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Conan and the Sorcerer

Conan Pastiches: Book 1

Andrew J. Offutt

The mightiest barbarian returns in an all new illustrated adventure, matching wits with a Black Magician to regain the Eye Of Erlik - and his very soul.

See Robert E. Howard's gorgeous world of enchantment, swordplay, glittering jewels, beautiful women, danger and passion come alive in this lushly illustrated book! This is the first new Conan adventure in years!

Conan the Liberator

Conan Pastiches: Book 2

Lin Carter
L. Sprague de Camp

Aquilonia, once the proudest land in all of Hyboria, has fallen under the tyrannical reign of a mad king. As his brutal insanity sweeps the land, only one man dares stand against him: Conan the barbarian.

Conan becomes the leader of an army of rebels, brave warriors who thought their battles would be fought with spear and sword, axe and dagger. In this they were mistaken, for their greatest foe is not the army of Aquilonia, but the vile sorcerer Thulandra Thuu.

Dark clouds loom ahead for the people of Aquilonia, and only Conan can save them.

The Sword of Skelos

Conan Pastiches: Book 3

Andrew J. Offutt

With the beautiful and fierce Isparana at his side, Conan must cross a brutal and deadly desert in order to deliver their precious cargo-a magical amulet known as the Eye of Erlik. But rather than collecting untold riches for their rare treasure, they are betrayed by a ruthless tyrant and his evil mage.

Conan has faced many mortal dangers, perils of magic and perils of steel. But when the treacherous prestidigitator unleashes the bloodthirsty Sword of Skelos, a weapon of both magic and steel-a sword that can fight on its own-Conan faces one of his most dire challenges.

How will Conan survive this battle, when there is no foe to slay?

The Road of Kings

Conan Pastiches: Book 4

Karl Edward Wagner

Facing the gallows for defending his honor-by killing the captain of the guard-the mighty Conan jumps feet first into a rescue attempt of one of his fellow prisoners. When Conan learns his rescuers are the daring Rebels of the White Rose, he joins their blood-soaked insurrection.

But Conan's struggles are only beginning, for the road to the throne is defended by the Final Guard--indestructible warriors made of stone. Conan must draw steel against these indomitable foes and pray that Krom will guide his blade both strong and true.

Conan the Rebel

Conan Pastiches: Book 5

Poul Anderson

A grand adventure of the mighty thewed barbarian, from one of Fantasy's biggest names

Conan, The name has inspired generations, one that resounds through time immemorial. Yet it all began with a handful of stories from Robert E. Howard. In the decades since, there have been feature films, television and comic book series, and numerous spin-off novels. In 1979, Poul Anderson--winner of a staggering eight Hugo and three Nebula Awards--wrote what is regarded as one of the finest adventures in the canon of Conan:

Conan the Rebel.

Conan the barbarian and Belit, his raven-haired beauty, lead a band of savage pirates striving to free Belit's people from the iron grip of an evil reptile god and its cruel minions. Striking at the heart of tyranny, Conan must break the chains of oppression before eternal darkness claims them all.

Conan and the Spider God

Conan Pastiches: Book 6

L. Sprague de Camp

Conan is back, and at the top of his form!

SFWA Grand Master L. Sprague de Camp was revered in the genre of fantasy for both his fiction and nonfiction. Booklist praised his novel The Honorable Barbarian, saying: "The action is brisk, and the worlds and characters are described with de Camp's deft, light touch... thoroughly agreeable entertainment," while Kirkus Reviews said of The Pixilated Peeress "the unassuming style and verve of the telling keep the pages turning. Pure prose junk-food."

But more important, L. Sprague de Camp wrote Dark Valley Destiny, the definitive biography of Conan's creator, Robert E. Howard, leaving little wonder as to why Conan and the Spider God is considered one of the finest novels in the canon of Conan.

Son of a blacksmith, a former slave and thief, Conan the Cimmerian has risen to the rank of Captain of the Royal Guard. But as usual, trouble is his bedfellow.

Forced to kill while defending himself, Conan must flee the vengeance of the High Priest of Erlik. Foraging through field and forest, meeting friend and foe, Conan cuts a bloody swath through assassins and bounty hunters all the way to the sinister temple of Zath, where he encounters the huge and hideous Spider God. Facing certain death, Conan becomes both the hunter... and the hunted.

