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L. Ron Hubbard

The Invaders Plan

Mission Earth: Book 1

L. Ron Hubbard

From Lord Invay, Royal Historian, Chairman, Board of Censors, Royal Palace, Voltar Confederacy:

"Let me state it boldly and baldly: there is no such planet as 'Earth.'"

"If it ever existed at all, it certainly does not exist today or even within living memory."

"So, away with this delusion."

"On the authority of every highly placed official in the land I can assure you utterly and finally, THERE IS NO PLANET EARTH! And that is final!"

With this emphatic disclaimer, we are introduced to MISSION EARTH, an epic told entirely and uniquely by the aliens that already walk among us. Earth is to be invaded and a Royal combat engineer must cross 22 light years to secretly infiltrate the planet. He is also crossing a scheme to use the resources of Earth's most powerful figure to overthrow the confederacy."

With a convicted murderess who trains giant cat-like animals, a doctor who creates human biological freaks, a madman who controls Voltar's secret police, and clandestine Earth base in Turkey, a bizarre stage is set and narrated by an alien killer assigned to sabotage the mission and Earth - the planet that doesn't exist.

Black Genesis

Mission Earth: Book 2

L. Ron Hubbard

Earth is the target of an alien invasion.

However, the planet is being destroyed at a rate that will make it uninhabitable by the time the Volatarians are scheduled to arrive. Fleet officer Jettero Heller is sent on MISSION EARTH to arrest the pollution, not knowing that his mission threatens a plot to overthrow the 110-planet empire. Narrated by Soltan Gris, the alien killer sent to secretly sabotage the mission and to kill Heller at the appropriate moment, this is the saga of a doomed planet - Earth.

Now, in BLACK GENESIS, Heller and Gris travel 22 1/2 light years and arrive at the secret Earth base to begin their conflicting assignments. Unaware that he is about to encounter the forces of the most powerful man on Earth, Heller is soon caught up in the wrath of federal agencies, the war of Mafia families, the disputes of United Nations diplomats and their paramours, the stealth of assassins and the frustrations of the American educational system.

From Afyon, Turkey to New York City, Heller is assaulted and befriended by assassins, thugs, champion wrestlers, drug addicts, anarchists, police, prostitutes, homosexuals, attorneys, cab drivers, ecologists, FBI and IRS agents in this rollicking, non-stop, high-speed adventure.

The Enemy Within

Mission Earth: Book 3

L. Ron Hubbard

Will the Galactic fate of Earth be determined by a mafia family run by a six-foot-six former Roxy chorus girl?

Can Voltarian Fleet officer Jettero Heller accomplish his secret mission while living at the posh Gracious Palms whorehouse across the street from the United Nations?

Is a nature Appreciation class at a New York university really the way to stop the devastation planned by the 110-planet Voltarian confederacy?

What does bubble bath, a NATO task force off the shores of Manhattan, Rudolf Valentino, James Cagney, a Turkish belly dancer, Connecticut deputy sherrifs, the last surviving member of Hitler's general staff, and Long Island demolition derby have to do with the survival of Earth?

How does a planet get itself into such a ridiculous predicament?

Earth is in the path of conquest of the most powerful empire in the galaxy. Combat engineer Heller has been sent to secretly arrest the pollution to make the planet inhabitable for the coming Voltarian invaders.

Narrated by the alien killer sent to secretly sabotage Heller's mission, "The Enemy Within" is rollicking, high-speed adventure with the most bizzare collection of incidents and characters to hit this corner of the galaxy.

An Alien Affair

Mission Earth: Book 4

L. Ron Hubbard

The interstellar Voltar Confederacy has targeted Earth for eventual, routine takeover, but the timetable is upset, first by the threat of Erath's soon becoming overpolluted and unusable and, second, by ruthless Voltar spy chief Lombar Hisst, who sees the plan as a key to his play to make himself emperor.

Fortune of Fear

Mission Earth: Book 5

L. Ron Hubbard

Gris continues his quest to kill Heller and Countess Krak.

Death Quest

Mission Earth: Book 6

L. Ron Hubbard


The window shattered!

The boom of a rifle!

Everything went into a blur!

Something hit the Countess Krak!

She was down on the floor!

Hit man Torpedo Fiaccola has finally struck.

A killer so loathsome that he has been blacklisted by the Mafia, Torpedo has been hired by the alien, Soltan Gris, who has traveled from the Voltarian Confederacy to seal the fate of Earth.

Their target is the Countess Krak, the beautiful and deadly lover of Royal combat engineer Jettero Heller, whose mission to Earth threatens a plot to overthrow the 110-planet empire. Gris must stop Heller and Krak at any cost.

