andre Norton

Storm's beast master skills and animal partners are needed to unravel the mystery behind a huge gathering of indigenous Norbies. Only Storm and Logan Quade can penetrate the Norbie's clan secrets and discover what is behind the threat of an uprising that could destroy the tenuous peace between the colonists and the aliens who share the planet.

Beast Master's Ark

Hosteen Storm / Beast Master: Book 3

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

A Grand new Beast Master adventure...


More than thirty years ago in Beast Master and Lord of Thunder, Andre Norton created a memorable character, Hosteen Storm. A Native American soldier for Earth, he barely escaped his doomed home world when the Xic destroyed it. Armed with his soldier's skills, his ancestors' insights, and an uncanny ability to communicate mind-to-mind with animals, Storm is a hero unlike any other in science fiction.

Now, science fiction Grand Master Andre Norton has teamed up with Lyn McConchie to pit Storm against his most dangerous enemy yet: Death-which-Comes-in-the-Night.

It is silent. It leaves no tracks. The only evidence that remains is the perfectly cleaned bones of its victims. And it has developed a taste for humans.

No one has survived an attack yet, and the natives of Storm's adopted planet, Arzor, are moving in on human territory as they try to escape the silent scourge. The already high tensions between Humans and Natives soar, sparking a race against time as Storm attempts to solve the mystery of Death-which-comes-in-the-Night before Humans and Natives clash.

But he can't do it without help from Tani, a genetic engineer from the Ark, a ship traveling space with genetic material from across the galaxy, including the destroyed Earth. But Tani has been poisoned against Beast Masters by her mother. She must conquer her own unreasoning hatred, and awaken the powerful Beast Master in herself, before she and Storm can conquer Death-which-Comes-in-the-Night and uncover the great conspiracy that threatens not only Arzor, but all human-occupied planets.

Beast Master's Circus

Hosteen Storm / Beast Master: Book 4

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

Someone is kidnapping the animals of beast masters' teams. On planet after planet, telepathically gifted people are being attacked-some of them murdered-by a conspiracy to take their precious animals.

Laris, an orphan who trains exotic alien creatures for an interstellar circus, knows that somehow her employer is connected to the deadly plot. She also knows that those involved will kill her if she talks.

Beast master Hosteen Storm has heard about the plot, but when the circus comes to Arzor, he doesn't realize his mortal peril. The circus, with its many colorful acts, is danger cloaked in the swirling excitement of the show. Laris loves all animals, and is herself able to communicate with them. When she meets Hosteen and becomes friends with him and his family, she desperately wants to warn him, to save him and his animals. But as the circus nears the end of its stay on Arzor, the deadly plotters prepare to strike at those Laris cares about... and at her, if she interferes!

Beast Master's Quest

Hosteen Storm / Beast Master: Book 5

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

Laris is a young orphaned ex-refugee gifted with the beast master ability allowing her to communicate with animals. Her closest companion is a remarkably intelligent and mysterious cat-like creature named Prauo, whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Laris, having made a home for herself with the Quades, a family of Arzor ranchers, also has become friends with beast masters Tani and Hosteen Storm, who help her develop her beast master skills.

When Laris inherits a spaceship from a distant relative, she realizes that she might now fulfill her dream of finding Prauo's home planet. But it won't be easy, and she is relieved when she is able to convince her new extended family to embark with her on a journey into the unknown depths of space.

What Laris and her friends find in space, however, tests their beast master abilities and threatens their lives. Prauo's homeworld is beset by dangers the intrepid travelers could not have anticipated. It will take all of their talents and experience to get back to Arzor alive.

Imperial Lady

Imperial Lady: Book 1

Andre Norton
Susan Shwartz

With Imperial Lady, based on the life of a real historical princess of the Han dynasty and mixed with Chinese legendry andry, Andre Norton (a Grand Master of Fantasy) joins with Susan Shwartz to create a stirring, romantic, and unforgettable tale.

Empire of the Eagle

Imperial Lady: Book 2

Andre Norton
Susan Shwartz

When Rome's might is crushed at the battle of Carrhae, the tribune Quintus can only watch in horror as the golden Eagles of Rome, symbols of everything he believes to be just, are dragged through the mud. Vowing vengeance, Quintus travels east into the mists of myth and legend, where visions of magic no Roman has ever seen astound him. And where he learns the secrets of barbarian magic that will help him win back the Empire of the Eagle

Magic in Ithkar

Ithkar: Book 1

Andre Norton
Robert Adams


  • Prologue by Robert Adams
  • The Goblinry of Ais by Lin Carter
  • To Take a Thief by C. J. Cherryh
  • Jezeri and Her Beast Go to the Fair and Find More Excitement Than They Want by Jo Clayton
  • Fletcher Found by Morgan Llywelyn
  • Well Met in Ithkar by Patricia Mathews
  • Esmene's Eyes by Ardath Mayhar
  • Swamp Dweller by Andre Norton
  • Qazia and a Ferret-Fetch by Judith Sampson
  • For Lovers Only by Roger C. Schlobin
  • Dragon's Horn by J. W. Schutz
  • Homecoming by Susan M. Shwartz
  • The Prince Out of the Past by Nancy Springer
  • Cold Spell by Elisabeth Waters
  • Biographical Notes by Andre Norton

Magic in Ithkar 2

Ithkar: Book 2

Andre Norton
Robert Adams


  • Prologue by Robert Adams
  • Flux of Fortune by Mildred Downey Broxon
  • Geydelle's Protective by Lin Carter
  • If There Be Magic by Marylois Dunn
  • Babes on Bawd Way by George Alec Effinger
  • Sardofa's Horseshoes by Gregory Frost
  • The Ruby Wand of Asrazel by Joseph Green
  • Bird of Paradise by Linda Haldeman
  • Flaming-Arrow by R. A. Lafferty
  • The Shaman Flute by Shariann Lewitt
  • Shadow Quest by Brad Linaweaver
  • Kissmeowt and the Healing Friar by A. R. Major
  • The Cards of Eldrianza by Mary H. Schaub
  • The Marbled Horn by Lynn Ward
  • Biographical Notes by Andre Norton

Magic in Ithkar 3

Ithkar: Book 3

Andre Norton
Robert Adams


  • Prologue by Robert Adams
  • Three Knives in Ithkar by Gareth Bloodwine
  • Were-Sisters by Ann R. Brown
  • The Magic Carpet by James Clark
  • The Amiable Assassin by A. C. Crispin
  • Guardians of the Secret by Ginger Curry and Monika Conroy
  • The Beggar and His Cat by Gene DeWeese
  • Flarrin Red-chin M. Coleman Easton
  • Covenant by P. M. Griffin
  • What Little Girls Are Made Of by Tanya Huff (as by T. S. Huff)
  • Eyes of the Seer by Caralyn Inks and Georgia Miller
  • Fiddler Fair by Mercedes Lackey
  • The Silverlord by Morgan Llywelyn
  • SunDark in Ithkar by S. Lee Rouland
  • Hair's Breath by Susan Shwartz
  • The Singing Eggs by Kiel Stuart
  • Biographical Notes

Magic in Ithkar 4

Ithkar: Book 4

Andre Norton
Robert Adams


  • Prologue by Robert Adams
  • Demon Luck by Craig Shaw Gardner
  • The Talisman by Timothy Zahn
  • Cat and Muse by Rose Wolf
  • Day of Strange Fortune by Carol Severance
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by Claudia Peck
  • The Demon's Gift by Kathleen O'Malley
  • The Book-Healer by Sandra Miesel
  • Trave by Shirley Meier
  • To Trap a Demon by Ardath Mayhar
  • Mandrake by Caralyn Inks
  • A Quiet Day at the Fair by Sharon Green
  • Honeycomb by Esther M. Friesner
  • First Do No Harm by Mildred Downey Broxon
  • The Clockwork Woman by Ann R. Brown
  • Biographical Notes by Robert Adams



Andre Norton


Impoverished and without hope, Naill Renfro sells himself into indentured servitude, and is transported across the galaxy to the far-off jungle world of Janus. Naill hopes to work off his debt and begin his life again. But the harsh masters of Janus are destroying the priceless treasures of the planet's ancient culture--and when Naill, entranced by the beauty of an alien artifact, is caught trying to hide it, he is exiled and left to die in the jungle.