Conan and the Spider God is a thrilling adventure of the mighty barbarian, from one of the genre's most revered authors.

Conan the Mercenary

Conan Pastiches: Book 7

Andrew J. Offutt


Robert E. Howard's CONAN was never so lusty, never so deadly as in this new adventure chronicling the early years when the youthful sword-wielder first rode out of the Cimmerian hills and into the broad, savage world, turning from smith's son to Conan the mercenary.

Imprisoned by sorcery, bound by an impetuous pledge of loyalty, the greatest hero of them all battles for the greatest treasure of them all - his very soul! Only the dark eyed, sultry ruler of Khauran, Land of Unhappy Queens, can shatter the mirror which holds his ensorceled soul prisoner - but to do that she must shatter also her only hope of happiness in the arms of her demon lover.

Conan the Defender

Conan Pastiches: Book 8

Robert Jordan

As revolution brews in the shadowy streets of Belverus, Conan braves the traps and treacheries of the Royal Palace of the Dragon. Pursued by the luscious and shameless Sularia, the mighty warrior challenges a magic-spawned menace that cannot die; the invincible Simulacrum of Albanus.

Conan the Barbarian

Conan Pastiches: Book 9

L. Sprague de Camp
Lin Carter
Catherine Crook de Camp

Conan the Barbarian is a novelization of the feature film of the same name.


In a land of darkling twilight, a world of ancient wizards and dazzling treasures of raging monsters and valiant warriors, the fate of kingdoms balances on his blade alone...

As a child he saw his parents slaughtered by the Snake Cult. In slavery he grew to mighty manhood, trained as a master swordsman and gladiator. As he slaved in chains he planned for freedom and murderous revenge. His day would come. For he was destined to become the warrior who would rule all...

Thief. Warrior. Gladiator. King.


Conan the Invincible

Conan Pastiches: Book 10

Robert Jordan

Conan is still less than 20 years old and new to the snares and enticements of civilization. He joins forces with Karela, a dangerously seductive female bandit, to storm the palace of a deadly necromancer, Amanar, and confront the dreaded Eater of Souls.

Conan the Unconquered

Conan Pastiches: Book 11

Robert Jordan

Conan defies the sorcerous power of the Cult of Doom for the sake of a beautiful young woman known only as Yasbet. From the glory of fabled Aghrapur, capital of Turan, to the demon-haunted wastes of the Blasted Lands, Conan proves himself the greatest hero of a bygone era of high adventure.

Conan the Triumphant

Conan Pastiches: Book 12

Robert Jordan

Ensnared in a web of sorcery and lust by the voluptuous Lady Synelle, his life under double threat from the unscrupulous female bandit and the power-hungry Antimides, the stupendous Cimmerian fearlessly leads his Free-Company of Mercenaries against the demonic, demented Al'Kiir, the horned God whose gory rituals demand the sacrifice of innocent maidens and intrepid warriors alike!

Conan the Destroyer

Conan Pastiches: Book 13

Robert Jordan

In the fabled city of Shadizar, sultry Princess Tamaris hires Conan to recover the magical gem known as the Heart of Ahriman. Accompanied by the beautiful maiden Jehnna, Conan must vanquish scheming, murderous Bombatta, the princess' henchman, and face the sinister Guardians of the Horn, only to confrotnt the foul and ancient, many-fanged demon-god Dagoth. With Jehna's life and Conan's very soul at stake, Conan must truly be Conan the Destroyer.

Conan the Magnificent

Conan Pastiches: Book 14

Robert Jordan

Amid the savage crags of the Kezankian Mountains, Conan is stalked by the sultry huntress Jondra, sought by the lovely thief Tamira, and caught between the Army of Zamora and Brythunian warriors seeking revenge. The mighty Cimmerian must battle hordes of Kezankian hillmen, face the sorcerous evil of Basrakan Imalla, and finally, slay that which cannot be slain: the beast of fire. To conquer, to survive, he must be...Conan the Magnificent

Conan the Victorious

Conan Pastiches: Book 15

Robert Jordan

In the fabled, mysterious land of Vendhya, Conan seeks an antidote to the unknown poison that threatens his life. Entangled in the intrigues of Karim Singh, advisor to the King of Vendhya, pursued by the voluptuous noblewoman Vyndra, threatened by the evil mage Naipal, Conan has yet to conquer the most terrifying adversaries of his life--the Sivani, demon-guardians of the ancient tombs of Vendhyan kings. To survive, he must be Conan the Victorious.

