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The Courtesan Prince

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 1

Lynda Williams

When Earth's first attempt to conquer the far reaches of space was thwarted by the failure of a faster than light transportation system, the first colonists were abandoned.

Subsequent colonizations were successful but ideological differences in cloning caused renegade scientists to sever their contact with Earth and establish their own unique world.

Now, thousands of years in the future, the scattered descendents of humanity have evolved into two distinct planetary societies: the Reetions of Rire, who rely on advanced computer technology to regulate every aspect of their lives, and the genetically superior and honor bound Sevolites, of Gelion.

With one conflict already behind them, these two cultures are once again on the brink of war. But one last desperate mission is launched and somewhere within a dark region of space, Reetions and Sevolites find themselves torn between their own alliances and the inexplicable desire that constantly draws them closer together.

Will the brilliant anthropologist, Ranar of Rire, find out more than he bargained for in the strange undercity of Gelion?

Will the hot-headed Reetion pilot, Ann, learn that true love has a price? Will the Sevolite blade-dancer, Von, discover the dark secrets which hold the key to his world's survival? And will Di Mon, the proud Highlord of Gelion somehow find the strength to face the chaos that may destroy them all?

Righteous Anger

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 2

Lynda Williams

Horth Nersal, who, as a language-impaired child, learns to compensate for his shortcomings with an inborn "talent" -- which turns out not to be only useful in achieving his personal conquests, but also for settling family disagreements -- often with fatal results. In Horth's world, bio-engineered humans (Sevolites) dominate the rest of humanity in a curiously neo-feudal socio-political system. Horth's genius for combat and reality skimming dog-fights (called "shake-ups") is only surpassed by his unique talents on the dueling floor (and dueling is surprisingly important under Sword Law where it is used by Sevolites to settle disputes without damaging rare and valuable possessions... such as planets.) Horth finds it difficult to understand his family's conflicts over power and religion and in the end his "skills" force him to make some very difficult decisions, including those in which his loved ones must die.

Righteous Anger is about Horth Nersal -- the child of a marriage between enemies undertaken to end a war. The fighting did stop but the war of ideology continued with sometimes lethal results for loved ones on both sides. Horth, a gifted warrior in space and on the challenge floor, where his culture settles differences among themselves, struggles against a language impairment to navigate the moral and martial currents of his upbringing. At the crucial hour, he will make a painful choice – the results of which the future of nations will depend.


The Okal Rel Saga: Book 3

Lynda Williams

Is the need to play a role a threat to the throne of Sevildom?

Back from exile to claim the throne of Sevildom, Ev'rel must play the frail princess with the Demish to claim power as she is tempted by her feelings for her ex-mentor Di Mon.

But does she love him or hate him? Disillusioned by Ev'rel's warped sexuality, but desperate to secure her as a leader, Di Mon is terrified she will discover the equally forbidden bond between himself and the young forbidden Reetion, Ranar.

An unwilling contender for the throne, Ev'rel's beautiful, battered son Amel longs for friendship with tom-boy Ayrium, who has been sent to court to put down her sword and don a dress to win court allies for her rebel alliance.

Ayrium meets a peculiar, reclusive scholar from Monitum and worries romance will distract her from her true agenda. Will her inconvenient love interest change everything for everyone?

Throne Price

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 4

Alison Sinclair
Lynda Williams

War threatens to destroy both worlds...

In the far reaches of space the descendants of humanity have evolved into two vastly different cultures. On the planet Rire, the Reetions use computer technology to ensure comfort and equality for all. On Gelion, genetically modified Sevolites adhere to a strict hierarchy based on racial purity and ones ability to wield a sword.

As war threatens to destroy both worlds, two men, Erien of Rire and Amel of Gelion, attempt to preserve the fragile peace. Together they hope to unravel the complex web of intrigues and ancient hatred that threatens to destroy humanity itself.

Far Arena

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 5

Lynda Williams

One thousand years in the future...

Two descendant races of humanity square off over their political differences as Sevolite Prince Amel's life hangs in the balance.

The neo-feudal Sevolites finally acknowledge the vulnerable but civilized people of the Reetion Confederacy as independent commoners.

The supposedly enlightened Reetions prove however, that they are far from being the harmless pacifists they claim to be -- this sophisticated society run by incorruptible Artificial Intelligence is prepared to do anything to ensure its own survival!