But Naill inexplicably begins to remember another life, in another time--a time when he was not human, but something else-, a native of this world, in the days before its civilization fell. And he is not the only one.... Embarking on a quest to find his alien heritage, Naill will discover the mysterious source of his strange new memory, and the fate of the others of his kind. And when he does, he will defend his newfound people against the human and alien invaders despoiling their world!

Judgment on Janus

Janus: Book 1

Andre Norton

Naill Renfro and his mother were just two members of the flostom that had washed up in the Dipple, the vast refugee camp on Korwar that had taken in the dispossessed of the destroyed worlds, then forgotten about them.

In order to buy his mother the drugs she required end her days in oblivion, if not peace, Naill sold the last thing of worth he had left; himself. He knew the planet Janus would not be a pleasant world, else there would have been no need for indentured labour. But both the service and the planet are living hells, right up to the time Naill found a pretty tangled in the roots of a felled forest giant.

Then he found the true meaning of hell as a disease overwhelmed him, leaving the Garthmen to abandon him to a strange fate as he is transformed into a new form: green skinned Ayyar of Iftcan, a civilisation that had died more years ago than either Naill or Ayyar cared to think of.

Victory on Janus

Janus: Book 2

Andre Norton

The planet Janus was covered in tall jungles and those that were trying to remake the planet in their image found that they needed labourers to help make the world theirs. Unfortunately, there was little to attract those who had other options, so they had to resort to indentured labourers, slaves in all but name. Nor were the labourers treated well. Worked hard when well and abandoned when ill

But Janus had secrets from long dead civilisations and mankind should tred carefully on its new homeworld.

Search for the Star Stones

Jern Murdoc

Andre Norton

Murdoc Jern's father, an interstellar gem trader, was murdered by outlaw competitors and left behind an odd ring, large enough to fit over the finger of a space suit. With his companion Eet, a strange feline mutant with phenomenal mental powers, he soon discovered that the stone in the ring was actually a Zero Stone--an alien device left behind by an ancient vanished race--and it was the key to powers beyond human imagination.

Murdoc and Eet had to solve the secret of the Zero Stone, and very quickly, because very greedy and dangerous people wanted that ring, and wouldn't hesitate at a second murder to obtain it.

Publisher's Note: Search for the Star Stones was originally published in parts as The Zero Stone and its sequel Uncharted Stars. This is the first time both novels have appeared in one volume.

The Zero Stone

Jern Murdoc: Book 1

Andre Norton

A mysterious stone, born of worlds long extinct, is the key to powers unimaginable to man- powers that could enable its owners to control the universe. Murdoc Jern, gem trader, finds that possession of the stone has led him to the center of a web of intrigue and murder. With his companion Eet, an inscrutable feline mutant with phenomenal ESP powers, he is hunted through space, coming finally to a long forgotten planet inhabited by apelike "sniffers." There, facing the predatory sniffers, the antagonistic Patrol and the laser-guns of the Thieves' Guild, Murdoc must seek the source of the Zero Stone and bargain for his rights to pursue his destiny as a free man.

Uncharted Stars

Jern Murdoc: Book 2

Andre Norton

With the mutant Eet, Murdoc continues searching for the secret of his legacy, the zero stone, trying to find the star map which will disclose the truth about the stone and Eet's origin.

The Mark of the Cat

Mark of the Cat: Book 1

Andre Norton

In the five queendoms, the kotti is a sacred animal, believed to possess magical powers. To young Hynkkel, the kotti Mieu is his treasured companion, his friend, his kin... until she is cruelly taken from him in a drunken rage by his violent brother, leaving Hynkkel's heart as barren as the deserts of his homeland.

Commanded by his father to Solo - to travel into the unknown in a test of survival - Hynkkel sets out with little more than the red-gold sandcat pendant, bestowed upon him by a woman, worn around his neck as a reminder of his loss. He begins his journey with nothing...

But his trek will bring him to a cave where he will enter the secret world of the cat...

And to a trial that will mark his destiny.

Mark of the Cat / Year of the Rat

Mark of the Cat: Book 2

Andre Norton

The 'Outer Regions' were created by the artist Karen Kuykendall, whose book of paintings, The Cat People, and her justly famous Tarot cards immortalized these fantastic lands and peoples. There exists among Ms. Kuykendall's records a complete "Travelers' Report" upon which this book is based."-Andre Norton, from her introduction to Mark of the Cat/Year of the Rat In Mark of the Cat multiple award-winning Andre Norton presents a novel of magic and adventure-the unforgettable story of a boy's journey of discovery, from trial to triumph. Hynkkel, commanded by his father to travel into the unknown in a test of survival, starts out with almost nothing, but the red-gold sandcat pendent worn around his neck as a reminder of his killed cat. His trek will bring him to a cave where he will enter the secret world of the cat... to a trial that will mark his destiny. In Year of the Rat, Andre's never before published sequel to Mark of the Cat, we find the natural water sources of the five queendoms of the Outer Region drying up. Hynkkel, not fully recovered from his previous trials, must now find a way to stop this loss and recover the missing water. For in a desert climate, water is the key of life. To do so he must first find out who, or what, is causing the water loss and where it is going. When he and Murri, his sandcat, set out on their journey they make another, even more startling, discovery. A being of ancient evil has returned and along with it has brought the desert rats, hoards and hoards of deadly desert rats, bent on one thing-to destroy the queendoms one by one. Can Hynkkel both find the missing water and stop the rats before all succumb to The Year of the Rat?

Moon of Three Rings

Moon Singer: Book 1

Andre Norton

At the time of the Moon of Three Rings, the galactic trade ship Lydis lands on the planet Yiktor. On Yiktor, Krip Vorland, a junior crew member, seeks amusement at the beast show. He is strangely attracted to the owner of the show animals, a delicate and mysterious woman, Maelen. When Vorland is kidnapped by a Combine seeking to control the planet, he learns too well the nature of Maelen's sorcery; she transforms him into a wolfish creature, in which form he retains his own soul.

Between them -- Krip and Maelen -- they spin an eerie tale of dreams and visions, of metamorphoses and extra-sensory perception, of timelessness and limitlessness.

The primitive world of Yiktor, evoked from myth and legend and ingeniously fused with the future, will be entered most receptively by readers acquainted with medieval heroes and mysticism. Even the singing prose rings with the cadence of legendary literature.

Exiles of the Stars

Moon Singer: Book 2

Andre Norton

The Free Trader starship Lydis appears to be making an ordinary run to the planet Thoth, carrying incense for the great temples of Kartum. And so she is - until a civil war lands her in the middle of a battle of ancient powers and nameless evil, with a Forerunner treasure at its heart.