Conan the Valorous

Conan Pastiches: Book 16

John Maddox Roberts

In his native Cimmeria, Conan discovers foreign sorcerers defiling the most sacred place in the land as they struggle for the power to command the very gods. As ancient blood-enemies of his people invade, Conan must unite the ever-feuding clans to face an even greater foe... Demons ride to war on the slopes of Ben Morgh.

Conan the Fearless

Conan Pastiches: Book 17

Steve Perry

Conan of Cimmeria, mightiest hero of the Hyborian Age, finds his journey interrupted in the Corinthian city-state of Mornstadinos. All Conan wants is to travel on, but he finds himself pledged to protect Eldia, a girl-child who controls the Fire Elementals, from the fell designs of Sovartus, evil Mage of the Black Square. Through a maze of sorcerous intrigue and deadly treachery the Cimmerian pads, and around him the hunters gather.

Djuvula, half-demon witch, who will watch Conan die for a thousand years. Lemparius, high in the councils of the city, who stalks the night in the guise of a huge panther. Loganaro, thief, spy, murderer: his only god is gold, and at that altar he would sacrifice the world. In the heart of the maze they will fight the final battle, when the fate of the gods themselves stands or falls with the one called Conan the Fearless.

Conan the Renegade

Conan Pastiches: Book 18

Leonard Carpenter

Conan joins a mercenary band working for Prince Ivor who seeks to usurp his Uncle Strabonus. When Ivor unexpectedly reconciles with his uncle, he determines to kill the mercenaries rather than pay them.

Conan the Raider

Conan Pastiches: Book 19

Leonard Carpenter

In the ancient land of Shem, Conan joins with tomb-robbers to loot the untold wealth piled up in the huge royal mausoleum, yet so simple a decision enmeshes the mighty Cimmerian in intrigues and danger on every side.

Conan the Defiant

Conan Pastiches: Book 20

Steve Perry

Before avenging a friend's death, the youthful Conan must battle undead warriors and Men With No Eyes--two formidable factions seeking the Source of Light, a talisman that can make Neg the Malefic unconquerable or destroy him forever.

Conan the Champion

Conan Pastiches: Book 21

John Maddox Roberts

Stranded in the furthest northern reaches of Brythunia, Conan the Cimmerian pledges himself as the champion of the haughty, beautiful Queen Alcuina. Soon the mighty barbarian is enmeshed in a war with two kings, who want Alcuina's lands, and the evil wizard Iilma, who plots to rule the entire northland and has his own foul designs on the queen's body. From the blood-drenched snows of the Brythunian forests to the sorcerous Shifting Lands the battles rage. The dead rise to slay, and victory can only come from Conan the Champion

Conan the Marauder

Conan Pastiches: Book 22

John Maddox Roberts

In the fabled lands far beyond the Vilayet Sea, Conan of Cimmeria faces his most deadly challenge. The warlord Bartatua plans to unite the Hyrkanian tribes and sweep across the world in conquest, while the Turanian wizard Khondemir plots to use Bartatua's ambition to further his sorcerous schemes. Ishkala, haughty Princess of Sogaria, and Lakhme, seductress and spy, weave their own intrigues as the power of gods is drawn to the City of Mounds, ancient necropolis of the Hyrkanians. Every hand is turned against Conan, and he can only be Conan the Marauder.

Conan the Warlord

Conan Pastiches: Book 23

Leonard Carpenter

In the ancient land of Nemedia, Conan of Cimmeria agrees to impersonate Baron Eihnarson's son and heir in order to escape a foul prison cell--at least until he can escape completely, with a pouch full of gold. Calissa, the Baron's sensuous daughter, has other plans for Conan, as does Evadne, the voluptuous rebel maiden. Palace intrigues swirl--poison in the cup and the assassin's dagger in the dark--and Conan must lead the army of Diander against the Cult of the Snake, the demon which burns and slays all whom it does not concert to half-serpent slaves of an ancient evil. In mouldering tombs the dead Lords of Einharson stir, and rise to strike down any who would threaten their line.