Avim's Oath

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 6

Lynda Williams

The Queen is dead. Two princes are suddenly thrust center-stage to vie for a throne neither really wants, orchestrated by the ambitions of power-hungry princesses.

Amel, the elder, would prefer a quiet life -- but is being pressured into the pursuit of power by the alarmingly beautiful princess Alivda.

Erien, the younger, wants to start an academy of science on their planet -- but is being pursued by the leige Vretla, who intends to bear the prince's child.

Trapped in a tangle of torment, the two brothers must prove themselves, choosing between lives they desire, and the roles for which they are demanded.

Healer's Sword

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 7

Lynda Williams

Change has come at last to the Sevolite empire.

The conservative Demish of Lion House want it stopped -- now!

Ilse Marin is a middle-class leader of a merchant house who gets embroiled in the business of her betters to help pay the bills, and winds up falling for the most dangerous man in the empire - Horth Nersal. Horth's bright idea about using commoners to deal with Reetions under Sword Law winds up in a stand off in space, fleet to fleet with Lion House. Back on Gelion, Erien's new academy breaks out in plague.

Amel, meanwhile, must win his way back into the parlors and reception halls of the Silver Demish if he wants to have an influence politically, and to do that he has to overcome his reputation as the Courtesan Prince - via poetry.

Gathering Storm

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 8

Lynda Williams

It was supposed to be a civilized event...

But the first-ever cultural exchange between the Sevolite empire and the worlds of Rire was in trouble even before festivities were interrupted by the desperate rescue of a rebel Nesak priest.

There are plenty reasons for cross-cultural relations to be strained. Horth braved a Demish ball to find out why Ilse ran away. Ilse's not the only woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. And Eler's staging questionable plays. Amel's in trouble with the Vrellish for agreeing to get married and in trouble with the Demish for agreeing to perform with a Reetion dancer who turns out to be gay. When Amel's ex-lover, Ann of Rire, puts in an appearance with a baby she claims to be his, his Bridegroom ball is at stake. As well as the baby's life, if the Vrellish suspect unnatural origins.

The arrival of a Lorel doctor in a bizarre ship stirs the mix. And controversy flares into a duel when Rire discovers Nersallians hunt and kill grabrats -- the only intelligent aliens known to Rire.

And then the Nesaks arrive, prepared to shut down the new dawn of civilization with total war.

Holy War

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 9

Lynda Williams

An entire world is at stake in the battle to hold off a rogue Nesak attack on Barmi II.

Quinn, the mysterious Lorel, has the knowledge to save lives, including Horth's and Amel's, but it's unclear whether he can be trusted in light of disturbing discoveries on Gelion. Samanda struggles to adjust to her new status as Amel's wife, despite Eler's mockery about her sexual innocence.

Alivda takes the war to SanHome where she has a chance to lead the pacifist alliance to victory by the sword -- if she can first win the right to duel, on a world where only men have status under sword law.

And in the shocking conclusion, much depends on how Nesak priest Herver Glorian breaks the news to the Nesaks that more than just highborns have souls.

Unholy Science

The Okal Rel Saga: Book 10

Lynda Williams

A thousand years of secrets ends...

Amel is happy, at last! But his mission to unite warring Sevildom through the gentle branch of Okal Rel may cost him more than his life. Meanwhile, his Nesak ally, Herver Glorian, must live with the death and violence brought about by his earnest efforts to reform Nesak religion, while Horth and Ilse are locked in the embrace of their impossible love on the fatal Nesak Front.

Quinn's desire to overcome his adopted people's dread of bioscience is hampered by the discovery he is a clone. And not just anyone's clone, but the illegal clone of Di Mon, the 103rd liege of Monitum. What kind of relationship can he have to Di Mon's foster son, Erien, who is close to his own age, or to Di Mon's soul mate and lover, the Reetion anthropologist Ranar, a generation older than himself?

Ranar is keen to study the Nesak culture, in person. But even his unshakable calm is challenged by the civil violence on the Nesak homeworld, stirred up by Alivda's ambitions.

Lovers, friends and parents struggle to keep up the fight for the empire with their dear ones caught in the Nesak occupation of fabled Demora.

And Quinn's mother, Dartha Lorel, presides over it all, weary of philosophy, empowered by her genius, and caught between loyalties in the battle to define the future.