Flight in Yiktor

Moon Singer: Book 3

Andre Norton

A psychic sorceress, a telepathic adventurer, and deformed ex-slave use their extrasensory powers to stop an intergalactic organization of thieves from looting the planets.

Dare to Go A-Hunting

Moon Singer: Book 4

Andre Norton

Krip Voreland, interplanetary Free Trader, Maelen, sorceress of the Moon of Three Rings, and Farree, an orphan with iridescent wings, search for the mystery of Farree's ancestry, the secret of this race of winged people known as the Little People and their well-guarded treasure.

Star Flight

Pax / Astra

Andre Norton


The Stars are Ours: Dard Nordis is a hunted man. His brother was murdered for covert activities as a scientist in a world in which scientists and engineers are blamed for the global war that smashed civilization. The global dictatorship of Pax has ordered their execution. Now he is on the run, trying to find the secret stronghold of his brother's friends and colleagues--a hidden place where the few remaining scientists are desperately building a spaceship to escape to the stars.

Star Born. Centuries after the desperate flight from Earth, Pax has been overthrown and humanity again reaches for the stars. Rof Kurbi's spaceship reaches the planet Astra, but he and the crew do not know that the planet already has a colony established centuries ago by the fugitive humans from Earth. Nor do they know that the apparently friendly natives of the planet are actually the malevolent remnants of a corrupt civilization that all but destroyed itself millennia ago--and that they are plot-ting to eliminate all humans from Astra, both the recent arrivals and the star born colonists.

The Stars are Ours!

Pax / Astra: Book 1

Andre Norton

The Stars are Ours! describes the first interstellar voyage, undertaken to escape the tyranny that rules the Earth.

Star Born

Pax / Astra: Book 2

Andre Norton

When Raf Kurbi's Terran spaceship burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra and was immediately made welcome by the natives of a once-mighty metropolis, Kurbal was unaware of three vital things:

One was that Astra already harbored an Earth colony—descended from refugees from the worl of the previous century.

Two was that these men and women were facing the greatest danger of their existence from a new outburst of inhuman fiends who had once tyrannized Astra.

Three was that the natives who were buying Kurbi's science know-how were those very fiends—and their intentions were implacably deadly for all humans, whether Earth born or STAR BORN.

Gods and Androids


Andre Norton

Was Andas an android - or the rightful Emperor, held prisoner on a distant planet while an android impersonated him on the Empire's throne world? Was Tallhasseee Mitford a modern archaeologist suffering from strange delusions, or has an ancient Egyptian ankh somehow hurled her personality far back in the mists of time to a Nubian kingdom where she is now a warrior princess named Ashake, caught up in a struggle between the gods of Egypt? Two very different heroes in the grip of forces beyond control, beyond comprehension, both destined to be the only hope of doomed civilisations...

This is the omnibus edition of the two books in the Psychocrat duology, Android at Arms and Wraiths of Time.

Android At Arms

Psychocrat: Book 1

Andre Norton

Awaking from a mind-frozen state, Andas Kastor must discover if he is the rightful human Emperor of Inyanga or an evil android double.

Wraiths of Time

Psychocrat: Book 2

Andre Norton

Hurtled through space and time into the ancient Nubian kingdom of Meroe, a museum expert in African archaeology finds she must play a key role in preserving their civilization from evil power-seekers.

Quag Keep

Quag Keep: Book 1

Andre Norton

Quag Keep was the first novel based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons (Greyhawk edition) by the legendary grand mistress of SF/Fantasy, Andre Norton.

Once, they were role-playing gamers in our world. They came from different places and different backgrounds. Now they're summoned together by some magical force... to a land that mirrors the games they used to play.

Quag Keep. Can they band together to unlock the secret of their summoning--and rescue from the legendary Quag Keep the person who may be able to return them home?

Return to Quag Keep

Quag Keep: Book 2

Andre Norton
Jean Rabe

Many people might not know that Andre Norton wrote the first novel based in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe. That book was Quag Keep, a tale of magically transported gamers trying to survive in the fantasy realm that has become all too real for them. Now Andre, with role-playing icon Jean Rabe, has returned their story.

In The Return to Quag Keep these brave adventurers try to unlock the secrets of this magical world and maybe even return home to ours. Filled with classic dungeon crawls, mysterious wizards, and attacking dragons, The Return to Quag Keep is a must for all role-playing fans as well as seminal Andre Norton fans.

Sargasso of Space

Solar Queen: Book 1

Andre Norton

Almost half a century ago, renowned science fiction and fantasy author Andre Norton introduced apprentice cargo master Dane Thorson in Sargasso of Space and Plague Ship.

Dane signed on with the independent cargo ship Solar Queen looking for a career in off-world trade.

In Sargasso of Space, the Solar Queen free traders win exclusive rights to trade with the planet Limbo, but the crew arrives to find most of the planet's surface charred, with little signs of life. They find a valley with life, but others may still lurk. Worse yet, a strange force threatens to cripple the Queen. They must solve the planet's mysteries if they hope to escape not only with tradeable goods, but their lives.

Plague Ship

Solar Queen: Book 2

Andre Norton

This Andre Norton novel is the second of the adventures of young merchant traveller Dane Thorsen after her work Sargasso of Space. An expedition to another planet is also anything but routine: the locals are hard to deal with, and the consequences of leaving, are worse.

Lured by its exotic gems, the space trader Solar Queen lands on the little-known planet of Sargol, only to find the ruthless Inter-Solar Company there ahead of them. Adapting quickly to the culture of Sargol’s feline inhabitants, the crew of the Queen beat out their rivals and successfully make a deal with the natives. But soon after takeoff, the Queen’s crew is stricken with a plague, and they are now banned from landing on any inhabited planet. Will the Queen’s crew save themselves, or be condemned to drift forever through space?

Voodoo Planet

Solar Queen: Book 3

Andre Norton

Dane Thorson of the space-trader Solar Queen found himself embroiled in a desperate battle of minds between the rational science of the spaceways and the hypnotic witchcraft of the mental wizard that ruled the Voodoo Planet.

Postmarked the Stars

Solar Queen: Book 4

Andre Norton

Trouble started early for the free-trader Solar Queen the moment cargo-master Dane Thorson collected a package for transit from Xecho to Trewsworld. What was in the package Dane did not learn until after he had been kidnapped, knocked out, and a dead man bearing his credentials had been substituted for him aboard the ship.

Redline the Stars

Solar Queen: Book 5

Andre Norton
P. M. Griffin

It's been more than twenty years since the last Solar Queen novel was published. Memorable adventures like Sargasso of Space took the crew of the small interstellar trade ship across the rim of the galaxy in search of valuable cargo and profitable new markets.

Business wasn't easy for small independents like the Solar Queen, but it kept Captain Jellico and his crew busy enough to keep the ship viable - and along the way, their adventures have entertained science fiction readers for decades. No matter how perilous their voyages are, the crew has always survived, even Dane Thorson, the Cargo apprentice who seemed to bring his own luck to the ship. And now there's another new crew member: Rael Cofort, half-sister of one of the Queen's chief competitors. Attractive and competent, she just wanted passage to the new port of call, Canuche, in the Halios system. But what seems a simple run becomes a doubly dangerous mission as first a plague of rats and then an explosive crisis on the planetary star docks threaten to end the days of the Solar Queen and wipe out the population of Canuche's capital as well. It's do-or-die time for the Solar Queen... and her mysterious new crew member!