Conan the Valiant

Conan Pastiches: Book 24

Roland J. Green

In the Ibar Mountains the necromancer Eremius is raising a demon-spawned army, using in of the fabled Jewels of Kurag. Snared in the court intrigues of Aghrapur, trapped by Lord Misrak, the King's deadly master of spies, Conan of Cimmeria must ride to comfort Ermius, accompanies against his will by the sorceress Illyanan. But Illyana herself carries the second Jewel, and whoever possesses both will gain power to challenge the gods. Plots and treachery loom at Conan's back, but those who seek to catch him in their web do not know that they face Conan of Cimmeria, Conan the Valiant.

Conan the Indomitable

Conan Pastiches: Book 25

Steve Perry

In a buried land of huge, blind carnivorous apes, deadly ten-foot Cyclops and monstrous flesh-eating worms, Conan seeks only to stay alive long enough to find his way out of this dark underground world of caverns and buried seas.

Conan the Hero

Conan Pastiches: Book 26

Leonard Carpenter

In the steaming jungles of Venji, Conan of Cimmeria fights in a war seemingly without end, a war against drug-crazed raiders who strike without warning and vanish like smoke, a war against the implacable wizard, Mojourna. Yet his enemies are not only those he can see.

The intrigues of the powerful court eunuchs reach south from Imperial Aghrapur, and the plottings of generals who would sit on the throne, and even the conjurings of his own mind, will be turned against him.

Only one man could survive. Only one man could triumph. Only Conan the Hero.

Conan the Bold

Conan Pastiches: Book 27

John Maddox Roberts

When his would-be bride and her family are savagely killed by Taharka of Keshan, the young Conan of Cimmeria vows his unrelenting revenge. From the fighting pits of Croton to the plains of Ophir, Conan pursues Taharka to a battle to the death.

Conan the Great

Conan Pastiches: Book 28

Leonard Carpenter

Conan of Cimmeria, who swaggered into the civilized lands as a youthful warrior with a strong sword and arm, has now used that sword to take a kingdom. He is King Conan of Aquilonia, but armies--led by a bloodthirsty, long-forgotten god--march to pull him down.

Conan the Freelance

Conan Pastiches: Book 29

Steve Perry

Fate tosses the dice for Conan of Cimmeria, and they come up...death. Dimma, the Mist Mage, knows nothing of the muscular Cimmerian, but the vile necromancer's plans require his death. Thayla, beautiful Queen of the Pili, would rather take Conan to her bed, but her own plots mean he must die. The sorcerous changeling Kleg wasn't only to do his master's bidding, but Conan stands in his way. Even the lovely Cheen will let nothing stop her from recovering the sacred Talisman of her people.

The game is deadly, the stakes are life, but whatever the risks, Conan of Cimmeria will play until the final toss.

Conan the Formidable

Conan Pastiches: Book 30

Steve Perry

A chance meeting with giants. A brush with the murderous Varg. A run-in with a treacherous hedge-wizard, complete with socery-twisted henchmen. Conan thought he was just passing through on his way to the wicked delights of fabled Shadizar, but others have different plans, some of which might leave the young Cimmerian dead. He really did not need to attract the attentions of two women at once, and neither of them entirely human. This time he may not survive.

Conan the Rogue

Conan Pastiches: Book 31

John Maddox Roberts

Everyone in the corrupt city of Sicas wants the priceless treasure Conan of Cimmeria has come there to find. Beautiful women who offer smiles, kisses--and maybe a knife in the back. A priest who may be closer to his goddess than he thinks. Noble lords, and the bosses of criminal gangs, and a fop whose perfumed kerchief may hide poison.

All are willing to kill for the artifact, but none realize the horror in can unleash, a hellish menace that only one man can face... Conan: The Rogue.

Conan the Guardian

Conan Pastiches: Book 32

Roland J. Green

In ancient Argos, fabled city by the sea, Conan of Cimmeria discovers that behind a facade of law, the intrigues of trading houses can be no less deadly than the wars he had left behind. Even a merchant prince can dabble with sorcery, and the schemes of event he most beautiful nobles can lay snares for unwary feet.

But those who think to use the Cimmerian, to brush him aside and grasp what he has sworn to protect, will discover that they face no ordinary man. He is--Conan the Guardian.

