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M. D. Lachlan

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M. D. Lachlan

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Full Name: Mark Daniel Barrowcliffe
Occupation: Writer, Comedian
Nationality: English


M. D. Lachlan also writes under the pen name of Mark Alder

M. D. Lachlan is a pen name - created after Mark Barrowcliffe, author of works such as Girlfriend 44 and Lucky Dog, felt himself irresistibly drawn back to fantasy after writing his Dungeons and Dragons memoir The Elfish Gene.

Wolfsangel might surprise readers of Mark's other work. He's always been noted for his comic writing ('Wickedly funny' - New York Post, 'Painfully funny' - The Bookseller) but Wolfsangel marks a sharp departure of content and style.

The book is a historical fantasy/horror hybrid that reflects Mark's childhood reading on the occult and witchcraft. 'If it makes you laugh, I've done something wrong' says Mark.

The M. D. in M. D. Lachlan stands for Mark Daniel - Mark's real name. He went with initials instead of a name because, as so often in his life, he didn't really think things through. Now he attends publishing events where people don't know what to call him. He wishes he'd gone with Mark Lachlan but it's too late now.

The comic Steve Martin was once told by Johnny Carson 'You will use everything you know'. Wolfsangel, for Mark, bears that out.

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