Derelict for Trade

Solar Queen: Book 6

Andre Norton
Sherwood Smith

Stumbling upon an abandoned ship, Captain Jellico and the crew of the Solar Queen seize the prize and claim the right to salvage the derelict vessel, only to become the targets of a secret alien hijacking ring out to sabotage their claim.

A Mind for Trade

Solar Queen: Book 7

Andre Norton
Sherwood Smith

The "Solar Queen" and its new sister ship, "North Star," have embarked on a mission to a planet rich in lucrative ore. Armed with their experience on the galactic rim, the independent traders descend to the surface to discover a bizarre set of dangers. A strange electromagnetic force is killing miners stranded from the former crew of the "North Star." Weather is terrible, with enormous disturbances throughout the atmosphere of the entire planet. Dane Thorson and the rest of the embattled crew use all of their traders' ingenuity to untangle the mystery of Hesprid IV's deadly lifeforms. Finally, they take a desperate gamble to communicate with the planet's creatures - their last chance to survive the planet's many perils.

Star Ka'at

Star Ka'at: Book 1

Andre Norton
Dorothy Madlee

Two intriguing stray cats communicate with Jim and Elly Mae, convincing them that the cats are aliens from another planet.

Star Ka'at World

Star Ka'at: Book 2

Andre Norton
Dorothy Madlee

Two human orphans expand their relationship with a super race of cats and travel to their world where they soon feel more like prisoners than guests.

Star Ka'ats and the Plant People

Star Ka'at: Book 3

Andre Norton
Dorothy Madlee

Follows the adventures of two children and a super race of cats as they rescue a group of plant people.

Star Ka'ats and the Winged Warriors

Star Ka'at: Book 4

Andre Norton
Dorothy Madlee

The Star Ka'ats make an interplanetary journey to another ka'at colony where life forms have grown to monstrous proportions and nearly exterminated the ka'at colonists.

Tales From High Hallack - The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton, Volume: 1

The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton: Book 1

Andre Norton

For the first time, the Grand Dame of science fiction — Andre Norton — has her short stories gathered for her fans' reading pleasure. Tales reach back to the 1930s, as fresh and relevant today as they were when she wrote them... such was Andre's skill. High fantasy, fables, science fiction, coming of age stories, and more fill three volumes. This impressive, must-have collection includes stories of Witch World. There are cats sprinkled here and there, as Andre treasured them so. And there is magic in the writing, unequaled prose to delight readers of all ages.

High Hallack was a place in Andre's fiction, and was also the name of her genre writer's library she opened in Tennessee. It is a wondrous keep that she called home, and now High Hallack opens its gates and allows these amazing stories to tumble out.

Lose yourself in her enchanted words, and read them again and again.

Tales From High Hallack - The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton, Volume: 2

The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton: Book 2

Andre Norton

In the second volume of High Hallack, tales of high fantasy, science fiction and coming of age stories reach back to as far as 1943, yet are still as fresh and relevant today as when they were written. High Hallack was a place in Andre Norton's fiction, and was also the name of her genre writer's library she opened in Tennessee. It is a wonderous keep that she called home, and now High Hallack opens its gates and allows these amazing stories to unfold.

To the King a Daughter

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: Book 1

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller

To the King a Daughter begins the cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: the four powers of the world who have been warring for centuries. The Clan of Ash is slowly dying, their totem tree in the sacred square withering away to nothing. There is a prophecy that a daughter of Ash will rise again, but none have survived the mass killings, thereby rendering the prophecy unfillable.

But deep in the swamps, in the care of the witch-healer all need and all fear, there is a young girl-woman who can not be the witch's daughter; a girl who, in fact, by virtue of her beauty and elegance and simmering power, can only be a Daughter of Ash, the one who will rise to fulfill the prophecy--and the destiny of her birthright.

Knight or Knave

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: Book 2

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller

Times are changing in Rendelsham. The old King is dead, and the foolish Prince Florian has assumed the throne. Florian's mother, Queen Ysa of the House of Oak, still controls the land from behind the scences, but her job grows more difficult every day. Her unworthy, headstrong son is harder to control than her husband was, and she must spend more time than ever masking her own movements. Her husband's illegitimate daughter Ashen, heir to the nearly dead House of Ash, still causes trouble by her very existence, and must never be given an opening to the throne. The barbarian Sea-Rover clan presents problems from the edge of the Bog, Ysa's newest magical ally has been exposed as a traitor, and nothing is going as Ysa had planned.

And still the unknown yet encroaching threat from the North continues to grow.

Through births and deaths, marriages and duels, love and betrayal, magic and force, the four Houses of Rendelsham can only survive by the strength of their unity--but is unity possible in such a court of intrigue as this one?

A Crown Disowned

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: Book 3

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller

A Crown Disowned is the third volume of the cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan that began with To the King a Daughter and was continued in Knight or Knave.

The earth is shaking and splitting as the forces from the North draw nearer. The Ice Dragon Riders are speaking to the land, and more fire mountains awaken in the Bog. Rohan seeks to join forces with Tusser, leader of the Bog-folk, as Queen Ysa raises an army to clear the Bog.

War draws closer until even the Queen cannot deny it any longer. Raids from the North increase and for the first time, the Riders of the Ice Dragons appear. It is time for the Queen to give up her game of pitting one faction against another. Four great armies assemble and they all march under the same banner. Though they do not--cannot--represent the Four Trees, this is nevertheless seen as a good omen.

Many good men from all four armies fall in battle, yet the Great Foulness is still at large. Is the combined might of the four powers enough to free the land from evil?

Dragon Blade

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: Book 4

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller

Over a year has passed since the defeat of the Great Foulness, and the ravaged earth has begun to heal. Lost for generations, the signet rings of the Four Great Houses---Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan---have been restored to their rightful heirs. And Ashen NordornQueen, mistress of the Land of Ever Snow, looks forward to a life of peace and happiness with her beloved husband and their newborn son---only to learn that an ancient evil still threatens all that she holds dear.

The Mother Ice Dragon, the fearsome progenitor of her deadly breed, has awakened from slumber to menace the world anew. Legend holds that only the Dragon Blade, forged from the scales of her vanquished mate, can slay the deadly female dragon, but the Dragon Blade has been lost for ages.

As Ashen embarks on a perilous quest to find the mystic sword, she leaves her castle and homeland in the care of her closest friends, including Rannore, Lady of the Rowan, who soon faces danger of a different sort....

Dragon Blade continues the saga begun in To the King a Daughter and continued in Knight or Knave and A Crown Disowned.

The Knight of the Red Beard

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: Book 5

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller

Having rebuilt the NordornLand from rubble, Ashen and Gaurin rule justly and fairly over a reinvigorated land. Beloved by their kingdom, they now turn their attention to the next generation of Nordorn royalty.

Responsible Bjaudin, heir to the throne, focuses on his studies and Hegrin, Queen of Rendel, rears her own growing brood. But the youngest siblings, Elin and Mikkel, seem destined to alter the future of the NordornLand--for better or for worse.

Thirteen-year-old Elin craves power, and believes her new alliance with the evil Ysa may help her achieve it.