Conan the Outcast

Conan Pastiches: Book 33

Leonard Carpenter

The ancient hierarchs of the desert city of Qjara did not want the young man called Conan of Cimmeria inside their walls with his strange, northland ways.He did not even worship the One True Goddess. yet some would ensnare him in the city's intrigues: the beautiful Princess Afrianda, with powers she does not fully understand herself, and Zaius, foremost swordsman of the Temple warriors. Their paths are like nothing Conan has seen before, following labyrinthine trails he cannot imagine, thrusting him toward banishment or death. And in the dying city of Sark, the soulless High Priest Khumanos wields the legendary Sword of Onothimantos and schemes for the return of ancient gods.

Qjara does not want Conan, but only one man can prevent the sacrifice of the city to the Tree of Mouths. Only one-- Conan the Outcast.

Conan the Relentless

Conan Pastiches: Book 34

Roland J. Green

At first all Conan wanted was the width of a path through the Border Kingdom, that northern land full of bandits and brawling and sorcery. But that was before he encountered Raihna, a swordswoman as beautiful as she was dangerous. She alone is reason enough to pause a while in his journey. But the rebellion against King Eloikas, whom Raihna now serves, tears the land apart, and in the Vale of Pougoi, the dreaded Star Brothers have renewed their ancient, forbidden thaumaturgies--and summoned an insatiable creature from the depths of time.

The Star Brothers cannot believe that one man can stand against their power, but they have reckoned without Conan of Cimmeria....

Conan the Savage

Conan Pastiches: Book 35

Leonard Carpenter

After a gambling dispute erupts into violence and death, Conan of Cimmeria is condemned to the hellish mine pits of Brythunia where no man has ever escaped--or survived. But Conan breaks free and disappears into the wilderness, far from civilization, and into the eager arms of Songa, a forest maiden. Still the demon-goddess Ninga has seized control of Brythunia and her insatiable appetite for human sacrifice threatens to devour the world. Only one man can strike at the very heart of Ninga's religion of blood. A man who carries death in his eyes.

Conan and the Treasure of Python

Conan Pastiches: Book 36

John Maddox Roberts

Conan of the Cimmeria is hired by three strangers, two men and a woman, to find the woman's husband. But the real goal, Conan discovers, is the fabled wealth of Python. To survive, he must put his trust in his own wits and his skill with the sword, for even the best can be corrupted when faced with the treasure of Python.

Conan of the Red Brotherhood

Conan Pastiches: Book 37

Leonard Carpenter

Sailing under the grim skull-jack flag of the Red Brotherhood, Conan is the most feared pirate to prowl the Vilayet Sea, claiming as hi booty even Philiope, the beautiful black-haired daughter of a powerful nobleman. But in the domed imperial palace of Aghrapur, the decadent Emperor Yildiz and his corrupt allies plot the destruction of the powerful barbarian the know only as Amra the Lion.

As Conan carves a pirate empire with cutlass and dagger, the Turanian navy takes to the seas, aided by hellish sorcery of the darkest sort. Mighty ships manned by undead zombies, and a titanic monster summoned from the nether depths, are pitted against the deadly sword of one man... Conan of the Red Brotherhood.

Conan and the Gods of the Mountain

Conan Pastiches: Book 38

Roland J. Green

Fleeing the sorcerous destruction of a long-lost city, Conan fights side-by-side with Valeria of the Red Brotherhood, that notorious and voluptuous she-pirate. Pursued by deadly spies and assassins, the Cimmerian and Valeria find themselves caught squarely in the front ranks of a bloody and savage war. But greater peril lurks in the shadow of a vast and forbidding mountain, where the Spirit Speaker wage occult battle with God-Men, who can read the future--and summon a Living Wind that consumes the soul even as it destroys the flesh.

Even a sword powered by barbarian might is of little use against spirits, much less against great beings of the elder dark, but the final struggle for survival will come down ton... Conan and the Gods of the Mountain.

Conan the Hunter

Conan Pastiches: Book 39

Sean A. Moore

It all began when Conan bought the jeweled bracelet from the Zamoran thief. It would, Conan thought, make the perfect gift for his lady of the moment, Yvanna. But this was no ordinary bauble - it had been taken from the King of Brythunia's only daughter... the daughter who had been cruelly murdered only days before. Cursing his luck, Conan sets off to find the real killers in order to save himself from the executioner's ax. And blunders into a deadly web of palace intrigue masterminded by the Mutare, those ancient priests and priestesses dedicated to the vilest evils and the enslavement of all men.

