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Zombie Airman

Infected World: Book 1

David Guenther

The night of the plague follows sunset on April Fool's Day around the world. By sunrise, less than fifteen percent of the world's population is uninfected. The airborne disease is invulnerable to any air filter or disease barrier. The fifteen percent uninfected are still vulnerable to the disease when spread via bodily fluids as the infected seek to spread their disease. These are the stories of those just trying to survive. Airman First Class Caleb White, dorm rat, burned out on monitoring computer displays eight hours a day in a small cubicle in a large cubicle farm. His few interests off duty, bar hopping, taking care of his beloved truck, and managing to find trouble. A spur of the moment decision sets him up for a night of adventure and more excitement than he ever had in the Air Force. Major General William 'Willy Pete' Peters, has a rotten night. Preparing for his third divorce, he wakes to find his one night stand trying to eat him. She ends up having a fireplace poker sticking out of her skull as he learns that's the least of his problems. By morning, he comes to the realization he is the senior ranking survivor of all the services.

Lieutenant Gloria 'Grits' Alban awakens among dozens of corpses on a bridge. Her uniform is torn and saturated in blood. She has no memory of the long night. She joins her fellow survivors and finds it hard to accept their stories of zombies the night before. Equally hard to believe is the new abilities she's slowly learning she now has.

Zombie Lieutenant

Infected World: Book 2

David Guenther

When the infection hit the world, it was originally airborne, impervious to any filters or barriers. Initially eighty to ninety percent of the world's population, those with RH positive blood, was infected. The disease was then further spread by the infected through transmission of bodily fluids, usually through bites and scratches.

Major population centers quickly fell to the infected; only those areas with sparse populations were able to mount a defense against the infected. The remaining survivors began to band together in pockets in small towns and the countryside.

The largest contingent of survivors were those evacuated to the desolate state of Wyoming. Military units and civilians answered the call from Air Force Major General Peters, senior surviving general of the entire military. From the small town of Douglas in the center of Wyoming the military has begun to clear out the infected as the first step to recover the country. The next vital step is to link up and organize with survivors throughout the country to setup outposts while there are still survivors. Freshly minted Lt Caleb White will lead the first mission to establish contact with a band of survivors in Arizona. Unfortunately, the infected are only one of the many dangers in the apocalypse.

Zombie Deserter

Infected World: Book 3

David Guenther

Major General William 'Willy Pete' Peters tries to rein in the new president who wants to lock up survivors who will not support him. The President is also demanding the military stretch itself even thinner by liberating more towns and cities, and by eliminating loyal military personnel who are infected but capable of honorably performing their duties.

Lieutenant Caleb White, deployed to Arizona, is forewarned by the General and released from duty. He uses the opportunity to attempt to return to his home in Texas to find his family.Lieutenant Gloria 'Grits' Alban works under a major who happens to be the brother of the man she killed after being raped. He immediately sends out a patrol to find her and bring her back for elimination. Grits deserts, joining Caleb on his trip to Texas with plans to continue on to Georgia to find her own family.

Major General Peters' plan to use survivors of the 10th Special Forces group hinges on locating the two lieutenants. Their special abilities are vital to attack the aliens responsible for the infection and stop a further invasion.