Eleven-year-old Mikkel stows away on a Sea-Rover ship, hoping for a brief adventure. But when the ship is attacked, Mikkel is taken prisoner, and soon his bonds to the NordornLand are the last thing on his mind.

Through births and deaths, celebration and wars, Ashen and Gaurin have worked tirelessly to bring peace and prosperity to their kingdom. But it appears that this era of peace may be at its end. This final installment of the Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan brings the series to a thrilling climax worthy of these fascinating characters.

The Magic Books

The Magic Collection

Andre Norton

Omnibus edition of books 1-3.

Table of Contents:

  • Fur Magic - (1968) - novel
  • Steel Magic - (1965) - novel
  • Octagon Magic - (1967) - novel

Steel Magic (Gray Magic)

The Magic Collection: Book 1

Andre Norton

A final stand for Avalon...

Sara, Greg, and Eric Lowry are exploring the woods near their uncle's Hudson Valley estate when they are magically transported to the land of Avalon. There they meet Huon, Warden of the West. When he tells them that the forces of darkness have stolen the three talismans that protect Avalon-King Arthur's sword, Excalibur; Merlin's ring; and Huon's horn-the children set off on a quest to find the three tokens of power. For Avalon stands as a wall between the Dark and the mortal world. And if Avalon falls, so does Earth....

Octagon Magic

The Magic Collection: Book 2

Andre Norton

Lorrie discovers a strange and fascinating secret! Did a witch live in the eight-sided house? Was it haunted? There were lots of scary stories about the strange house--but none could match the secret Lorrie uncovered. One day, she climbed the high iron gate and escaped into the garden to save a kitten from some cruel boys--and met the mysterious lady of the house. The woman let Lorrie explore all the odd-shaped rooms. In one of them was a rocking horse and a large, eight-sided dollhouse--an exact miniature of the big house. The dollhouse was beautifully furnished and seemed so ready--as if someone lived there! It drew Lorrie back into exciting adventures that she had to face with courage and daring!

This adventure should not be missed by fantasy lovers!

Fur Magic

The Magic Collection: Book 3

Andre Norton

Enter a world of ancient magic

When his father is called to active duty in Vietnam, Cory Alder is sent to spend the summer with his adopted Native American uncle, Jasper. Accustomed to life in the city, Cory finds the reality of the ranch scary--every shadow is full of menace. But when an encounter with a medicine man catapults Cory into a world of Native American legend, conquering his fears becomes a matter of survival. Transformed into a beaver called Yellow Shell, Cory is now part of a war between the People, animals whose intelligence equals that of humans. In order to return home, Cory must help Yellow Shell and his allies defeat the Changer, who is attempting to enslave the People in this world--and in Cory's world as well. With two worlds hanging in the balance, Cory will have to use every ounce of courage and animal instinct within him to defeat this enemy...

Dragon Magic

The Magic Collection: Book 4

Andre Norton

A Hidden Treasure

Sig, Artie, Kim, and Ras live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school, but they have nothing in common... until each of them sneaks into the old abandoned house on the corner and discovers the strange puzzle box covered with pictures of four dragons. Drawn by powerful magic, the boys find themselves bound together by a mystery that will transform them all--and transport them into worlds that are populated by heroes and dragons of lore....

Lavender-Green Magic

The Magic Collection: Book 5

Andre Norton

A mysterious maze

Eleven-year-old Holly Wade and her twin siblings, Judy and Crockett, are sent to live with their grandparents in the small town of Dimsdale, Massachusetts when their father is declared missing in action in Vietnam. Dimsdale is nothing like Boston; there are only two other African-American children in the entire school. Even worse, Grandpa and Grandma Wade live in an old junkyard! While exploring one day, Holly, Judy, and Crockett wander into an overgrown hedge maze--and find themselves transported back in time to Dimsdale's past. Can they right an ancient wrong and free the town of Dimsdale from a witch's curse?

Red Hart Magic

The Magic Collection: Book 6

Andre Norton

What is the magic of the Red Hart Inn, an exquisite model of an old English inn, that triggers three strange and exciting adventures back into earlier centuries for its two owners?

Chris Fitton and his new stepsister Nan Mallory, both lonely and unhappy, must test their courage through three tumultuous periods of English history in this skillfully written time-warp fantasy. What they learn about themselves and each other enables them to live more fully in their own time.

Dragon Mage

The Magic Collection: Book 7

Andre Norton
Jean Rabe

Shy realizes that she is lucky to be taken in by her grandparents after her father dies-but life above an antique store in Slade's Corners, Wisconsin is not exactly the place a teenage girl wants to be.

One day while going through boxes of her father's boyhood stuff, she comes upon a rare old set of dragon puzzles... all of which are missing pieces. Her grandmother recalls the fantastic tales Shy's father would tell about his travels to lands of dragons and adventure. She always thought that these fantasies were inspired by the puzzles Shy has found.

Shy realizes that by mixing and matching the different sets she can complete a single dragon puzzle that combines all of the others. Upon doing so she is whisked away to ancient Babylon where she must continue the duties of her father's legacy as a servant to the dragon and a savior of the world.

The Time Traders

Time Traders: Book 1

Andre Norton

If it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time. At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed. Perhaps Russian scientists had discovered how to transport themselves back in time in order to learn long-forgotten secrets of the past.

That was why young Ross Murdock, above average in intelligence but a belligerently independent nonconformist, found himself on a "hush-hush" government project at a secret base in the Arctic. The very qualities that made him a menace in civilized society were valuable traits in a man who must successfully act the part of a merchant trader of the Beaker people during the Bronze Age.

For once they were transferred by time machine to the remote Baltic region where the Russian post was located, Ross and his partner Ashe were swept into a fantastic action-filled adventure involving Russians, superstitious prehistoric men, and the aliens of a lost galactic civilization that demanded every ounce of courage the Americans possessed.

Galactic Derelict

Time Traders: Book 2

Andre Norton

Time-travel for archaeologists was a well-guarded secret... but when the remains of an interstellar spaceship are uncovered along with the usual fossils, the time agents must call on a modern Apache Indian, Travis Fox, to guide them in the ways of his ancestors in their trip to the past.

But the explorers become trapped in space as well as time, on a mad journey in an automatic starship; not even Travis Fox can tell whether any of them will ever see Earth again.

The Defiant Agents

Time Traders: Book 3

Andre Norton

In this near future book the US is in a race with the Russians to use alien technology scavenged from crashed spaceships to colonize planets outside our solar system. Because they feel that they are in dange of losing this race, men working for the United States government have decided to use a group of volunteers from the Apache tribe as subjects in an experiment without their knowledge.

By use of the Redax, the volunteers will be made to think and act as Apaches of the 18th and 19th centuries would respond. It is hoped this would help them better adapt to life on a primative planet. However, the spaceship they are traveling in crashes on the planet of Topaz.

Travis Fox escapes with a group of the surviving volunteers. In exploring the planet he learns that they are not the only group on the planet. The Russians using their own version of the Redax have Mongol nomads as their subjects.

Key Out Of Time

Time Traders: Book 4

Andre Norton

In the present day, Time Agents Ross and Gordon come with settlers to the water-dominated planet, Hawaika, to search remains of the alien Baldies from the distant past. Local intelligent dolphins assist them. While investigating, a time gate fails, destroying itself and stranding them widely in the unknown past.