Even Conan's mighty muscles, potent instincts and extraordinary luck might not seem enough - even Conan might need the help of the gods themselves!

Conan and the Manhunters

Conan Pastiches: Book 40

John Maddox Roberts

Treasure beyond imagining waited in the temple of Ahriman, a god so evil and terrifying that even the despicable priests of Set aided in his banishment. None dared to steal the treasure--until Conan the Cimmerian came to Shapur. Now he must smuggle tons of gold and jewels past the city guards and escape to a place of safety, while pursued by the most efficient and dangerous band of manhunters ever assembled, led by a warrior whose skills and ferocity rival Conan himself. But great dangers lurk when Conan returns to the temple--and the priests of Ahriman conspire to bring their fearsome deity back into the world...

Conan at the Demon's Gate

Conan Pastiches: Book 41

Roland J. Green

No son of Cimmeria ever spent much time mourning what was gone forever... but Conan has never before lost a woman such as Belit, the fierce pirate queen. So great is his grief that the mighty barbarian disappears into the wild green depths of the Black Coat. But Conan cannot hide himself from adventure for long!

Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast

Conan Pastiches: Book 42

Leonard Carpenter

Conan, hailed and feared as chief of the pirate brotherhood, has built an island kingdom on the stormy waters of the Vilayet. He plays off one mainland empire against another amid the stirrings of a sorcerous war that will set the sea aboil with blood. The lure of ancient treasure draws Conan into a trap woven by the arch-wizard Croyalus.

Conan and the Mists of Doom

Conan Pastiches: Book 43

Roland J. Green

Ancient Evil is stirring deep in the heart of the Kezankian Mountains. A powerful sorceress known as the Lady of the Mists has revived ancient Acheronian magic, and along with her warrior Maidens she is terrorizing the local villagers. She is supremely skilled in demonic rites and savagely executes those few who dare oppose her.

When Conan rides into the Mountains with a handful of his followers he will face one of his most daunting challenges ever. He must confront an insidious curse and battle fierce warrior women, until the Kezankian Mountains are cleansed forever of the Mists of Doom.

Conan the Gladiator

Conan Pastiches: Book 44

Leonard Carpenter

When Conan puts Roganthus the Strongman out of commission in a street brawl he soon finds himself drawn in by the slender Sathilda and her pet panther as part of a travelling troupe. What starts as an innocent pastime turns into a deadly game when the circus is called to the Arena of the Stygian capital of Luxor. There they are forced to fight for their lives against exotic warriors and all manner of wild beasts. no one has yet survived the whims of the tyrannical Emperor Commodorus.

And then there are the foul sorceries of the black-robed priests of the snake-god Set...

Conan and the Amazon

Conan Pastiches: Book 45

John Maddox Roberts

Roaming the hills of Brythunia Conan comes face to face with a legend--Achilea, once Queen of a tribe of savage women, is a consummate warrior, as fierce as she is beautiful. Together they set out to uncover the riches of the long-lost Janagar, a mighty city that stood tall for five thousand years. It was abandoned by its people, who fled on one strange night, never to return. Treasure hunters beware! Deadly horrors are waiting for Conan and Achilea deep in the bowels of Janagar.

Conan and the Emerald Lotus

Conan Pastiches: Book 46

John C. Hocking

One wizard is bad. Two are a disaster... And a deadly disaster, too. For Conan, after refusing to help the evil wizard Ethram-Fal, has been cursed with a spell that is slowly, inexorably squeezing the life from his mighty frame.

The only person who can banish the spell--besides Ethram-Fal, of course--is the sorceress Zelandra: a raven-haired beauty who practices only white magic... or so she says. Zelandra has offered to lift the spell from the Cimmerian, if only he will do her one small service: steal the deadly Emerald Lotus from the clutches of Ethram-Fal in his impregnable desert fortress.

No good can come of this, Conan thinks to himself. Once sorcery gets mixed up in it, the whole job goes to hell!

Unfortunately, he's right.

