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A Reluctant Druid

The Milesian Accords: Book 1

Jon R. Osborne

What if you could bring back the gods?

Centuries ago, the followers of the new gods defeated the old gods and the folk of legend, banishing them from the world of man. With their departure, magic faded from the land.

The Milesian Accords had provisions for a new challenge, though, and the Exiled Gods have sent their minions back to our world to seek out a champion to fight for them and a druid able to wield the magic needed to fulfill the challenge.

A descendant of the druid who participated in the original challenge, Liam Knox doesn't know anything about the Accords or his ancestors, but those seeking to maintain the status quo are hunting him, and the beings of myth are doing their best to convince him to help the Exiled Gods return to the world of man, bringing magic back with them.

Liam is faced with a choice he doesn't want, and if he chooses wrong, he risks more than his own life--he could end the world as we know it. And he's running out of time to decide.

A Tempered Warrior

The Milesian Accords: Book 2

Jon R. Osborne

Centuries ago, the followers of the new gods defeated the old gods, and the folk of legend were banished from the world. With their departure, magic faded from the land. However, the Milesian Accords provided for a new challenge, and its time rapidly approaches.

The descendant of the druid who participated in the original challenge, Liam Knox, must forge the sword for the Champion to wield, and write the next set of Accords. Time is running out, though, and the minions of the new gods will stop at nothing to ensure he fails in his tasks.

The descendent of the legendary hero Cu Chulainn, Erin Donnelly, has gone to Dunos Scaith, a fortress out of time and space, to train for the Challenge to come. Interruptions and distractions abound, though, including the potential for new love... and she is being hunted as well.

Both Druid and Champion are running out of time as the Challenge approaches--a challenge that could end the world as we know it--and neither is likely to be ready in time. They must trust in each other and their friends... but what if that trust is misplaced?

A Tangled Fate

The Milesian Accords: Book 3

Jon R. Osborne

The Challenge approaches!

Centuries ago, the followers of the new gods defeated the people of the old gods in a challenge of champions. The folk of legend were banished from the world, and magic faded from the land. The Milesian Accords, however, provided for a new challenge, and the time for that challenge is running out.

Erin Donnelly, the proclaimed Champion of the Exiled Folk, is marooned in the otherworldly Glaswold after an assassination attempt. The fortress Dunos Scaith vanished, and Erin's daughter disappeared with it. She has to find her daughter, finish her training, and make it back to the World of Man before the deadline.

Knox, the Druid of the Accords, faces tests both domestic and mystical in rural Illinois. Liam must rally his allies in the wake of loss, mentor a son who has discovered magic, and deal with supernatural entities meddling in his life. All the while, Liam's enemies circle closer, hunting the druid, his family, and his friends.

Only together can the Druid and the Champion face the Challenge and survive. If they fail, more than their lives hang in the balance. If they win, it could change the world as we know it. But first they must master their tangled fate.

The House Between Worlds

The Milesian Accords: Book 4

Jon R. Osborne

The Milesian Accords have fallen, but their shadow remains.

As magic returns to the mundane world, so do supernatural creatures. A federal agent seeking answers, a spurned Nephilim searching for his fae-blood wife, and a primeval goddess hungering for power all seek Liam Knox, the First Druid of the Accords.

New allies and old foes appear as paths converge on a nexus between realities. No longer a simple farmhouse, the druid's home has become a pathway between worlds and a locus of power.

Can Liam protect his family? Can he shield those who have no other place to go? And can he keep magic from destroying this world?

Hunting the Hart

The Milesian Accords: Book 5

Jon R. Osborne

Magic has returned to the world, but so has an ancient foe.

Erin Donnelly, descendant of Cu Chulainn and Champion of the Folk, searches for Nechtan--her lover cursed to live as a stag for a year and a day. Enlisting the aid of allies, Erin maintains a vigil, turning back hunters and predators who might harm Nechtan in the wilds of the magical otherworld.

But when Stangr Iron-skinned escapes his imprisonment in the River of Time, he has one thing on his mind--revenge on Nechtan. Stangr's thirst for vengeance takes him from the Seelie courts of the otherworld to the windswept Great Plains.

Can Erin find Nechtan before Stangr tracks him down? Erin beat Giwargix the Dragon-Slayer, but can she defeat a jotunn-blooded Viking impervious to blades and bullets?