The native dolphins and humans can communicate, and Ross learns Gordon is hostage in a castle through a native, Loketh. Ross and Loketh are captured by seafaring Rovers, then join them. They recover a Rover island captured by the Baldies. Ross convinces a coalition of natives the Baldies are playing them against one another. Ross finds Ashe at last, in a castle the company of the mystic and advanced Foanna, who turn out to be only three, the last of their race. The Foanna set a trap for the Baldies, using their assets as bait, but they cannot win against the whole force without increasing their numbers. Ross and Ashe agree to a process mentally joining them with the Foanna. A second encounter with the Baldies, they win. In a final encounter, Ross is teleported to a Baldy ship like the one familiar to him from Galactic Derelict, and sets its course to a random destination. The main Baldy installation is simultaneously attacked and the Baldies driven off the planet.


Time Traders: Book 5

Andre Norton
P. M. Griffin

Ross Murdoch was a petty criminal when he first time-traveled. Now he is a hero, about to face a time-traveling band of predatory aliens, the same ones who made his hand a charred ruin. With a small but loyal force, they face a much larger foe. They need a hero. They need Firehand. Can Ross live up to the legend he's created?

Echoes in Time

Time Traders: Book 6

Andre Norton
Sherwood Smith

Having revitalized the classic Solar Queen series to critical acclaim, Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith now turn their storytelling talents to Norton's popular Time Traders series.

Time agents Ross Murdock and Eveleen Riorden are recalled from their honeymoon to take part in a dangerous assignment: find a team of Russian scientists who have vanished without a trace from a research mission in the past of a far-off planet. Along with a team of Russian time Agents with their own mysterious agenda and Saba, a new agent teamed with Gordon Ashe, they leap into the alien world's distant history.

Atlantis Endgame

Time Traders: Book 7

Andre Norton
Sherwood Smith

Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith have collaborated on Solar Queen and Time Traders novels, but never before have they created as rousing an adventure as awaits Ross Murdock, Gordon Ashe, and the rest of the Time Patrol in Ancient Atlantis.

In Earth's future, when time travel has become possible, the Time Patrol is the top secret government agency that protects Earth's past, so that our history will not become corrupted by invaders from either our future or from other worlds. For many years, Murdock, Ashe, and other members of the Time Patrol have contended with threats to our time continuum, none more deadly than the alien Baldies, who hate other high-tech civilizations and want to destroy Earth.

Evidence of time travel has been found in ruins dating to the ancient world... in the legendary realm of Atlantis. So Murdock, Ashe, Eveleen Riordan, and other Time Patrollers deck themselves out as foreign traders to discover whether something is amiss in Atlantis. They find that the Baldies are there, as evidenced by sophisticated, high-tech equipment, whose purpose it is impossible to fathom. As they try to derail the Baldies' plot, the Time Patrollers realize that time is running out on their mission, when Atlantis is shaken by tremors that presage a cataclysm that may be the disaster that sank the fabulous island state.

But they must be sure they act to preserve, not destroy, history--and if they're wrong, it'll be too late... for them and for Earth's future.

The Duke's Ballad

Witch World Chronicles: Book 1

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

The Duke's Ballad is the tale of Aisling, a young witch from a family gifted with a magical power that she must protect from her brother, Kirion, who wields magic unlike the rest of the family's. He gains power only by a terrible means: by killing others who wield magic.

Years ago, Aisling fled her native Kars when Kirion, working for the Duke of Kars, tried to kill her. Since Aisling's departure, Kirion has tightened his insidious hold on Duke Shastro. The malevolent sorcerer's dark influence works through Shastro to cast a deadly pall over all of Kars. A fatal chain of events is triggered when Kirion pitches the people of Kars into a war with a neighboring clan.

Aisling recruits her younger brother Keelan and returns in disguise, determined to undermine Kirion's power and unseat his evil pawn from the throne. Accompanied also by a catlike telepathic beast, Aisling becomes part of Shastro's court. But even as she begins to learn the ways of court power, a brutally cold winter besieges the land, testing the endurance of the people of Kars, who have little cheer in that darkest season.

As Kars and its people contend with Kirion's depredations, the warring clan's raids, and the devastating winter, Aisling and Keelan must somehow, through guile, persistence and ingenuity, find a way to avoid the attention of their dangerous older brother, and save the people from his murderous sorcery. Only if they can survive Kirion's terrible power can they deliver the dukedom into the peace and prosperity it once knew.

Silver May Tarnish

Witch World Chronicles: Book 2

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

The Dales of Andre Norton’s Witch World have endured wars, natural disasters, the predations of strange creatures, and treachery. None loves the land as well as Lorcan, orphaned at birth, who has sought his birthright for as long as he can remember. Exiled from his native land when it was invaded by Alizon, he spent his youth in Paltendale where he was treated as an outsider, especially by Hogeth, an heir of that dale, who resented Lorcan’s presence when both were still young men.

When he came of age, Lorcan left to seek his own destiny. Since then, he has fought valiantly to rid the Dales of the Alizon invaders, but not even his efforts can prevent the deaths of many people, and the destruction of many keeps and garths. The war now over, he has survived, but so have those who would plunder the lands of the survivors. And among the plundering bandits is his nemesis from Paltendale, now more bitter and determined to vanquish Lorcan.

During his travels Lorcan has joined with five blank shields, who, fighting together for common cause, become his boon companions. Then he meets a young noble lass, from a dale known as Honeycoombe for its beekeeping. Her dale has been decimated by the war, but with Lorcan and his band, she will try to rebuild a home where they all can live in peace. Lorcan feels that he might at last find happiness with the valiant fair maiden. But Hogeth now leads marauders across the dales, destroying what they cannot rightfully have, and there will be no peace in the dales until Lorcan and Hogeth settle their old, bitter score.

The Key of the Keplian

Witch World Secrets: Book 1

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

All of Witch World knows to fear the hated, fire-eyed Keplian horses who lure riders to their deaths. All that is, save for one young Native American girl new to Witch World, who rescues a Keplian mare and her foal and discovers an awesome truth--the Keplians were created to serve light, not darkness, and to ride with humans. This is the first in a new trilogy.

Ciara's Song

Witch World Secrets: Book 2

Andre Norton
Lyn McConchie

Young Ciara of Elmsgarth is rescued and protected by the powerful Lord Tarnoor and his son Trovagh when the edict to kill all with Witch blood is carried out, but now after years of peace, an evil sorceror rises to power and threatens everything Ciara has.

The Magestone

Witch World Secrets: Book 3

Andre Norton
Mary H. Schaub

They are two strangers whose people have been at war for a millennium.Mereth, a Dales trader, crosses the sea to Estcarp and the archivalcitadel at Lormt, seeking clues to the fate of a missing heirloom, anancient jewel of Power. At the same time, an Alizonder hound lord, Kasarian, finds that an ancestor's key opens a magic gate to distant Lormt.

Alizonders are wolfish tyrants who fight with sadistic poisons and feedfallen leaders to their dogs, but they have always abhorred the sorceryof Witch World. Now, to Kasarian's horror, a maniacal baron seeks tounleash the dark wizards of Escore -- using Mereth's long-lostMagestone, stolen from Kasarian's murdered father!

Two strangers, two foes suddenly share a common cause, and a legacy moredire than either could imagine....

The Warding of Witch World

Witch World Secrets: Book 4

Andre Norton

It is a desperate time in Witch World. The Magestone, the key to the pandimensional gates, has been lost and now all the gates are open. In the classic series' grand finale, an infinite flood of evil is about to wash across the world as Simon Tregarth returns to lead the planet's heroes in the final war against the forces of darkness.