Conan and the Grim Grey God

Conan Pastiches: Book 47

Sean A. Moore

Tales there are of ancient Nithia, a city buried in the sand for countless generations. And there is a statues, it is whispered, in a building in these forbidden ruins, carved from an impossibly huge pearl: the treasure of a lifetime.

This is Conan's quest--the treasure with which he can achieve anything.

But others have heard the whispers that tell of the statue, this Grim Grey God: Jade, the mysterious empress of the thieves' guild; Toj, the most deadly assassin of Hyborea; and two of the most dangerous necromancers alive. These last seek the statue not for it fortune, but for its power--the power to end the reign of light and begin the rule of darkness. Only Conan dares to stand against them....

But he is too late?

Conan and the Shaman's Curse

Conan Pastiches: Book 48

Sean A. Moore

Nightmares come to life when Conan falls victim to the insidious curse of a dying shaman. Conan realizes that something deeper is at work when his nights are filled with horrific dreams of bloodshed that threaten to drive him mad. Now, Conan will need all his might--wits as sharp as his sword--to break free from the Shaman's nefarious hex.

Conan, Lord of the Black River

Conan Pastiches: Book 49

Leonard Carpenter

When Queen Rufia entreats the Cinnerian to save her city from the undead with Zeriti's spell, the mighty warrior must strive to overcome his dread of the supernatural. For to undo the hex he must journey through the nightmare world of the dead. There lies the Silver Lotus, the only antidote tothe nefarious incantation. But thee also dwells the witch's bloodthirsty lover, who Conan must defeat should he wish to return to the world of the living.

Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza

Conan Pastiches: Book 50

Roland J. Green

Few places are as desolate as the Thanza Mountains on the border of Nemedia and Aqilonia. few area are so remote, so dangerous, or so inaccessible... which is why Conan chose these mountains as the perfect spot in the world for Conan to be.

Unfortunately, it is the single worst spot in the world for Conan to be.

Bandits and sorcerers--and worse--inhabit this lonely realm. Worst of all, it is the home of the Soul of Thanza. He who possesses the Soul will become the Death Lord--a post unfilled for many thousands of years. If the Death Lord should come into his full power, mountains will move, seas will be pushed back, the earth itself will shiver, and dead men will rise to fight again.

No army of puny humans will be able to stand against the Death lord. Only one man would even dare to try--Conan the Cimmerian!

Conan of Venarium

Conan Pastiches: Book 51

Harry Turtledove

A new Conan adventure--Conan of Venarium--from one of today's most popular writers of fantasy and science fiction, Harry Turtledove!

For decades, millions of readers have thrilled to the adventures of Conan, the barbarian adventurer invented by Robert E. Howard and further chronicled by other fantasy greats, including such notables as L. Sprague de Camp, Poul Anderson, and Robert Jordan.

Now Harry Turtledove, one of today's most popular writers of fantasy and SF, contributes a novel to the Conan saga--a tale of Conan in his youth, in the year or so before he becomes the wandering adventurer we know from the tales of Howard and others.

On the verge of adulthood, he lives in a Cimmerian hamlet, caring for his ailing mother, working in his father's smithy, and casting his eye on the weaver's daughter next door.
Then war comes: an invasion by the Aquilonian Empire. Conan burns to join the fight, but he's deemed too young. Then, from the border country, comes an unbelievable report: The Aquilonians have smashed the Cimmerian defending forces, and can rule as they please. Soon their heavily garrisoned forts dot the countryside. Their settlers follow after, carving homesteads out of other men's land.

Every Cimmerian longs to drive the intruders out with fire and sword, but they must stay their hands, for the Aquilonians have promised savage reprisals. Then, intolerably, the Aquilonian commander takes a wholly dishonorable interest in the weaver's daughter -- and he's not a man to wait, or even ask permission.

It's not a recipe for a peaceable outcome.

Conan the Barbarian

Conan Pastiches: Book 52

Michael A. Stackpole

Born in the fires of battle, Conan of Cimmeria lost his father and village when they were slaughtered by the cruel warlord Khalar Zym. Wandering the world alone, Conan was forged into a peerless warrior by hardship and bloodshed.

Years later, he crosses paths with Zym and his armies. But before Conan can exact vengeance, he must contend with the warlord's daughter-the seductive witch Marique-and a host of monstrous creatures. Only then will Conan's quest bring him face to face with Zym in an epic battle to avenge his people and save the world.