DEATH QUEST sweeps violently through the otherwise quiet hills of Virginia to the open sea with a deadly pursuit that climaxes explosively in the waterways of Atlantic City.

Meanwhile, a bigamous marriage, a bubble gum-chewing teeny-bopper and a pig farm may sabotage every scheme in this sixth action-filled volume of L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling epic MISSION EARTH.

Voyage of Vengeance

Mission Earth: Book 7

L. Ron Hubbard

I leaned out of the helicopter door, wind whipping me from the blades, to yell at Madison to stop.

I fired my gun to attract attention.

That did it! Madison saw us. He only had about a thousand feet to go with the dock ahead of him.

The pilot put Raht right beside Madison.

Raht grabbed the man by the arm.

Up went the pilot.

The vehicle was shooting forward -- IT WENT OFF THE END OF THE PIER!

Alien killer Soltan Griss rescues J. Walter Madman from certain death at the hands of the beautiful, deadly Countess Krak, and embarks on a VOYAGE OF VENGEANCE, covering half the globe on his multimillion-dollar yacht.

A trained cat kidnaps the infamous Whiz Kid on national television.

Grotesque aliens plot air piracy, using advanced technology from an extraterrestrial civilization.

Apparatus assassins conspire to destroy Fleet Combat Engineer Jetter Heller and sabotage his mission to save Earth from drowning in its own environmental pollution.

Will Heller and Krak survive? How does assassin Soltan Gris deal with a teenage nymphomaniac and a crazed PR genius?

Find out in VOYAGE OF VENGEANCE, Volume 7 of the action-packed MISSION EARTH dekalogy.


Mission Earth: Book 8

L. Ron Hubbard

A shotgun blasted at the door.

Heller grabbed his satchels and threw himself on the spacetrooper sled as the shotgun roared.

Heller hit the controls.

Another shotgun blast!


It sounded just like lightning had struck close to hand, a blasting, cracking roar that filled the night!

The sled bucked and twisted.

With Heller aboard, it plummeted earthward from thirty-five stories high.

The New York mafia are under aerial assault. The United States is about to declare war. The world's oil supply is radioactive and owned by an alien.

At the same time there is a black hole now in orbit while a mountain of ice is plunging toward Earth.

Welcome to DISASTER, the fastest non-stop volume yet in L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling MISSION EARTH dekalogy.

Villainy Victorious

Mission Earth: Book 9

L. Ron Hubbard

"Once more," said Flay, "I am going to ask you politely and then we will really get to work on you. Where has this base crew gone?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" screamed Bolz.

"Hit him!" said the colonel.

It was the last order he ever issued in this life.

The blow hit the button remote in Bolz's pocket.

There was searing flash throughout the hangar!

The Death Battalion, the warship, the Blixo, the crea, Captain Bolz and Oh Dear glowed, suddenly outlined in the incandescence. They shifted color upward from red to yellow to violet. They went black. They turned to silica, momentarily holding shape, then they became molten glass.

The Death Battalion, sent by Apparatus Chief Lombar Hisst to take control on Earth, was gone.

But had Heller, the Countess Krak, and the dying Emperor of Voltar survived?

The insane Lombar Hisst, out of control on Voltar, holds the fate of Earth and the entire Voltar Confederacy in his clenching hands.

Here is truly VILLAINY VICTORIOUS, the ninth, heart-stopping volume in L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling dekalogy.

The Doomed Planet

Mission Earth: Book 10

L. Ron Hubbard


The tank, containing Lombar Hisst, was thrown backwards fifty yards in a breath!

Men and huts and buildings were flying through the air as though propelled by the most monstrous hurricane that ever hit a planet's face.

A hundred thousand rebel troops under Prince Mortiiy fell upon the hated Apparatus survivors. There was no quarter given.

Lombar Hisst lay in the cabin of the tank. The vehicle was upside down. Apparently they had missed, somehow, the fact that he was there.

Lombar Hisst began to plan. Palace City in a hundred and twenty-five thousand years had never been breached.

Lombar flipped the tank upright and held the throttles still. In a crazy surge of glee, he flipped on the tank's loud-hailer system and bellowed: "You idiots. I'll laugh in the faces of your corpses when you try to crack the gates of Palace City. COME AND GET ME!"

Will Hisst escape into Palace City and successfully defy Jettero Heller and Prince Mortiiy's invasion forces? Will the Army and Fleet remain aloof from the fight between Hisst and Heller and, thus, endanger the invasion and overthrow Hisst?

And what about J. Walter Madison? Will his "PR" efforts finally doom Earth to invasion despite all Jettero Heller's efforts to protect his friends back on Earth?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more, in this exciting, fiery concluding volume of L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling epic MISSION EARTH.

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