Four from the Witch World

Witch World Stories

Andre Norton

Andre Norton, Grand Master of Fantasy, brings together a quartet of today's finest fantasy talents to produce short novels of extraordinary power and beauty, set in the Witch World, her greatest fantasy creation.

Stillborn Heritage by Elizabeth H. Boyer: A girl's coming of age proves a supernatural test of her strength... and of the power of love.

Stormbirds by C.J. Cherryh: A soldier of the Dales, thrown together with an Estcarp witch in the bitter aftermath of war, must overcome his own hatred or be destroyed by the Hounds of Alizon.

Rampion by Meredith Ann Pierce: An island girl, spurned by her noble father and orphaned by the death of her mother, is caught in a wed of sea-magic by a mysterious troubadour come from afar to settle old scores.

Falcon Law by Judith Tarr: A woman and a falconer could not be the one, said the code. Yet her falcon chose her, so she lived a lie, to fulfill a great destiny.

Let these four master storytellers sweep you into the magical realm of fantasy adventure that has enthralled millions of readers...

Lore of the Witch World

Witch World Stories

Andre Norton

Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton's books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

The Witch World... Far away in space and time, the Witch World has become the legendary home of all who dream and wonder of unknown worlds.

Lore of the Witch World brings together in one volume all the novelettes and tales of the Witch World, including the never previously published novelette Changeling.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - essay by C. J. Cherryh
  • Spider Silk - (1976) - novelette
  • Sand Sister - (1979) - novella
  • Falcon Blood - (1979) - shortstory
  • Legacy from Sorn Fen - (1972) - shortstory
  • Sword of Unbelief - (1977) - novelette
  • The Toads of Grimmerdale - (1973) - novella
  • Changeling - novelette

Tales of the Witch World

Witch World Stories: Book 1

Andre Norton

From the windswept Dales of High Hallack to the far reaches of Estcarp, here are new excitement and peril to stir the hearts of the millions of fans of the Witch World. Norton has invited her favorite fantasy authors to collaborate with her on new tales set in her spellbinding world.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - (1987) - essay by Andre Norton
  • The Road of Dreams and Death - (1987) - novelette by Robert E. Vardeman
  • Green in High Hallack - (1987) - shortstory by Kiel Stuart
  • Isle of Illusion - (1987) - novelette by Carol Severance
  • Night Hound's Moon - (1987) - shortstory by Mary H. Schaub
  • Milk from a Maiden's Breast - (1987) - shortstory by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • To Rebuild the Eyrie - (1987) - novelette by Sasha Miller
  • Neither Rest nor Refuge - (1987) - shortstory by Ardath Mayhar
  • Were-Hunter - (1987) - novelette by Mercedes Lackey
  • Nine Words in Winter - (1987) - shortstory by Caralyn Inks
  • Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist - (1987) - shortstory by James R. Heidbrink
  • Oath-Bound - (1987) - novelette by P. M. Griffin [as by Pauline Griffin ]
  • Cat and the Other - (1987) - novelette by Marylois Dunn
  • The White Road - (1987) - novelette by Charles de Lint
  • Bloodspell - (1987) - novelette by A. C. Crispin
  • Fenneca - (1987) - novelette by Wilanne Schneider Belden
  • Heir Apparent - (1987) - shortstory by Robert Bloch
  • Of the Shaping of Ulm's Heir - (1987) - novelette by Andre Norton
  • Biographical Notes - (1987) - essay by Andre Norton

Tales of the Witch World 2

Witch World Stories: Book 2

Andre Norton

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - (1987) - essay by Andre Norton
  • The Hunting Of Lord Etsalian's Daughter - shortstory by Clare Bell
  • Afterword - essay by Clare Bell
  • Sea-Serpents of Domnudale - shortstory by Ginger Simpson Curry
  • Afterword - essay by Ginger Simpson Curry
  • Old Toad - novelette by Geary Gravel
  • Afterword - essay by Geary Gravel
  • The Judgment of Neave - shortstory by Shariann Lewitt
  • Afterword - essay by Shariann Lewitt
  • Through the Moon Gate - [Dorian St. James] - novelette by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  • Afterword - essay by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  • Dream Pirates' Jewel - shortstory by Brad Linaweaver and Cynthia Linaweaver
  • Afterword - essay by Brad Linaweaver and Cynthia Linaweaver
  • La Verdad: The Magic Sword - novelette by A. R. Major
  • Afterword - essay by A. R. Major
  • Darkness Over Mirhold - (1987) - shortstory by Patricia Shaw Mathews
  • Afterword - essay by Patricia Shaw Mathews
  • Peacock Eyes - shortstory by Shirley Meier
  • Afterword - essay by Shirley Meier
  • The Salt Garden - shortstory by Sandra Miesel
  • Afterword - essay by Sandra Miesel
  • The Stones of Sharnon - shortstory by Ann Miller
  • Afterword - essay by Ann Miller
  • Heroes - novelette by Diana L. Paxson
  • Afterword - essay by Diana L. Paxson
  • Rite of Failure - novelette by Susan Shwartz
  • Afterword - essay by Susan Shwartz
  • Futures Yet Unseen - novelette by Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • Afterword - essay by Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • S'Olcarias's Sons - shortstory by Lisa Swallow
  • Afterword - essay by Lisa Swallow
  • The Sentinel at the Edge of the World - novelette by David Wind
  • Afterword - essay by David Wind
  • Tall Dames Go Walking - novelette by Rose Wolf
  • Afterword - essay by Rose Wolf
  • Biographical Notes - essay by uncredited

Tales of the Witch World 3

Witch World Stories: Book 3

Andre Norton

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - (1990) - essay by Andre Norton
  • Voice of Memory - (1990) - novelette by M. E. Allen
  • Plumduff Potato-Eye - (1990) - novelette by Jayge Carr
  • The Scent of Magic - (1990) - novelette by Juanita Coulson
  • Heartspell - (1990) - novelette by A. C. Crispin
  • The Weavers - (1990) - shortstory by Esther M. Friesner
  • The Root of All Evil - (1990) - shortstory by Sharon Green
  • Knowledge - (1990) - shortstory by P. M. Griffin
  • The Circle of Sleep - (1990) - shortstory by Caralyn Inks
  • Falcon's Chick - (1990) - shortstory by Patricia Shaw Mathews
  • Fortune's Children - (1990) - shortstory by Patricia A. McKillip
  • Godron's Daughter - (1990) - shortstory by Ann Miller and Karen Elizabeth Rigley
  • A Question of Magic - (1990) - novella by Marta Randall
  • Strait of Storms - (1990) - novelette by K. L. Roberts
  • Candletrap - (1990) - novelette by Mary H. Schaub
  • Whispering Cane - (1990) - shortstory by Carol Severance
  • Gunnora's Gift - (1990) - shortstory by Elisabeth Waters
  • Wolfhead - (1990) - novelette by Michael D. Winkle
  • Were-Flight - (1990) - novelette by Lisa Woodworth
  • The Sword-Seller - (1990) - shortstory by Patricia C. Wrede
  • Biographical Notes - (1990) - essay by uncredited

Witch World

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 1

Andre Norton

The doomed land of Estcarp stood alone, menaced from the north and south, and from the sea to the west. Only the dark people of her fields, her cities and her towers are able to hold back the press. Theirs might be a losing cause, but they would go down fighting to the last blow of sword from the last living Guardsman, the last blasting weapon man or woman could lay hand upon.

Alone among the nations of the continent Estcarp wielded a strange and fearful weapon, and the hatred and dread of her neighbors was founded on that very weapon - magic. To Alizon in the north, Karsten in the south, the power of the witches was evil. But the terror that threatened from the west was an alien evil from a source unknown.

Web of the Witch World

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 2

Andre Norton

Simon Tregarth, whose own Earthly prowess had won him a throne and a witch-wife in an alien world, knew that both triumphs were precarious as long as the super-science of Kolder held a foothold on that planet. And his premonitions were right when those invaders from another dimension made their final diabolical strike for total conquest.

Three Against the Witch World

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 3

Andre Norton

The offspring of Simon Tregarth, half earthling, half witch-brood, realized that they alone could perceive the four directions-for everyone else, there was no East! It was a blank in the mind, a blank in legend and history. And when new menaces threatened, the Tregarths realized that in that mental barrier there lay the key to all their worldsomewhere to the unknown eastward must lie the sorcery that had secretly molded their destinies!

Warlock of the Witch World

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 4

Andre Norton

Kyllan the warrior, Kaththea the untried witch, Kemoc, whose powers could surpass all others- these are the half-Earthling, half witch-brood family menaced by the sorceries of an unknown enemy. The burden of the struggle fell to Kemoc, who was forced to summon his untested powers in the battle to match the alien evil threatening the Witch World.

Sorceress of the Witch World

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 5

Andre Norton

Kaththea the Sorceress called forth a power such as no longer existed on the distant planet known as the Witch World. It was a power so great that it could destroy all that she loved best - and might even prove to be a greater evil than the shadow itself. Yet there could be no other choice for Kaththea than to call on Hilarion in the death-naming. For she was a witch deprived of power and she needed a guide to regain her lost skills and her lost world. There was only this ancient one, the opener of gates, with force mighty enough.

Trey of Swords

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 6

Andre Norton

In this long-awaited continuation of Andre Norton's famous Witch World fantasy saga, the past and the future merge as THE LOST BATTLE OF WITCH WORLD is fought again - but this time, it must be won! For as ancient heroes walk again by day, so do ancient evils - and it is up to Yonan the weakling, and Crytha, the untrained witch-girl, to halt the Forces of Darkness by the power of the SWORD OF ICE, the SWORD OF SHADOW... and one sword more.

'Ware Hawk

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 7

Andre Norton

Spurred on by a recurring dream, Tirtha accompanied by a falconer, embarks on a dangerous journey to her ancestral home, aware that she is bound by a spell to fulfill a mission whose purpose is unknown to her.

The Gate of the Cat

Witch World: Estcarp Cycle: Book 8

Andre Norton

A stone ring in the Scottish Highlands becomes the gateway through which Kelsie McBlair enters a new world and becomes embroiled in a struggle beween Light and Dark for power over the Green Valley. Norton's many Witch World fans will welcome this return to a land of powerful witches, mail-clad warriors, and mysterious Old Ones.

The Crystal Gryphon

Witch World: The Gryphon Saga: Book 1

Andre Norton

Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton's books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

In a time and place of swords and begins the saga of Kerovan of Ulmsdale, born with the amber eyes and cloven hooves of the Old Ones, who seeks his rightful heritage as Lord-heir of Ulmsdale - and Lady Joisan of Ithkrypt, proxy-wed to Kerovan, who wears about her neck Kerovan's precious and powerful gift...a small crystal globe encasing a tiny gryphon.

Kerovan and Joisan - each forever entwined in the other's fate - their destiny clouded by dark evils which threaten to destroy their kingdoms. Together, they seek to unlock the wondrous powers they hold within them...and the mysterious secrets of the crystal gryphon.

Gryphon in Glory

Witch World: The Gryphon Saga: Book 2

Andre Norton

The Waste was stirring and strange forms of the Dark, long quiet began to wake as Kerovan—whose cloven hoofs marked his kinship with the Old Ones—journeyed into the Waste on a secret mission, leaving behind the girl he loved. Joisan, however, rode after him, wearing about her neck Kerovan’s gift, a small crystal globe encasing a miniature gryphon. While Kervan strove for answers to the riddles of the Dark, Joisan worked to unlock the power of the crystal gryphon. But only together could they hope to find the ancient Sleeper and defeat the forces of evil.

Gryphon's Eyrie

Witch World: The Gryphon Saga: Book 3

Andre Norton
A. C. Crispin

The urge within him is overwhelming, and Kerovan--he of the cloven hooves and amber eyes--is driven toward the mountains--toward the dark. With him goes the Lady Joisan, who carries within her secrets unknown to Kerovan.

By calling upon the Powers within themselves, willing the forced of Light to fight against the force of the Dark, they reach their destination...only to face That Which Runs the Ridges in the final battle. Everlasting Undeath--and horror for all the world--will take them if they fail.

Storms of Victory

Witch World: The Turning: Book 1

Andre Norton
P. M. Griffin

In the wake of their defeat of Pagin of Karsten, the Witches of Estcarp await news of those who have been lost or gone missing since the battle, and a young Sulcar woman awakens to her Power--only to do battle with an ancient evil.

Flight of Vengeance

Witch World: The Turning: Book 2

Andre Norton
Mary H. Schaub
P. M. Griffin

Two novellas--Mary H. Schaub's "Exile," in which a disfigured witch struggles to regain her powers, and P. M. Griffin's "Falcon Hope," in which two unlikely allies try to save their peoples from extinction--are accompanied by "The Chronicler," by series creator Andre Norton.

On Wings of Magic

Witch World: The Turning: Book 3

Andre Norton
Sasha Miller
Patricia Matthews

In the triumphant conclusion to the three-book series Witch World: The Turning, when the Witches of Estcarp combined their powers to prevent the invasion of Karsten, the world was plunged into chaos. Now the survivors struggle to defeat the invaders and rebuild their shattered lives.

Black Trillium

World of the Three Moons: Book 1

Julian May
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Andre Norton

Ruwenda is a pleasant, peaceful land-but the magic of its guardian, the Archimage Binah, is waning. Binah must pass along her protectorship to the triplet princess of Ruwenda. She bestows upon the infant girls the power of the rare and mystical Black Trillium-badge of the royal house, symbol of an ancient magic. While the sisters blossom into beautiful young women, neighboring Labornok use a dark magician to sunder Binah's protection. As invaders pour into Ruwenda, the Archimage orders the princesses to flee-and changes them to search for three magical talismans which when brought together will be their only chance to regain their kingdom and free its people. Each must accomplish her task separately-and to succeed, each must also confront and conquer the limits of her own soul.

Golden Trillium

World of the Three Moons: Book 3

Andre Norton

Once the famed triplet princess who defeated the evil sorcerer Orogastus, Kadiya ventures forth into the choked swamp lands of Ruewena to seek her own destiny among the Oddlings she once led in battle. Armed with her mystical three-eyed sword, she reaches the lost city of the Vanished Ones and discovers a strange race of dream-catchers, called Hassitti, whose visions bring chilling warning of a lethal plague that sows the land with death. Now Kadiya, with only three comparisons to aid her, journeys into the Thorny Hell, realm of the cannibalistic saurian Skritek, to stop the carrier of the evil disease. Here they discover a portal leading to a universe of awesome darkness--an entranceway to a horror that threatens the very existence of The World Of The Three Moons.

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